14 Things You Never Knew About A WWE Contract

Ever wonder what a WWE contract consists of? Well, today’s your lucky day. The following article will take an in-depth look at what terms go into a WWE contract before signing a deal with the company. For most wrestlers, contract terms are the same, as each individual is regarded as an independent contractor. As you will see in this article, this term is quite misleading because of various benefits these wrestlers get out of working for the company, which include medical and travel.

Despite some contradictory terms, the contracts have managed to stay fairly consistent over the last 25 years. Some changes have been made, however, and some wrestlers do work based on limited dates (The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are two veteran stars that work based on booked dates). They also enjoy first class accommodations, unlike other WWE wrestlers (we'll have more on that topic a little later in this article). Enough of the chat; here are 14 things you never knew about a WWE contract. Enjoy!

14 Every wrestler is an independent contractor

13 WWE owns the rights to your content

12 WWE chooses your name and gimmick

11 Booking Rights

10 Contracts are exclusive

9 Salary and Merchandise Bonus

8 Travel Costs

7 Training, props and costumes are not provided by the WWE

6 Cannot sue for injury purposes

5 Company Pays for Medical Treatment

4 Termination Details

One of the final sections in a WWE contract discusses termination. This clause is split into three parts; the first discusses a termination as a result of the WWE or a wrestler. Each contract is different, the WWE can in some instances release a wrestler by giving them a 90 day notice. In other situations like Brock Lesnar, the beast must receive six months notice before being released by the company. Other deals have a mutual consent termination, which sees both sides agree to the release.

3 The WWE can sell your merchandise after your release

2 Contract Constituency

1 Confidentiality

The final part of a WWE contract discusses a confidentiality clause. The WWE stresses the importance of not disclosing any personal business related topics to the public. The company, for years, has been very sensitive when it comes to the disclosure of their contracts. Since the origins of the WWE, the company has always wanted to keep what goes on behind closed doors away from the public. Don’t expect terms to be made public like other sporting leagues any time soon.


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14 Things You Never Knew About A WWE Contract