13 Backstage Jobs The WWE Keeps Quiet

The guy just never stops; years and years later Vince McMahon is still at the very top of his game. People that know McMahon on a personal level claim that the guy simply does not sleep or stop. And well, how could you? WWE personnel is made up of so many different areas which include, talent, announcers, interviewers, trainers, officials, creative writers, producers, executives, boards members and so much more. As you can probably see by the list, managing all those positions requires a lot of work.

This article will take a look at some of the jobs the WWE likes to keep behind closed doors. Since its early beginnings, the company likes to leave what goes on behind the scenes a secret. Today, we will expose some of those secrets and take a look at some jobs the WWE keeps quiet. Jobs on this list range from stunt coordinator to WWE recruiter. Here are 13 backstage jobs the WWE keeps quiet. Enjoy!

13 Recruiters

12 Women’s Producer

11 Trainers

10 Striking Coach


9 Stunt Coordinator

8 Head Writer

7 Program Writer

6 Stage Manager/Camera Operator

Remarkable how much it takes to put on a WWE program every week. The WWE hires so many different employees to make sure the telecast runs smoothly. Those employed include Tom Stewart, the camera operator, Nicholas Daw, the ring manager, Jet Prickett, the stage manager and AJ Patterson who is responsible for the lighting.

5 Producers

4 Senior Management

3 Ambassadors/Legends

2 Board of Directors and Executives

1 Chief Branding Officer

Asides from being one of the biggest on-screen villains in company history, Stephanie has a huge title outside of the ring as Chief Branding Officer. Hired in December of 2013, Stephanie’s duties as brand officer is to further enhance the company’s reputation on a global scale. Doing so involves dealing with various advertisers, media personnel and investors. So far, Stephanie has thrived in her new role getting the company some massive deals with the likes of General Mills along with KaBOOM!. The future looks brighter than ever for the billion dollar princess.


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13 Backstage Jobs The WWE Keeps Quiet