13 WWE Stars You’d Never Want As A Wing Man

If you’re a WWE star, the party life is inevitable at some point in your career. Even the likes of John Cena, the biggest pro in all of the company, had his party animal days. Rumors have lead us to believe that this factor ultimately ended his relationship with high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau. Cena isn’t the only wrestler that went through a divorce because of the party life, Ric Flair and Batista are other examples of this.

Now with all this being said, just imagine you’re a WWE star going out for a drink. Who would you choose as your wing man? John Cena? The Rock? Roman Reigns? What about the boss himself, Vince McMahon? For this article, we will take a look at the last person you'd want to chose as your wing man. Reasons vary from stealing your girl to leaving you alone for the majority of the night. For whatever reason, at the end of the day these wrestlers would make terrible wing men.


13 Ric Flair

Flair is that friend everyone loves to go out with, but the problem is you’ll probably lose him half an hour into the night. After searching the club before leaving, you’ll find Ric leaving the place with a woman. Flair is a solo guy, and his party lifestyle is unmatched in the history of pro wrestling. The guy has partied during the 70s, 80s, 90s and even in today’s era (there aren’t many people that have a credential as such). Flair has also been known to go overboard while partying. During the plan ride from hell, Ric apparently flashed a stewardess, and according to former WCW commentator Tony Schiavone, this wasn’t the first time he heard about Flair flashing his junk. Tony claims he stopped going out with Flair for that very reason.

Final verdict: Flair would not make an ideal wing man.

12 Seth Rollins

Seth is like that friend that complains that he wants to go home an hour into your night out. Not to mention his strong dislike for new people, because according to Seth himself, Rollins hates meeting fans, particularly in airports. Seth discussed the fact that he is so tired following a flight and a recent show that the last thing he wants to be doing is signing autographs for fans. Rollins loves his low key life which includes his passion for pro wrestling, video games and Cross Fit.

Final verdict: Rollins would be a terrible wing man.

11 Batista

If you’re looking for a wing man that was a former sex addict, Batista would actually be a really good choice. During an interview, Batista admitted to developing a sex addiction during his time as a WWE superstar. The former WWE Champion claims that all the fame and partying eventually led to an increased sexual desire. This eventually caused a separation between Dave and his wife, and to make matters worse, Batista was linked to former WWE star Melina while he was still married.

Final verdict: too much baggage, and unlikely to be a reliable wing man.

10 Sunny

If you’re looking to spice things up by picking a girl as your wing woman, make sure it’s not former WWE star Sunny.

During the mid 90s, Sunny became the most popular WWE Diva in all of pro wrestling. She was also at one point, the most searched female in the world. A big reason for this, was the fact that Sunny was literally the only woman in the WWE. Just imagine, a bunch of jacked up guys, oozing with testosterone, surrounded by one girl. Sunny embraced the situation though, despite being in a relationship with Chris Candido. The former WWE Diva was also linked to Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.

Final verdict: Sunny’s all about attention and less about helping you out, so rather negative on her status as a wing woman.

9 Chris Jericho

Chris is like that friend you have that you have to drag out of the club (before you know it, it's 4 am and he’s still running wild). Jericho is one hell of a party animal. It's not surprising really when you’re a lead singer of a band and a WWE star. The former WWE champion is known to have a good time, just ask John Cena. The two were both seriously hammered one night, and the party continued in their hotel room when Jericho was able to get a cooler of alcoholic beverages from the bartender of the hotel. The night ended with Chris passing out, and he recalls waking up perfectly tucked into bed and looking at John still pounding down some beers by himself.

Final verdict: Chris is an awesome party animal, but ultimately you need a guy who’s going to stick by you. Bring Jericho along, but don’t use him as your wing man.

8 Edge

If you’re looking for a wing man that you can trust, Edge is probably not the best way to go. After Matt Hardy was sidelined with an injury, Edge had an affair with his girlfriend Lita, while on the road. What made matters so much worse was the fact that these three would travel together. Edge and Matt were the closest of friends, revolutionizing the Tag Team Division during their breakout years. The two teams of Edge & Christian and The Hardy brothers were the closest duos backstage. This is why when it was found out that Lita had been cheating on Matt with one of his closest friends, things got pretty edgy.

Final verdict: if you don’t want your wing man stealing your girl, don’t chose Edge.

7 Scott Steiner

Scott is like that friend you don’t bring out anymore cause you're tired of fighting with random clubbers week after week. Steiner is known to lose his cool pretty easily. He's hit fans and verbally attacked so many former pro wrestlers he's worked with, including Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Triple H. He is also known to get into fist fights with his co-workers. One of them went down during his WCW days with DDP. After Page's ex-wife Kimberly refused to work an angle with Steiner, Scott was furious and started to yell at her. Once DDP found out he confronted Steiner. This was not a good idea, as the two engaged in a physical battle. According to Page, Scott tried to rip his eyes out. Ouch.

Final verdict: a firm NO on Steiner as your wing man.



JBL is like that annoying friend you and your friends try to avoid at all times but somehow he always finds a way to be front and center, no matter what you guys do. This also sums up JBL with the WWE as well. Many former wrestlers disliked JBL for a variety of reasons, one being the fact that he was a bully backstage to younger talent. He was also known to hit for real in the ring with new talent. According to reports, talent generally tried to stay away from JBL.

Final verdict: no, just no.

5 Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is that friend that will use you for a lift and not pitch in for a bottle during the night. But he'll make himself a drink when nobody's around. This sums up Nash's time with WCW rather accurately. Despite his lack of knowledge, Nash accepted a job to work with WCW's creative team. He asked for a ridiculous extra half a million dollars and was somehow granted this outrageous request. Ultimately, Nash was one of the wrestlers responsible for the death of WCW.

Final verdict: leave Kevin at home.

4 Hulk Hogan

Hulk is like that friend that you'll ask to watch over your girl, and instead when you come back, that girl is gone with someone else. According to rumors, Hulk was a very selfish guy during his prime days as a pro wrestler. Hulk was very ego-driven according to his peers, and in one instance, Hogan really crossed the line. The debate still wages on till this day; was it a Jet Ski accident or was it the Macho Man’s fist that truly caused Hulk’s black eye from WrestleMania 9? Rumors began to come out that Randy Savage socked Hogan in the face after he found out that Miss Elizabeth had cheated on Randy while she was away with Hulk. Rumors also indicated that Hogan introduced Elizabeth to one of his friends.

Final verdict: a big NO on Hogan as your wing man.

3 Shawn Michaels

According to some of his former co-workers, Shawn Michaels was the Heart Break Kid in and out of the ring. This rubbed many wrestlers the wrong way, as Michaels was arrogant and ego-driven around anyone other than his 'Kliq' members. Michaels was also very popular with the ladies out of the ring. He was linked to former WWE Hall Of Fame Diva Sunny, despite her being in a relationship with another wrestler, Chris Candido.

Final verdict: the young version of Michaels would probably steal your girl.

2 CM Punk

Punk is like that friend who makes fun of everyone but can’t be made fun of. If you do, he'll likely go MIA for a week. Punk has had several bad encounters with fans over the years, and he actually hit several fans during his time with the WWE (on one occasion a fan even filed a lawsuit against Punk). Outside of the ring, Punk has also had his fair share of struggles with fans. During a Blackhawks hockey game, a fan reportedly politely asked for a picture while standing in line at a concession stand, but instead of politely declining, Punk smirked at the fan and turned around. We understand that you want to spend some quality time away from the spotlight, but it doesn’t cost much to show some class and respect to your fans which kept you relevant for all these years.

Punk has also gotten into several Twitter wars, including one with NFL star Shawn Merriman.

Final verdict: no, thank you.

1 Brock Lesnar

Brock is that friend that you probably literally have to crane out of his house. Lesnar is a lone wolf who marches to the beat of his drum. Paul Heyman himself admitted during the Stone Cold Podcast that Lesnar simply generally dislikes people. Heyman attributed the fact that Lesnar moved all the way to a ranch in Saskatchewan, Canada, because of his hate for being in the public eye and surrounded by people. Lesnar is a closed book that generally likes to keep to himself, much like the character you see on television.

Final verdict: even if you did want him as your wing man, he probably wouldn’t even show up.


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