13 Surprising Things Vince McMahon Does Backstage During A Live Show

His role on-screen is perhaps the most villainous in the entire history of the WWE. Vince set the bar to new heights on what it really means to get some serious heat from a live audience. From the Corporation to his own religion of “McMahonism”, it seems like Vince has truly done it all on-screen.

Outside of the ring however, Vince and his $1.2 billion net worth remain rather quiet. Since taking over, Vince has kept a very strict policy pertaining to his involvement backstage with the company. What exactly does he do? Is he still on RAW every week? Does he help write storylines? Well, this article will discuss and answer these questions, and so many more.

Let’s make one thing clear before we start: at the age of 70 (and set to turn 71 on August 24th), the billion dollar boss is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. According to his peers, Vince is still working the same hours, like a mad man. In addition, according to his son-in-law Triple H, McMahon still trains like a beast late at night. This guy's some kind of special. Here are 13 things you never knew Vince McMahon does backstage during a live show. Enjoy!

13 Sits At The Gorilla Position During RAW and PPVs

12 Manages Triple H and Stephanie at the Gorilla Position

11 Talks To Talent Following a Match

When you’re the boss, you can do whatever you want. For Vince, this is definitely the case. His position is not only limited to the gorilla position during a show, as he’s been also rumored to very blunt with talent following a match. Just ask The Miz, who recalls a story of Vince approaching him immediately after one his matches telling him to stop looking so “goofy” all the time. He has also ripped into the talent for several other reasons, which include match or promo timing, in-ring botches, not selling a gimmick enough and a variety of other things. Vince is a perfectionist, so if you're new to the company, expect a lot of feedback following a match.

10 Organizes General Meetings

In addition to one on one meetings, McMahon also sets up general meetings with all the talent. Superstars are asked to attend a show several hours before, and during this time they usually have several meetings with the executives. Although McMahon does run the meeting and what is said, he does not present the info; this is usually done by an executive like Kevin Dunn, for example. The meetings are used more for motivation than anything else, but they also discuss anything specific that the company wants to stress on that given night.

9 Camera Work

8 In the Commentator's Head Sets

7 Segment Timing

6 Meets With Creative Team

5 Meets With Wrestlers

4 His Own Backstage Area

3 Social Media Buzz

2 Uses On-Screen Gimmick When Ratings Are Low

Regardless of what WWE fans may think, Vince actually doesn’t like to use his gimmick on-screen. McMahon has said time and time again that he wants to only operate the company behind the scenes. So why is he always coming back, you ask? It’s simple: ratings. Despite his on-air displeasures, McMahon is a huge hit on television. According to ratings, when Vince shows up people watch. On several instances Vince has tried to take a backseat only to return because of a ratings decline.

1 Vince STILL Rules

At the end of the day, yes; Vince does in fact still rule all. Every decision must be confirmed by McMahon, so don’t be fooled by all the executive positions within the company. At the age of 70 and turning 71 in August, Vince is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Always remember: even though he’s not on screen, his position backstage still remains the same, as prominent as ever. Even though he still has a long way to go, his work ethic remains unmatched in the WWE ranks.


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13 Surprising Things Vince McMahon Does Backstage During A Live Show