12 WWE Wrestling Pairs That Hated Working Together

At the end of the day, chemistry is what it’s all about. No matter how talented you are, sometimes the chemistry is just not there in the ring. Sting and DDP are a classic example of this. During an episode of Table for 3 on the WWE Network, the two wrestlers laughed about their inability to work a decent match with one another. Despite their lack of chemistry in the ring, the two got along famously outside of it.

The same cannot be said for the wrestlers on this list. These wrestlers simply had no chemistry in the ring, nor did they outside of it. Triple H and Goldberg are another notable example of this. Putting one over the other was extremely painful for both, so much so that following their program, they refused to work with one another again. Goldberg actually blames his failed run with the company on Triple H. This certainly wasn’t the only time two talented wrestlers hated working together, though. Let us now begin to check out 12 more opponents that hated working together. Enjoy!


12 CM Punk and Ryback: In-Ring Blunders

In perhaps one of the most controversial shoot interviews of all time, CM Punk held nothing back during his shoot with long time friend Colt Cabana. Punk was quite candid when discussing his past work with Ryback, claiming that Ryback injured him several times, and even went as far as to say that Ryback took “20 years off my life”. Punk went on to slam Ryback further, referring to him as “steroid guy”. He later recalled a story of Ryback missing a spot which was meant to put CM Punk through a table, Punk recalled it being so bad that he was unsure if Ryback was doing it on purpose or if he was just that bad. Ryback responded to these allegations claiming Punk never said anything to his face and would just complain behind his back to Vince. One thing’s for sure, these two will probably never be in a ring together again.

11 Chris Jericho and Goldberg: Bill’s Ego Trip


Chris Jericho’s career in WCW was going nowhere fast. Despite Jericho’s obvious talent, Eric Bischoff had no interest in booking Jericho up against the likes of Bill Goldberg, until one day Chris finally got his way, but the situation was absolutely disastrous. Goldberg finally agreed to work with Jericho on his terms. The match ended up being an absolute squash which saw Goldberg defeat Jericho in 30 seconds. This ultimately caused Jericho to ask for his release. Later on the tables turned, as Goldberg entered the WWE with Jericho as one of the company’s top faces. The two still felt quite bitter about one another. One night the situation escalated when Goldberg told Kevin Nash that Jericho never wanted to sell for anyone. An angered Jericho confronted Goldberg. Bill claimed that Jericho had been bashing him all over the internet for years. The confrontation ended up turning physical with Y2J putting the former WCW champ in a headlock. Jericho stated on his podcast that he never wants to work with Goldberg again.

10 William Regal and Bill Goldberg: Wrestler Versus Football Guy

Another Goldberg entry (as you can see the guy wasn’t very easy to work with). One night, William Regal decided he really wanted to see what Goldberg was made of. Regal made Goldberg look absolutely foolish putting him in holds and making him take some spots he simply wasn’t used to. In addition, the match went longer than anticipated, and this was no typical Goldberg squash match. Following the match, Goldberg was furious claiming Regal made him look an idiot on purpose. Regal’s take on the story was quite different. Regal claims they were simply told to go out there and put on a 6 minute competitive match, something Goldberg wasn’t used to. Regal claims he was just working around Goldberg because Bill was freezing up and had no clue on what to do. Regal states that Goldberg took the heat after the match, claiming it was his fault, contrary to what he later said about Regal in his book (saying William tried to make him look like an idiot on purpose). Regal was later released by the company in large part due to this situation. It's safe to say that these two won’t be having dinner together anytime soon.

9 Melina and Candice Michelle: Blog Fight

The heat between these two women all began over a blog. Melina had been claiming through her blog that Candice was only in the WWE because of her looks. Candice fired back with a blog of her own, claiming her resume was longer than what Melina can read (zing). The WWE wasn’t very happy about this heat because Candice was feuding with Ashley Massaro at the time. The real life heat between the two was taking away from the feud which was headlining the women’s division. Today, both females are no longer employed with the WWE.

8 Rick Rude and Ultimate Warrior: Ring Rust

As great as The Ultimate Warrior was behind the scenes and in the ring, he wasn’t the easiest to work with according to many of his former colleagues. One of the wrestlers that simply had enough was the late great Rick Rude. Following a match between the two, Rude wasn’t too happy with how stiff the Warrior was with him. Rude told Warrior to lighten up in the ring. Warrior took exception to these comments telling Rude that he didn’t care for what he thought. According to Ric Flair, Rude proceeded to punch the Warrior in the face.

7 Andre the Giant and Kamala: Gun Threat


Yes, that’s right, the situation got so bad that Kamala pulled a gun out on the late Andre the Giant. The heat between the two began during a match against one another. Apparently both men were overly physical in the match, almost turning it into a real fight in the ring. Kamala was so upset following the match that he pulled a gun out on Andre the Giant. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed, although Kamala admits to still bringing a gun with him following the event for added protection against the Giant, in case things once again escalated. This is the crazy stuff that you’ll likely never see again.

6 Kevin Nash and Roddy Piper: Drunk with Power

Nash apparently rubbed many wrestlers the wrong way. Despite his lack of experience, Nash was able to establish a lot of power for himself during his WCW days, and Piper simply had enough of this. Roddy was fed up of Nash overriding authority during their matches and doing his own thing. Piper was especially upset one night because of how poor the match was, and Following the match, the two went at it backstage. According to Piper he hit and kicked Nash out of his locker room. The two never worked together again following this encounter.


5 Alberto Del Rio and The Original Sin Cara: Mexican Heat


Tension between the two began all the way back in their early wrestling days in Mexico, when a friend from Sin Cara’s entourage pulled a gun out on Del Rio. The story goes that Del Rio was becoming very impatient waiting for Sin Cara and his entourage at a night club, when the situation got way out of hand and escalated to another level with a friend of Sin Cara pulling out a gun on Del Rio. The two would later reunite with the WWE, but after patching things up, things would once again escalate between the two. During a match, Del Rio was extremely upset when Sin Cara told the ref during the bout to call the match off because he had broken his finger. Del Rio was so upset that he actually kicked Sin Cara for real in the ring following the match. Backstage, Del Rio was still extremely upset, and Sin Cara told Del Rio that he just didn’t care for the business any longer. Two weeks later the original Sin Cara asked for his release with the company.

4 Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy: The Career Killer

Many were stunned to find out Mr. Kennedy had been released by the WWE considering he had just returned from injury. It was later found out that this was in large part because of Randy Orton. The legend killer was furious during a tag team main event when Kennedy botched a suplex on Orton. Following the match Orton told McMahon he’d never work with Kennedy again and wasn’t going to go through with their upcoming feud. McMahon later released Kennedy because of this botch. To Kennedy’s credit, he took the release like a man and admitted he should have been more careful in the ring.

3 Big Show and The Great Khali: Move Stealing

Can’t imagine why the WWE would even considered putting these two giants together in the ring; recipe for disaster is what it is. Big Show had some built up frustrations with Khali after the Punjab Giant was using many of Big Show’s signature moves (like Big Show’s patent chop for example). The situation escalated after a match between the two. Big show was disgusted with Khali’s performance and decided to tell him backstage following the match. If you can believe it, the conversation escalated into a brawl. Chris Jericho was an eyewitness, claiming it was like watching Godzilla versus King Kong. Big Show recalls the two monsters swinging wildly at each other across a table full of bags. Ultimately the fight helped to relieve some tension between the two giants.

2 Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior: Battle of the Egos

In 2011, this feud was busted wide open during a shoot by The Ultimate Warrior. The Warrior talked about Hogan as being ego driven and a “selfish fraud”. Warrior went on to discuss that Hogan never wanted anyone else to steal his spotlight and that Hogan would personally ensure that no one would progress to be better than him. Warrior also furthered his attack on Hulk’s personal life, claiming Hogan was a drug addict outside of the ring. Hogan responded to the video by saying that Warrior was actually a great friend and that he didn’t understand why this was being said. Thankfully, before Warrior passed, the two were able to put their differences aside.

1 Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart: Best in Show

Despite these two being the most talented superstars at the time (and perhaps in wrestling history), the two simply did not enjoy working together. Instead of focusing on putting on great matches, the rivalry eventually drew into bitterness between the two and became a battle of the egos. Problems began to arise following the epic “Iron Man Match” between the two at WrestleMania XXII. Following the match, Michaels yelled at the referee telling him to tell Bret to get out of the ring so he can celebrate. Things also got physical between the two backstage. During a promo shoot, Shawn used the term “Sunny Days” when talking about Bret Hart (he was referencing Bret’s alleged affair with Sunny). Bret was said to be very upset following the promo, so much so that he did not speak to Shawn for the next upcoming weeks. Finally, a few weeks later Bret decided to start talking to Shawn again, but Michaels wasn’t having any of it, saying, “oh now you decide to talk to me? No thanks.” This comment reportedly set Bret off, and according to Jim Cornette, Jerry Lawler (who was in the bathroom at the time) ran out of the bathroom in order to stop the fight (bottomless). Following the brawl, Michaels threatened to leave the business claiming it was an unsafe work environment.

Ultimately things only got worse, especially with the introduction of DX. Michaels would fire some harsh shots at Bret quite often, leading many to believe half the things Michaels and Bret were saying was an actual shoot. Following the “Montreal Screw Job”, the two would never lock horns again and only make peace over a decade later.



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