13 Of The Craziest WWE Conspiracy Theories

One factor you’ve got to love about the wrestling business is all the speculation and rumors surrounding what goes on backstage. What storylines are coming up? Who hates who? Who is unhappy? Who is getting a push? These are just some of the questions we try to find answers to on various wrestling rumor outlets. At the end of the day though, it’s all about what to believe and what not to believe.

This article will take a look at 13 of the most bizarre and crazy conspiracy theories about the WWE that fans have made up in the last couple of years. Some are clearly false, while others do have some validity to them, interestingly enough. Can it be possible that the Montreal Screwjob was all a work? Is John Cena’s heel turn going to pave the way for a new “Attitude Era”? Was Brock leaving the WWE all a work for company exposure? Let’s find out more on these theories. Here are 13 of the Craziest WWE conspiracy theories. Enjoy!


13 Kane was initially chosen to end the streak

According to some conspiracy theorists, Kane was actually the initial choice to break The Undertaker’s streak. The two had their first encounter on the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania XIV. According to rumors, some believe Kane was chosen to win that matchup, boosting his gimmick even further with the company. Despite the loss, the two would once again go one on one 6 years later at WrestleMania XX. Once again, reports surfaced that The Undertaker wanted Kane to break the streak. Kane refused to do so, thus allowing the illustrious streak to continue for an astonishing ten more years following the matchup. How different things could have been had Kane defeated The Undertaker at either WrestleMania events. Whether this is true or not, we'll never know.

12 Brock Leaving the WWE was a work

You really have to open your mind up for this one; according to some conspiracy theories, some believe that Lesnar leaving the WWE was all a publicity stunt in order to further his character development and the brand of WWE itself. After Brock made his return following his UFC career, his stock was higher than ever with the company, and Lesnar became a must see on TV every night (as he still is to this very day). His increased draw value inevitably enabled his character to conquer the legendary streak of The Deadman at WrestleMania. Was this all planned?

11 Triple H married into the McMahon family to take over the company

Triple H has a passion for wrestling, and this is quite obvious when you take a look at all the work Hunter is currently putting in for the company. Since his early days with the WWE, The Game has been obsessed with perfecting his role in the industry. Even during his days with 'The Kliq', Hunter’s top priority was not partying, but instead, making it at the very top of the company. This got under the skin of many wrestlers, including his former allies The New Age Outlaws, who claimed Hunter only cared about himself and moving up in the business (this was reportedly a sentiment felt by many other former WWE stars as well). Some believe that Hunter actually married into the McMahon family so that he could cement his power within the reigns of the WWE forever. According to rumors, Hunter used his marriage as a type of insurance policy. Once again, extremely doubtful.

10 Shawn’s back injury

According to some conspiracy theories, The Heart Break Kid allegedly faked a back injury in 1998. According to speculation, Shawn was simply burnt out and depressed, and was desperate for some time away from the ring. Rumors claim that Michaels needed a spiritual clean up more than anything. In 2002, four years later, Michaels made his return to the ring, once again putting on 5 star type of matches. What seemed to be odd was the fact that his back looked better than ever and certainly nothing close to career ending.

9 The WWE purposely made Goldberg look weak

According to rumors, Goldberg was purposely sabotaged by the WWE during his run with the company. Bill himself made the claim that McMahon and Triple H don’t like him, and also discussed that this ultimately affected his run with the company. Goldberg picked up two loses against Triple H, once at SummerSlam during the “Elimination Chamber” match followed by another loss at Armageddon. Conspiracy theorists believe that Goldberg was the final nail in WCW’s coffin, and the WWE’s goal was to ultimately destroy the legacy of WCW and Goldberg all at once. According to rumors, this is another reason why the WWE refuses to bring Goldberg back for one more run. Can all this possibly be true? Perhaps, but highly unlikely.

8 Hall and Nash were plants in WCW

According to conspiracy theorists, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were sent as a long term plant to kill WCW. If this was true, they certainly succeeded. Nash and Hall single handily destroyed WCW. Encouraging the company to give out guaranteed contracts was the first way they really hurt WCW, as this put the company in a massive hole financially in only three years. To further the ridiculousness, Nash was added to the WCW’s creative team. Oh yeah, and did I mention he got paid an extra half a million to do so? Kevin’s ideas were awful, with his worst one leading to the company’s demise (a hyped matchup between himself and Hulk Hogan which ended with a finger-poke from Hulk). In 2002, Nash and Hall made their returns to the WWE, and today they are both a part of the WWE’s Hall of Fame.

7 Jeff Jarrett was told by WCW to extort Vince

Vince McMahon really paid the price after forgetting that Jarrett’s contract had expired. What made matters worse was the fact that Double J was the Intercontinental Champion at the time of his contract expiration. McMahon would try to plead with Jarrett on the appearance but despite Vince’s attempts, Jeff refused to show up unless he was paid $300,000 for the one single match. McMahon was basically backed into a wall, because had he not agreed to this ridiculous proposal, not only would Jarrett have not shown up to the event but Jeff would have gone to Nitro and brought the title along with him. Ultimately, Jarrett’s ridiculous deal was accepted, and he showed up for the one appearance and dropped the title to Chyna.

Rumors also claim that Jarrett and Vince Russo purposely extorted McMahon together, extending Jarrett’s title reign for the money. Others believe that the WCW told Jarrett to hang on to the title and bring it over to the company, causing another “trash can” type of moment.


6 Hulk’s black eye

Oh, that classic tale of Hogan’s black eye; what really happened? In his book, Hulk claims that the black eye was the result of a Jet Ski accident just days before WrestleMania IX. Other rumors, however, claim that Hulk was punched out by Randy Savage. According to some speculation, Hulk was one of the reasons why Randy and Miss Elizabeth were getting a divorce. Apparently, the Hulkster introduced Elizabeth to one of his friends while on a trip, despite knowing that she was married to The Macho Man. When Randy found out, rumor has it that he punched Hogan. Is there truth to this conspiracy theory? Doubtful, but interesting.

5 Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman working together

This conspiracy theory was actually proved to be true following the Monday Night Wars. Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman were in fact working together during the 90s. What some people might not be aware of is that McMahon actually loaned Heyman money in order to keep ECW from going bankrupt several times. The WWE used ECW as a type of developmental system, and they also promoted the ECW brand during the 90s as well.

4 Paul Heyman killed ECW because of his relationship with Vince

Believe it or not, according to several reports Paul Heyman ultimately killed ECW, pulling the plug from the brand once and for all. Tommy Dreamer speculated that ECW had a great opportunity to work out an invasion angle with WCW, and this could have caused both companies to gain some sort of momentum. Heyman rejected the proposal and later closed down ECW because of a lack of funds. Tommy Dreamer was critical of this decision claiming that money was not the issue. Conspiracy theorists believe that Heyman did not invade WCW because of his relationship with Vince. This later caused Heyman to shut down ECW knowing that Vince was soon going to be taking over everything (the sale of ECW went down just weeks before WCW was later bought out). Is this all true? Perhaps.

3 Russo was sent to kill WCW

After the fall of WCW, rumors surfaced that Vince McMahon sent Vince Russo to WCW in an attempt to destroy the company once and for all. WCW superstar Goldberg, believes there is truth to this rumor. Goldberg claims Russo was a “plant” that was meant to throw WCW downhill in a hurry. Goldberg furthered his claims by saying Russo’s ideas were “asinine and ridiculous”. Russo claims he left the WWE because he felt like he was not appreciated, but many wrestling enthusiasts find it hard to believe that a man that came up with some of the greatest gimmicks in wrestling history could have hit a wall that hard creatively with WCW.

2 The ScrewJob was a Work

There are so many conspiracy claims out there surrounding the infamous Montreal Screwjob. Some believe this whole situation was one of the biggest works in wrestling history. Some believe that this was all done as a ratings ploy. When Hart left the WWE, ratings skyrocketed following the situation, and Vince decided to use the story to develop his character as the ruthless boss which later transmitted into a storyline with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Fans also believe that the fact that there was a camera crew documenting the entire situation backstage was quite sketchy and bizarre. Some even went as far as to speculate that McMahon’s black was done with makeup and that Vince never really got punched. One thing is for certain, this story certainly flipped The Monday Night Wars upside down.

1 John Cena will eventually cause the new “Attitude Era” with a heel turn

Can this be? Is this heart warming face run of John Cena’s all to make way for a massive heel turn? Some wrestling fans truly believe that it is. The belief is that the WWE is going through a rebuilding process at the moment. The PG rating signifies that the WWE is starting over and rebuilding the product. Cena is the WWE’s poster boy for everything, and once Cena turns heel wrestling fans believe the new 'Attitude Era' will finally be upon us, changing the landscape of wrestling once again. Is this idea possible? Yes. Will it happen? Who knows. But many fans certainly hope so.


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