13 WWE Superstars: Who Are Their Favorite Wrestlers?

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery; so often today we see so many wrestlers take a page out of the book of their favorite wrestlers, like Dolph Ziggler for example who uses a lot from the two Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. Although imitation is a great source of flattery, Michaels himself said it is key to establish yourself as your own person.

Inspiration for these 13 WWE superstars drew from all over the wrestling circuit, whether it was someone in the WWE, WCW or an independent wrestling promotion. Ric Flair is a name you will see come up a lot in this article.

Who is Vince McMahon’s favorite wrestler of all time? What about Steve Austin’s favorite wrestler? Or Shawn Michaels' favorite? Or even John Cena’s favorite ? Let’s answer these questions and take a look at 13 WWE superstars and who their favourite wrestlers are. Enjoy!

13 John Cena: Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon

12 Daniel Bryan: Dean Malenko

11 CM Punk: Rowdy Rowdy Piper

10 Mick Foley: Terry Funk

9 Big E: Goldberg

8 Cody Rhodes: Sting

Like Big E, Cody was a WCW kid growing up. Rhodes was emphatic in claiming that Sting was his favorite wrestler ever. Cody recalls the impact Sting made against the NWO, turning himself into the biggest face in all of pro wrestling. According to Cody, there weren’t many people that wanted to see Sting lose. Cody recalls the epic build up and match at Starrcade 97 which saw Sting capture the World Championship from the NWO’s leader Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

7 The Miz: The Ultimate Warrior

6 Dolph Ziggler: Ric Flair

Dolph Ziggler’s heroes growing up were Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. Like The Miz, Ziggler loved the fact that Flair was Flair in and out of the ring. He was also the main attraction every night, whether he was wrestling in the main event or simply making an appearance with his perfect suit, glasses and limousines, there was always something so cool about Flair according to Ziggler. Dolph used this in his own gimmick, being known as “the show off”.

5 Kofi Kingston: Shawn Michaels

4 Seth Rollins: Necro Butcher

Seth Rollins went off the board when talking about his favorite wrestler growing up. Seth praised the Necro Butcher for being so ahead of his time. Having wrestled with him in the past, Rollins claims that the Necro Butcher can do anything in the ring along with his unique look. Rollins claims Necro is so special because you never know what to expect from him. Rollins also recalls some of his classic matches against Samoa Joe, and they were absolutely incredible to watch according to Seth.

3 Stone Cold: Ric Flair

Austin truly loves the wrestling business. Being a huge fan, Austin got the opportunity to work with wrestlers he claimed were the best of all time. Austin claims Shawn Michaels was the greatest in ring performer of all time.

2 Shawn Michaels: Ric Flair

1 Vince McMahon: The Undertaker

When Vince was asked who his favorite superstar of all time was he did not even hesitate to say “The Deadman” The Undertaker. His respect for Taker stems from years and years of hard work. McMahon acknowledges Taker’s loyalty, longevity and extraordinary commitment to his character as reasons for why he truly is the best. McMahon went on to say that The Undertaker is an extraordinary person and the best professional of all time. McMahon claims no one worked their craft better than The Undertaker. Vince feels forever indebted to “The Deadman” for all his contributions on and off screen over the last 20 plus years. The two will forever remain the best of friends.


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13 WWE Superstars: Who Are Their Favorite Wrestlers?