13 Female Wrestlers Who Think They're Hotter Than They Really Are

Women have been a huge part of professional wrestling for as long as the industry has existed, but some may argue that we are nearing the greatest era in the history of women's wrestling with the likes of Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Paige, Bayley, and many other women who are currently wrestling today.  This era has been recognized by the WWE as they have ditched their Diva's Championship that had been around for eight years for a new WWE Women's Championship, and many will agree that the change was welcomed and needed.

This article takes a look at some of the women in the industry who are not as hot as they think they are.  Keep in mind that this article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek as we are making fun of the personas of these women of the past and present in pro wrestling.  This article covers a wide spectrum of women who are definitely full of themselves going back to some sassy older ladies from the WWE Attitude Era to the current WWE Women's Champion. It also covers some of the women within Ring Of Honor and Impact Wrestling as well.  While the term Diva is no longer used in the WWE, it can definitely be a word to describe these women who think they are above all others.

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13 Cameron

via wwe.com

For being the first person eliminated from Tough Enough in 2011, Cameron has sure made a great career for herself in the WWE.  Although she'll always be remembered for her baffling answer to the greatest match of all-time (and equally as funny, the reaction of Stone Cold Steve Austin), she had made her mark as a Funkadactyl with Naomi.  Once they disbanded, she took on the persona of a woman who is definitely full of herself as you can see from the photo above.  While Cameron is definitely a beautiful person, she'll tell you that the word beautiful isn't enough to describe her.

12 Mae Young

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One of the most entertaining women during the Attitude Era wasn't a young 20-something, but the one and only Mae Young who was well into her seventies during this time.  While, there was no doubt that back in the day Mae Young was a fox, there were many times during the Attitude Era where Mae would strut her stuff in lingerie and even take off her top to the dismay of Jerry "The King" Lawler back when the product was racy.  Of course, Mae's entry in this article is completely tongue-in-cheek, as she was one of the sweetest ladies ever to be in wrestling. She had a wonderful career, and unfortunately passed away in 2014.  She had no filter, and that is one of the things we miss the most about her.

11 Rosemary

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One of the hotter new factions in Impact Wrestling in 2016 has been Decay, which is composed (no pun intended) of the veteran monster Abyss, Crazzy Steve, and Rosemary.  While the woman playing Rosemary is the beautiful Courtney Rush, the character Rosemary definitely thinks she's hotter than she really is because she's delusional.  In actuality, it looks like she's been rolling around in a grave all day before putting on the short skirt.  The scary makeup on her face doesn't do her any favors either, but again she's psychotic so to her, it's sexy.  At least the theme song for Decay is great (Marilyn Manson's "The Nobodies").

10 Maria

via youtube.com

Speaking of delusional, there is Maria.  She is the real-life wife of one of Impact Wrestling's newest wrestlers in Mike Bennett.  She is also a wrestler in her own right, but as you have seen lately on Impact Wrestling, she's been dodging more fights than taking them.  Now, we all know that Maria is absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing body, but Maria fits into this article because she basically sees herself as a goddess.  The way she talks, her music - it's definitely got a "higher power" tone to it.  She clearly thinks she's God's gift to the world, making her think she's hotter than she actually is.

9 Reby Sky

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Reby Sky has been wrestling since 2010, but has made her biggest mark by aligning herself with her real life husband Matt Hardy. They are now the most hated couple in Impact Wrestling today after Matt decided to turn heel earlier in the year.  Reby is definitely a sexy lady, but her persona of being better than everyone else definitely puts the vibe out there that she thinks that she's hotter than she really is.  Just make sure not to mention this to her husband Matt on Twitter.  He may go off on you as he's taken his heel persona to a new level since becoming one of the biggest bad guys of Impact Wrestling.

8 Fabulous Moolah

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There is no doubt that one of the greatest champions in the history of women's professional wrestling was the Fabulous Moolah.  She held the WWE Women's Championship for over 10,000 days; a record which will never be seen in the WWE ever again.  Much like her partner in crime, Mae Young, Moolah was once a fox back in the day, and didn't let age keep her from showing off for the crowd.  The moments of those two ladies in the Attitude Era will forever live in infamy with their tongue-in-cheek escapades, but you cannot forget how much she meant to women's wrestling when it was in its infancy.

7 "Sensational" Sherri Martel

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While she held a few wrestling titles in her career, Sherri Martel is best known for being one of the best managers in the business.  She has managed them all from Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and most famously, "The Heartbreak Kid," Shawn Michaels.  Martel had a few monikers throughout her career, but she lands on this list because when you would upset her, the transformation from Sensational Sherri to Scary Sherri could definitely give you nightmares.  Unfortunately, Sherri passed way too soon, but you know she'd take pride for honoring her in a tongue-in-cheek way here.

6 Charlotte

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Being the daughter of one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time cannot be easy, especially when you're trying to follow in his footsteps, but so far so good on the career of Charlotte, who is the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.  She will go down in history as the last woman to hold the WWE Diva's Championship and the first woman to hold the new WWE Women's Championship.  While Charlotte is definitely full of beauty and grace, she's also full of herself, which lands her on this list.

5 Veda Scott

via ringofhonor.com

There is no doubt that Veda Scott is hot, I mean look at those skirts she wears. However, if you disagree, she'll sue the pants off of you (and that's not a good thing).  That is because Veda is a lawyer, and she has been known to push her power around at Ring Of Honor for financial benefit.  She is the current manager for Cedric Alexander, as well as a great wrestler in her own right. However, being a loudmouth lawyer is definitely the right criteria to land on this list.  I just hope I don't get a certified letter in the mail.


via wikia.com

There is a song from the 1990s by Confederate Railroad that in the chorus states "I like my women just a little on the trashy side".  That song would be an ode to ODB in a nutshell.  She's a crude beer and whiskey drinking woman who has been in Impact Wrestling and most recently aligned with the Briscoe's in Ring of Honor.  This would fall in the joke category because we are pretty sure that ODB doesn't think she's all that and a bag of chips, until she's a few whiskey's deep - then she'll tell you a different story!

3 Maryse

via canadiens.nhl.com

If there is anyone within women's professional wrestling that is full of themselves, it has to be the wife of The Miz, Maryse.  She is a former model who debuted with the WWE in 2008.  Since French is her native language, she would use that language to badmouth anyone and everyone who was not on her side.   While she was a great wrestler, she left the WWE for four years before returning the night after WrestleMania to help Miz win the Intercontinental Championship.  The definition of a woman in pro wrestling who thinks they're hotter than they really are would have to be the character of Maryse.

2 Angelina Love

via youtube.com

While the majority of entries in this article are tongue-in-cheek, the final two entries are actually a little more reality based.  Angelina Love has been a mainstay on the Impact Wrestling roster since 2007.  Her backside is even famous as it was featured on the debut album cover for the band Saving Abel.  Oddly enough, her finishing maneuver in professional wrestling is the Botox Injection because over the years, the changes and "enhancements" she has made to her face have not been for the better.  Megan Fox would be a good comparison as someone who was much more beautiful before deciding to go the surgery route.

1 Sunny

via sescoops.com

And finally there is Sunny.  Where to begin with her?  She made her mark in the WWE in the mid-'90s just before the dawn of the Attitude Era with Skip of the Bodydonnas.  She was absolutely gorgeous back in the day, probably one of the hottest women ever in the WWE; however, fast forward to 20 years later and that is now up for debate.  She definitely falls into the category of thinking she's hotter than she actually is because she sells Skype sessions to see her topless, and most recently has gotten into the adult film industry.  Hopefully she'll learn from the tragedy of the early passing of Chyna and can get her affairs in order for her health's sake.

Sources: wwe, wikia

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