13 Things The WWE Wants You To Forget About Stephanie McMahon

At the age of 39, Stephanie’s stock continues to rise with the WWE. With her father Vince McMahon growing older, it sure looks like Stephanie is in line to take over the company’s operations one day. Like anything else in life, Stephanie grew in the company. She began to work in WWE offices located in New York as an Account Executive in 1998. She later transitioned into an on-air role with the company. This lead Stephanie to a job as the director of creative writing in 2002, and she was later promoted to Vice President of Creative Writing in 2006. In 2007, McMahon was once again promoted, this time to Executive Vice-President of creative development and operations. She worked under this role for 6 years, and she was later bumped to executive status as the Chief branding officer for the WWE. Not bad for a girl that started off as a receptionist for the company.

The following article will shine a light on the not-so-memorable moments through Stephanie’s journey with the WWE. These are events that not only the WWE wants you to forget about, but Stephanie as well. Let’s get started and take a look at these 13 moments. Let us know which one you think is the most forgettable of them all!


13 Involved in Hot Lesbian Action Segment

With the new PG-Era of wrestling and professionalism at an all time high with the company, Stephanie and the WWE probably want you to forget this incident ever took place. Especially with Stephanie, being the mother of three daughters, that’s probably not something she’d want them to see I’m guessing. The angle took place at Unforgiven in 2002. Due to Stephanie’s team losing to Bischoff’s team, Stephanie was forced to partake in some HLA. The angle wasn’t all that bad though, there was a little bit of teasing, but nothing that really crossed the line. Nonetheless, I’m sure the WWE or Stephanie isn’t too proud of this moment.

12 Vince Russo Created Stephanie’s On-Screen Role

Vince Russo is often the subject of criticism amongst those in the WWE. Russo took a lot of credit for what went on during The Attitude Era, this however, infuriated many. Ultimately, Russo destroyed his legacy with WCW putting the final nail in its coffin. Despite all his heat, Vince has managed to come up with some great ideas, whether the WWE wants to admit it or not. One of his great ideas was taking Stephanie out of the office and into a role on television. Stephanie would go on to make her debut as Vince’s sweet innocent little girl. She later transitioned into a more prominent role in the WWE. 15 years later, Stephanie is the most important figure on WWE television. Can’t help to think what things would have been like if Russo never made this suggestion.

11 Got an Employee Fired

Chyna’s career was not only ruined, but her life was in shambles following the events that took place with Stephanie and her ex-boyfriend, Triple H. The situation all started when Chyna started suspecting that Hunter may have been cheating. Despite asking Hunter several times if it was true, Hunter would never admit to it. Chyna would later go on to do some “snooping” around, and while doing so, she found a love letter from Stephanie to Triple H (the letter was dated one year prior). Chyna would proceed to contact Vince McMahon and tell him about the situation, to which Vince responded, “well I guess the jig is up”. Although devastated, Chyna would show up to work on Monday, only to have Vince tell her to go home and that they would work out a new contract for her. Shortly after getting home, she received a fax indicating that they no longer needed her services. Chyna blames Stephanie and Hunter for running her life, and discusses this in her autobiography. This is something the WWE surely wants everyone to forget about.

10 Kissed Eric Bischoff.....For No Reason

How many times have we seen a storyline just get thrown away so easily? For Stephanie and Eric, this is exactly what happened. During a Halloween episode of Smackdown, the two General Managers ended the show by kissing. The following RAW, nothing was said about the kiss. It was literally like it never happened, which was quite confusing for the audience after two prominent members of the WWE engaged in such an act. I’m sure the WWE would love to give its audience a “neuralyzer” for that angle. Somebody call Will Smith.

9 She Began As A Merchandise Model

Yes, as you can see in the picture above, the billion dollar princess did in fact start off as a merchandise model for the WWE. Stephanie grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, attending Greenwich Country Day School. At the age of 13, Steph began to appear in WWE merchandise magazines modelling shirts, hats and necklaces. Who could have predicted that this innocent, sweet looking teen would become one of the most villainous heels in the company’s history?

8 She Was Told To Only Work In The Office

The original plan for Stephanie was to have her work strictly in the office away from the wrestlers. Stephanie attended Boston University and received a degree in Communications in 1998. After graduating, McMahon was immediately hired to work full-time as an Account Executive for the WWE sales office in New York. In 1999, this changed when Stephanie was asked to take up an on-screen role by Vince Russo. In 2002, McMahon took up a new role backstage as the director of creative writing.

7 Contradicting Anti-Bullying Campaigns

If only I got a nickel for every time I’ve seen the WWE contradict itself live on the air. Stephanie has been caught guilty of this several times in the past. As the WWE’s Chief Branding Officer, Stephanie is responsible for enhancing the brand’s reputation via advertisers, media, business partners and investors. She has furthered this title by starting several Anti-Bullying Campaigns for schools across the US. The only problem with this is the fact that Stephanie plays the role of the biggest bully on television every single week. Let’s hope the kids don’t catch on.


6 Her Run as Smackdown’s General Manager

Steph’s run as Smackdown’s General Manager was quite forgettable. Her run lasted from 2002-2003 (yes, quite brief). She disappeared from television for almost two years after her sting as the GM. Stephanie left the company after she married Triple H. The WWE instead kept this a secret and wrote Stephanie off TV after she lost the first ever “Father-Daughter I Quit Match”. McMahon would return two years later in 2005, but this time as a heel.

5 Won The Women’s Championship in Her First Match

Winning a championship should be something prestigious, right? But winning a title on your first match kind of loses the credibility of that championship. Stephanie winning the title against Jacqueline on Smackdown did exactly that. This is something you definitely won’t see happen today though, especially with the state of the women’s division. This is certainly a championship run that the WWE and Stephanie want you to forget about.

4 She Was Crucified By The Undertaker

This goes under the category of “what the hell were they thinking?”. Stephanie was quickly caught in controversy following her debut with the company. The WWE thought it was a good idea to crucify her live on RAW. The storyline began with The Undertaker in a feud with her father Vince, but it later escalated with Taker stalking Stephanie. He would end up abducting her at Backlash, and the next night he’d try to marry her. Thankfully, Stone Cold Steve Austin showed up and rescued the billion dollar princess. I can confidently bet we'll never see something like that again. Or will we?

3 She Went Against Company Policy

According to Linda McMahon, Stephanie was forbidden to date any of the wrestlers. This was a rule that her father Vince, made very clear when she began to work in the company. After it was found that she was dating Triple H, McMahon initially agreed to the relationship knowing Hunter very well. However, after some backlash amongst the wrestlers, Vince decided it was not best for business. Despite his feelings though, Stephanie and Hunter stayed together. As you probably already know, the couple is married with three little girls today.

2 Inc*st Angle

Thank the lord Stephanie turned this proposition down. Vince revealed on his DVD that he had been trying to work an inappropriate inc*st storyline for years. McMahon wanted himself to be reviled as the father of Stephanie’s baby. Not surprisingly, Stephanie turned this down, and McMahon later pitched the idea of Shane being Stephanie’s baby’s father. This was also turned down by the bosses daughter (and rightfully so). This entire situation is something Stephanie and the WWE want you to forget about. Hey, at least it didn’t make it on the air.

1 The Randy Savage Incident

Whether is happened or not, the WWE just wants this rumor to go away. Just a couple of weeks ago, fans were chanting “Randy Savage” while Stephanie was accepting her “Legacy of Excellence” award. What makes the situation so much worse is that fact that the WWE remains quiet about the matter, this leads fans to believe that it is in fact true. This mixed in with Macho Man pretty much being blacklisted with the WWE leads fans to seriously question the situation. Not sure if the rumors will ever go away.


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