12 WWE Divas With The Hottest Side Boob

The side boob pics seems to be trending as of late. This begs the question: who has the best side boob pic in the WWE ranks? Is it Trish? Nikki? What about Stephanie McMahon? All these women are serious contenders to take the title home in this article.

With all these candidates comes a pioneer, a Diva that put the side boob on the map in the WWE. That prestigious honor goes to WWE Hall of Famer Lita. She not only dazzled us in the ring, but she also made our jaws drop with some of the most revealing pieces of clothing. Some of them were remembered to expose a little more than others, and the side boob was one of the things that made wrestling fans look twice when seeing her on live television. The former Women’s Champion went through a “slutty” stage on screen when she was paired with Edge, but fans certainly didn’t seem to complain and got some of the more memorable cleavage shots from the Diva.

Lita isn’t alone though, there are 11 other Divas that will compete for hearts on this list. Here are 12 WWE Divas with the best side boob.

12 Kaitlyn

11 Eva Marie

10 Paige

9 Stephanie McMahon

8 Maryse

7 Kelly Kelly

6 Terri Runnels

5 Lana

4 Torrie Wilson

3 Trish Status

2 Lita

1 Nikki Bella

Oh Nikki, how you continue to rip our hearts out of our chests even when you're away from the ring. Nikki has successfully managed to put a modern spin on what a true WWE Diva is all about, dazzling to look at with some serious in-ring ability. Many compare Nikki’s accomplishments to Trish, as the two rose to fame because of their good looks early on. They were however both able to take this success and bring it into the squared circle improving their performances every appearance. Nikki would take her work to another level when she broke the record for longest serving champion at 301 days. Along with her wrestling fame, Nikki has become a mainstream attraction with over 4 million followers on Instagram. She is also set to star in her own reality show coming up, Total Bellas. Exciting stuff for the 32 year old who still has a lot to give!


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12 WWE Divas With The Hottest Side Boob