14 Inanimate WWE Objects That Are More Popular Than Roman Reigns

Over the course of professional wrestling history, there have been some all-time greats that will forever live in the annals of time.  Oddly enough, there are some inanimate objects that have just as much fame as some of the wrestlers who were associated with them.  With social media at our fingertips, some of these inanimate objects even have their own Twitter and Facebook pages with several thousands of people following what "they" tweet.

Objects themselves have been in professional wrestling for ages now, and are better known as foreign objects.  Items such as the brass knuckles and steel chair were used as weapons long before there were inanimate objects with a fan base.  This article does include some weapons of destruction that were used to decimate opponents, but they are so unique that they have taken a life of their own in terms of popularity.

While it is hard to pinpoint what the first inanimate object to gain fans was in professional wrestling history, you can trace the roots of the inanimate object back to the 1980's with "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and his beloved 2x4.  Then once the Attitude Era took off, so did the rise of these inanimate objects such as footwear and mannequin heads.  Fast forward to the year 2016, and you will still see inanimate objects gaining popularity with the WWE Universe, such as musical instruments and plants. In fact, it can be said these objects, with a fanbase and all, are more popular than Roman Reigns.


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14 Mitch The Plant

via WWE.com

We will start off this article with the newest inanimate object to grace the WWE, Mitch The Plant.  Mitch would originally make his debut on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel when he and Dean Ambrose were still on good terms.  Ambrose thought he would bring a plant to spruce up the set for Jericho's talk show.  Months later things would turn sour as Shane McMahon replaced the Highlight Reel with The Ambrose Asylum that kick started a feud in the spring of 2016.  Mitch would become famous and even have Twitter accounts in his honor.  Unfortunately Mitch met a brutal demise when Jericho used the pot to crack Ambrose over the back of the head.

13 The Light Bright Jacket

via WWE.com

Speaking of Chris Jericho, his "Light Bright" Jacket made its debut with the former's return at the beginning of 2012.  It was definitely something that was very unique, not to mention very expensive.  There is even a WWE superfan with his own version of the iconic jacket, so there is no doubt that has its own place in history.  As a result of Jericho putting an end to Mitch, Dean Ambrose retaliated on a recent Monday Night Raw by destroying Jericho's $15,000 jacket.

12 The Cobra

via WWE.com

While we will speak of the predecessor later on in this article, it was clear that Mick Foley was the inspiration of Santino Marella's Cobra.  Much like Mr. Socko, Marella would pull the Cobra from his pants, place it on his arm, and then do a series of moves to set up the Cobra in its strike position.  While Socko was a mandible claw, the Cobra was just a simple strike to the chest.  While it was one of the silliest finishers in WWE history, it definitely fit Santino as he was basically just billed as comedy relief for most of his career, never really getting much of a serious push for any titles in his career that ended in 2014.

11 Barbie

via WWE.com

In this article, Mick Foley and The New Day have the distinction of having more than one entry in the "inanimate object hall of fame".  Barbie is the creation of Mick Foley from back in his deathmatch days of ECW and in Japan.  The most common opponent in these bloody duels was Terry Funk where they would literally invent new weapons that would be used for years to come in professional wrestling.  Most recently, Barbie made an appearance at the 2016 WWE Extreme Rules pay per view as a weapon in Dean Ambrose's Asylum Match.  It was passed down from Mick to Dean a month or so prior ahead of his street fight with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32.

10 Booty O's

via WWE.com

Who would have known in the year 2016, one of the most popular pieces of merchandise would be a cereal in the likeness of a Cheerio called a Booty-O.  Booty was the slang word that The New Day made popular as a way to say that someone sucks.  That eventually morphed into The New Day saying you have to eat your Booty O's in order to not be booty; which then lead to the WWE Universe completely popping for the mention of Booty O's and the tagline "they make sure you ain't booty".  You can now buy the Booty O's t-shirt in a special cereal box in the WWE Shop, but you still can't actually buy a box of the cereal, so I guess we have to continue to be booty.

9 Hacksaw's 2x4

via WWE.com

As mentioned in the open, one of the first inanimate objects to gain popularity with the WWE Universe was the 2x4 that was always brought to the ring by "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.  "Hacksaw" debuted in the WWE back in 1987 and he always had his trusty piece of wood along side him.  While he never intended to use it maliciously, he would use it as a defense mechanism by swinging it around wildly if he was ever threatened, and of course the bad guy wrestlers would be ducking and taking cover so they wouldn't get clocked with the famous piece of wood.

8 Money In The Bank Briefcase

via belttalk.com

The Money In The Bank briefcase has been a symbol of near-guaranteed victory ever since it made its debut in 2005 at WrestleMania.  The briefcase would be hoisted above the ring and the wrestler who climbs the ladder to retrieve the briefcase would get the contents that were inside, a contract for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship good to cash in anytime, anyplace within the next year. The briefcase has skyrocketed in popularity to the point where it has its own pay per view since 2010, and it has become one of the most exciting pay per views of the year.

7 The Undertaker's Urn

via WWE.com

A lesser known fact is that Brother Love was the original manager of the Undertaker before there was a much better match for a manager in Paul Bearer.  There would be a particular object of power that Bearer would wield to control the Undertaker, and that was the urn.  While it had the power to control the Undertaker, it also had the power to give him strength against his opponents.  Probably the most bizarre thing to ever happen to the urn was when Kama (also known as the Godfather) stole the urn as a member of the Nation of Domination, melted it down and made a gold chain out of it.

6 Dudley's Tables

via WWE.com

When the Tables Ladders and Chairs phenomenon was introduced thanks to the Dudley's, Edge & Christian, and the Hardy's, one weapon of the three was fairly new to the WWE Attitude Era, the tables.  The usage of steel chairs and ladders had been around for years in the WWE, but the exclusive use of the table thanks to the Dudley's was different, and the crowd ate it up.  The line "DEVON, GET THE TABLES" that is uttered by Bubba Ray always gets a huge pop from the crowd, and then that usually leads to the opponent eating a 3D through one of those tables.

5 The Sledgehammer

via WWE.com

One of the greatest heel turns ever was when Triple H turned on his best friend Shawn Michaels in 2002 when we thought we were getting a D-generation X reunion.  The betrayal would coax Michaels back into the ring for the first time in four years to take on Triple H in a street fight.  Though Michaels got the win, Triple H got the last laugh and this is when he debuted his staple weapon, the sledgehammer.  Going forward in the career of Triple H, the sledgehammer has always been a trusty weapon and every time he pulls it out from underneath the ring, it garners a pop from the WWE Universe.

4 Head

via YouTube

WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT?  HEAD!  The Attitude Era in the WWE was full of a lot of sexual innuendos that you will never see in the TV PG era.  Case in point, Al Snow's "companion" Head.  For those who do not get the innuendo, you're probably too young and do not need to know.  Snow started this gimmick in ECW where he would carry around and also carry a conversation with the decapitated mannequin head, and when he came back to the WWE in 1998, he would pick up where he left off with his trusty sidekick.  Snow would even have a hardcore match against Head where he would put himself through a table and do the job to the mannequin piece.

3 Moppy

via WWE.com

Speaking of a few loose screws, we transition from Al Snow to Perry Saturn who took his relationship with an inanimate object to a whole new level.  Saturn started his career in ECW and spent a few years near the top of the midcard in WCW with Raven's flock before heading to the WWE in 2000 as part of The Radicalz with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko.  Once that group had parted ways, Saturn would be stuck with a gimmick where he would suffer a concussion due to a beating by the APA and because of his condition, he would start to develop feelings for a mop, yes a mop named Moppy.  Unfortunately Moppy would meet a horrendous fate when Terri Runnels would throw "her" through a woodchipper.

2 Mr. Socko

via nerdopotamus.net

As Mankind, one of his finishing maneuvers was the Mandible Claw, and eventually when he became more lighthearted, the claw evolved into Mr. Socko who made its debut on the infamous hospital scene with Mr. McMahon just moments before Dr. Stone Cold Steve Austin would clock Vince with a bedpan.  As for Mr. Socko, he would go from being a puppet to try to cheer up Vince to a part of Mankind's arsenal where he would use Socko for his submission finisher.  Unfortunately for Foley's opponents, Socko would be stored in Foley's pants during the whole match before being used.  No wonder the maneuver was so successful.

1 Francesca

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Over the past couple of years, it is safe to say that very few have been more entertaining then the trio of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E, collectively known as The New Day.  As The New Day, they were originally so over the top happy the crowd rejected them, but then once their creative ideas started to get infused into the group, they were among the most cheered attractions of the WWE, though they were being billed as heels.  Woods would eventually introduce a trombone to annoy and distract his opponents named Francesca where Woods would play the New Day Rocks chant on the instrument.  New Day got so popular that they had to turn them into good guys, but before that happened, Francesca met an unfortunate demise when Chris Jericho had enough and destroyed her.  She has since been replaced and is still doing well.


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