13 Things The WWE Wants You To Forget About Stephanie McMahon

At the age of 39, Stephanie’s stock continues to rise with the WWE. With her father Vince McMahon growing older, it sure looks like Stephanie is in line to take over the company’s operations one day. Like anything else in life, Stephanie grew in the company. She began to work in WWE offices located in New York as an Account Executive in 1998. She later transitioned into an on-air role with the company. This lead Stephanie to a job as the director of creative writing in 2002, and she was later promoted to Vice President of Creative Writing in 2006. In 2007, McMahon was once again promoted, this time to Executive Vice-President of creative development and operations. She worked under this role for 6 years, and she was later bumped to executive status as the Chief branding officer for the WWE. Not bad for a girl that started off as a receptionist for the company.

The following article will shine a light on the not-so-memorable moments through Stephanie’s journey with the WWE. These are events that not only the WWE wants you to forget about, but Stephanie as well. Let’s get started and take a look at these 13 moments. Let us know which one you think is the most forgettable of them all!

13 Involved in Hot Lesbian Action Segment

12 Vince Russo Created Stephanie’s On-Screen Role

11 Got an Employee Fired

10 Kissed Eric Bischoff.....For No Reason

9 She Began As A Merchandise Model

8 She Was Told To Only Work In The Office

7 Contradicting Anti-Bullying Campaigns

6 Her Run as Smackdown’s General Manager

5 Won The Women’s Championship in Her First Match

4 She Was Crucified By The Undertaker

3 She Went Against Company Policy

2 Inc*st Angle

1 The Randy Savage Incident

Whether is happened or not, the WWE just wants this rumor to go away. Just a couple of weeks ago, fans were chanting “Randy Savage” while Stephanie was accepting her “Legacy of Excellence” award. What makes the situation so much worse is that fact that the WWE remains quiet about the matter, this leads fans to believe that it is in fact true. This mixed in with Macho Man pretty much being blacklisted with the WWE leads fans to seriously question the situation. Not sure if the rumors will ever go away.


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13 Things The WWE Wants You To Forget About Stephanie McMahon