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12 WWE Divas With The Hottest Side Boob

12 WWE Divas With The Hottest Side Boob

The side boob pics seems to be trending as of late. This begs the question: who has the best side boob pic in the WWE ranks? Is it Trish? Nikki? What about Stephanie McMahon? All these women are serious contenders to take the title home in this article.

With all these candidates comes a pioneer, a Diva that put the side boob on the map in the WWE. That prestigious honor goes to WWE Hall of Famer Lita. She not only dazzled us in the ring, but she also made our jaws drop with some of the most revealing pieces of clothing. Some of them were remembered to expose a little more than others, and the side boob was one of the things that made wrestling fans look twice when seeing her on live television. The former Women’s Champion went through a “slutty” stage on screen when she was paired with Edge, but fans certainly didn’t seem to complain and got some of the more memorable cleavage shots from the Diva.

Lita isn’t alone though, there are 11 other Divas that will compete for hearts on this list. Here are 12 WWE Divas with the best side boob.

12) Kaitlyn

This former WWE Diva earns the honor for having one of the best side boob pictures on this entire list. Good looks have followed Kaitlyn around throughout her career; she began as a fitness model before breaking into the wrestling business. The former Divas Champion would go on to compete in various shows, and in 2007 she won her first competition at the John Sherman Classic Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Championship. She would also go on to appear in some pretty prestigious fitness magazines like Flex Magazine. In 2010, the 29 year old would sign a deal with the WWE. After only 4 years, Kaitlyn announced her retirement discussing the fact that she wants to make a full time return to the fitness industry. As of June 2015, Bonin and her husband opened up a smoothie bar located in Boca Raton, Florida.

11) Eva Marie

A sex symbol: check, a WWE wrestler: not so much. Her beauty is certainly undeniable though, as Eva just has a unique and marketable look the WWE thrives on. The only issue with the California native has been her in-ring work which comes across as awkward and just unbearable to watch. The WWE has spent so much time trying to get Eva over by improving her in-ring skills, she even took some time off recently to get one on one time with former WWE talent Brian Kendrick. Despite some minor improvements, Eva still looks a little lost in the ring from time to time. Wrestling fans question if this opportunity would have been given to someone else had it not been for her looks. The answer is quite simple and obvious…. no.

10) Paige

Still only 23 years of age, this female wrestler is arguably the most popular out of the entire roster. With almost 3 million fans following her on Instagram, it’s pretty obvious that Paige’s success has transcended to a mainstream audience. Her appearance on Total Divas has certainly helped her rise to fame. Along with the Bella Twins, Paige is regarded as the most popular Diva on the show. Along with her mainstream popularity comes her fame with the WWE universe. Fans are drawn to wrestlers that have it in their blood, and Paige can certainly attest to that, wrestling since the age of 13. Fans hope that Paige will continue her success with the WWE and not elsewhere.

9) Stephanie McMahon

Over the last decade within the WWE ranks there has not been a better villainous figure than Stephanie McMahon. The amount of heat she generates is truly something of the past, as fans genuinely dislike her, if only the company had more heel figures that could follow suit. With hate comes some love though, and you can’t deny that at the age of 39 and three kids later, Stephanie still looks fantastic. You’d argue that she actually looks better than ever. As you can see in this picture and on television every week, Stephanie is blessed with an impressive chest. It must be from all that bench pressing with her husband…

8) Maryse

The 33 year old Montreal native made a surprising return to the ring following WrestleMania. She still looks fantastic and has added some value to The Miz’s gimmick. Maryse had been away from WWE television since 2011, when she was released by the company due to inactivity. In Ouellet’s defense, she was nursing an abdominal injury at the time which made her ineligible for in-ring work. It’ll be interesting to see if she will return for some in-ring action or if this return is strictly as a manger. Either way, we are happy to see her back with the company and this picture justifies why….

7) Kelly Kelly

Oh, Kelly Kelly, the name so nice they named it twice… Kelly is the exact example of what the WWE is trying to get rid of today, a pretty face with no talent whatsoever in the ring. Kelly managed to stay relevant because of her good looks, at one point the Diva even had her very own striptease segment on ECW. Although it was pretty ridiculous and had absolutely nothing to do with wrestling, it did manage to generate some pretty decent ratings (from a different demographic I assume). In 2012, Kelly was released by the company, but she later claimed she needed time to heal a neck injury. Today, Blank is working as a model and a cast member on the E! Reality series WAGS.

6) Terri Runnels

If you remember The Attitude Era, you remember Terri Runnels. The former WWE bombshell was one of the first women to be employed as strictly a manager. It was a very rare sight to see Runnels compete in an actual match. The valet rose to stardom during her earlier days managing Goldust. Her beauty was the driving force behind her popularity with the company, especially in the midst of an Attitude Era that thrived on sex. Her run with the company came to end in 2004 when Terri said it was time to move on and travel the world. We wish the 49 year old nothing but the best.

5) Lana

Lana was a very rare case of a modern female wrestler staying relevant and popular, strictly because of her good looks. Take Eva Marie as an example, despite her good looks, fan absolutely hate her because of her lack of in-ring skills. Lana, surprisingly was an exception, and the WWE is now trying to translate her success from outside of the ring to in the ring. It remains to be seen if Lana will take her work to the next level. Only time will tell what the future holds for this stunning WWE diva.

4) Torrie Wilson

How Torrie is 40, I’ll truly never understand. The former WWE and WCW bombshell still looks incredible and arguably better than ever. Torrie represents the old female division which was based on selling sex as opposed to wrestling. At the time, this strategy worked wonders and Torrie became one of the most popular superstars on the roster. Like everything else, times change and the company is now focused on selling female wrestling with the standard at the highest its ever been (also due to the PG rating). Thankfully, we still have these wonderful pictures to marvel at from Torrie’s past and present.

3) Trish Status

Trish was the total package, she had the looks and the wrestling ability all in one. She truly is what all future WWE women aspire to be like. Like Torrie, age is just a number for the 40 year old who looks as good as she did a decade ago. Trish rose to fame based on her look; she instantly became the most searched WWE Diva in the 2000’s. Her fame would eventually transcend into the ring, and Stratus became one of the most celebrated Women’s Champions in company history. This Diva truly has it all going for her, including an excellent side boob as you can see in this recent picture. She’s still stealing our hearts years later!

2) Lita

If the side boob had a pioneer in the wrestling business, that pioneer would be Lita. The Hall of Fame Diva took our breath away with some of the best and most revealing side boob shirts, and she put millions of us in our very own “twist of fate”. Like Trish, Lita was one heck of a wrestler in the ring, and an absolute beauty outside of it. At the age of 41, Lita is still present on WWE television appearing on several network shows including her role as a panelist on various WWE PPV events. Wrestling fans certainly can’t get enough of this WWE Diva, even 16 years later!

1) Nikki Bella

Oh Nikki, how you continue to rip our hearts out of our chests even when you’re away from the ring. Nikki has successfully managed to put a modern spin on what a true WWE Diva is all about, dazzling to look at with some serious in-ring ability. Many compare Nikki’s accomplishments to Trish, as the two rose to fame because of their good looks early on. They were however both able to take this success and bring it into the squared circle improving their performances every appearance. Nikki would take her work to another level when she broke the record for longest serving champion at 301 days. Along with her wrestling fame, Nikki has become a mainstream attraction with over 4 million followers on Instagram. She is also set to star in her own reality show coming up, Total Bellas. Exciting stuff for the 32 year old who still has a lot to give!

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