13 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About Triple H

Love him or hate him, Hunter has done a lot of good for the business. Most recently, his role with NXT has been quite remarkable growing the WWE’s future talent on a must-see stage. Hunter has thrived in his new role with the WWE.

Outside of his current suit status, his legacy as a wrestler is extremely debated by wrestling enthusiasts. Some believe he was one of the greatest heels of all time, while others believe he was a guy that worked with the wrestlers that drew in the money. No matter what your opinion is on his legacy, you have got to respect his devotion and dedication to the WWE for the last couple of decades. Hunter has managed to re-create himself several times, something that is not easy to do especially in this day and age.

It wasn’t always all good for Hunter, despite his status. There are a lot of things the WWE wants you to forget about Triple H. His relationship with Chyna, the Katie Vick storyline and his friendships with certain talents are all topics which will be touched upon in this article. So without further ado, here are 13 things Vince McMahon wants you to forget about Triple H. Enjoy!


13 Taking a Shot at Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho & Edge

Wrestling fans were outraged after the comments made by Triple H during a promo on RAW with Daniel Bryan. Hunter may have gone too far during this one. The COO made some low comments claiming Bryan was comparable to guys like Chris Jericho, Edge and Rob Van Dam. Guys who Hunter claimed were “very talented” but not “the one” or the face of the WWE. Triple H went on to say that if they were the faces of the company, the WWE would be owned by Ted Turner today. Edge didn’t take any offense to this, claiming it's all entertainment. Jericho on the other hand took exception to Hunter’s comments. In a Tweet, Chris responded by saying despite getting numerous pushes, Hunter was never the guy either. In the past many wrestlers have been critical of Hunter claiming he worked with the guys that drew the money, Hall of Famer Bret Hart backed this statement up during a shoot interview.

12 Pedigree Gone Wrong

The title pretty much sums it up, Marty Garner fell victim to one of the most vicious pedigrees in history. As a result, Garner suffered from severe head and neck damage. The move went wrong after Garner and Hunter misunderstood each other. Hunter was going for a pedigree, while Garner thought he was going for a double Underhook Suplex, causing Garner to try and flip during the move. Following his injuries, Garner sued the WWE, and the situation was later resolved outside of court.

11 His Days in WCW

Wrestling under the name of Terror Risin’ (which was later modified to Terra Ryzing), Hunter played the role of a villainous heel with WCW. After a lack of creativity by WCW’s writing staff, Hunter's gimmick was once again changed, this time to Jean-Paul Levesque, a wrestler of French decent. After his first real feud, Levesque lost to Alex Wright at Starcade 94. He would then become a Tag Team wrestler joining forces with William Regal. With Hunter’s career going nowhere fast, Levesque asked to be promoted as a singles wrestler. After WCW personnel turned down this request, Hunter asked for a release from the company which he was later granted.

10 Consequences of the Curtain Call

No one felt the consequences of the infamous “curtain call” more so than Triple H. With Hall and Nash leaving to WCW and Michaels as the WWE Champion, Hunter was the only wrestler that could have felt the consequences of this action and boy, did he ever. Hunter was put through a heck of a lot losing matches and being put in some of the worst gimmick matches ever, like “Hog Pen Match” at In Your House with Henry Godwin. To make matters worse, McMahon would also change his mind deeming Austin the winner of the 1996 'King of the Ring' as opposed to Triple H, who was initially considered as the winner of the tournament. Crazy to think that the Curtain Call was somehow responsible for launching the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin; how things can change so quickly.

9 Squashed by The Ultimate Warrior

Once again, Hunter’s career went into another stalling period during 1996. Once the WWE star finally started to gain some momentum as Hunter Hearse Helmsley, Hunter was disposed of in mere minutes following his WrestleMania XII bout with The Ultimate Warrior. What could have been a major turning point in his career, actually turned out to be a major disappointment.

8 His Feud With Scott Steiner

It’s not very often we see Triple H be put in an awkward situation. I can remember being in the crowd during his match against Scott Steiner at No Way Out, in my hometown of Montreal, and recalling how awful this match was. Steiner looked confused throughout the match with Triple H pretty much putting him on his shoulders. Everything about this match was so sloppy. Even the build to the match was ridiculous with an arm wrestling match and body building competition. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter claimed their match to be the 'Worst Worked Match' of the Year for 2003. What makes matters worse is the fact that they were referring to another match between the two which took place a month before No Way Out, at the Royal Rumble. This match and feud goes down as one of the worst in Hunter’s long career.

7 All His Managers

For some reason, Triple H went through his fair share of managers throughout his career, particularly when he first started off with the company. Hunter went on a streak of different valets every week at one point. Valets included Playboy playmates Shae Marks and Tylyn John. Sable also featured as Hunter’s valet during his match against The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania XII. He would later go on to use Mr. Perfect as his new manager capturing the Intercontinental Championship with Curt in his corner. After Mr. Perfect would leave to WCW, Hunter would hire Chyna as his bodyguard.


6 His Failed Movie Career

Unlike The Rock and Stone Cold, Triple H hasn’t fared all too well on the big screen. His star roles in the WWE Studio films The Chaperone and Inside Out, completely bombed at the box office, causing the WWE to lose close to $4 million combined on these two rather horrible films.

Hunter also had some roles outside of the WWE Studios, which included Blade Trinity in 2004. He also appeared on The Drew Carey Show and Pacific Blue (where he Suplexes none other than Mario Lopez).

5 Character Struggles

It wasn’t always “The Game” or  “The Cerebral Assassin”, before Hunter landed upon these great gimmicks he went through some serious struggles to find a character that worked. Hunter struggled to find himself for two years between 1995 and 1997. Finally, after winning the 'King of the Ring' in 1997, Hunter’s career and identity finally took off as a member of Degeneration X alongside Shawn Michaels. Once Michaels took his hiatus from the company following WrestleMania 14, Triple H really began to break out as a star for the company.

4 Playing Favorites

One of the biggest knocks concerning Triple H over the years is his treatment of certain wrestlers he is friends with. CM Punk backed up this statement during Colt Cabana’s Podcast, claiming if you're friends with Hunter, your career will flourish. Time and time again we’ve seen examples of this with wrestlers like Randy Orton, Batista, Sheamus and most recently Seth Rollins (who is totally deserving) who have all managed to stay relevant because of their relationship with Hunter. Former wrestlers have been very critical of Hunter’s role backstage with certain individuals.

3 Relating His Success With The Marriage Of Vince's Daughter

When Hunter and Stephanie began to date, Levesque confronted The Undertaker before anyone else, asking him what he thought about it. The Undertaker is the most respected wrestler backstage and is generally a straight shooter. Taker told Hunter that if he would go through with it, most of his accomplishments for the rest of his career would be judged unfairly because of his relationship with Stephanie. Undertaker told Hunter that if he was willing to accept this, to go for it. Despite all of his success though, many do believe that Hunter got to where he is because of his connection with the McMahon family. Triple H’s lasting legacy will be forever debated.

2 His Relationship With Chyna

There are some wrestlers that the WWE fails to recognize as members who were ever a part of the company. Chyna falls under this category. After she left the WWE, Chyna made some controversial choices joining the adult entertainment industry. She also went on several rampages shooting on Triple H and Vince McMahon. Despite her life choices, her accomplishments in the ring speak for themselves. It remains to be seen if the WWE will ever properly honor Chyna with a Hall of Fame induction, as opposed to sweeping her under a rug as they have done for the last decade.

1 Katie Vick Storyline

This one certainly takes the cake as one of the most disgusting storylines in all of pro wrestling. Not only did this storyline involve a dead woman, but in addition, throwing necrophilia into it put it in a class of its own.

The storyline saw Triple H publicly reveal Kane’s troubling past. During this storyline Hunter revealed that Kane killed his girlfriend Katie Vick, in a car crash. The story took a disturbing twist when Triple H molested Katie Vick in her casket with Kane’s mask on. This story forever stands alone as the most disgusting angle ever worked in WWE history, and certainly something the WWE wants you to forget entirely.


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