12 WWE Gimmicks As Astrological Signs

Whether it’s Scorpio, Taurus, or Aries, everyone is aware of their birth sign, which allows them to look up their daily horoscope or try to find the “right” partner. “Hey there, what’s your sign?” was the usual go-to pickup line for guys, particularly in the 70s, but try it today, and you probably will get laughed at. Anyways, this is not a relationship article, but rather connecting WWE Superstars’ gimmicks to their most appropriate astrological sign.

For those of you who don’t follow astrology, a quick explanation is probably in order here to show what this article will be all about. Astrology is basically a study of celestial objects and their movement in the skies; these movements can give hints towards how people may act in various situations and potential moments that can arise in their lives, both good and bad.

This type of study can get extremely in-depth, but for the purpose of this article, we will keep it simple and use the most common traits for each sign. We will then pair them with the wrestler who is most closely linked to them via their gimmicks, not by their actual birthday or real life personality. So, let’s look to the skies and see which twelve WWE wrestlers appear!

12 Aquarius - Goldust

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For simplicity sake, we’ll go through each sign as they lineup on the calendar, starting with Aquarius, who is typically known as an androgynous looking character. People with this sign can be viewed as a weirdo or even an alien, not just strange acting, but an actual outer space alien.

11 Pisces – The Wyatt Family

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Next up is Pisces, which is a sign that tends to float around, they don’t have much of a direction, but that doesn’t necessarily bother them when it comes to day to day life. These types of people typically disappear on others, it’s very common for them to come and go without much explanation to those around them.

10 Aries – Randy Orton

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Among the connections on this list, this one is probably the most appropriate, as Aries tends to look like a Spartan, with eyes that could burn a hole in others. These people are almost always “ready for war” and pretty much do what they want, when they want, without over-thinking things.

9 Taurus – Big Show

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The unwavering Taurus tends to love his surroundings, and doesn’t prefer change unless it’s completely necessary. They also love to move at their own pace, which most of the time is very slow, as they are usually friendly giants. Even if you want them to do something in a hurry, it’s not going to happen, because they are a stubborn bunch.

8 Gemini – The Usos

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The biggest thing about Gemini symbolism is the twins, and in the WWE that’s a pretty obvious choice with the Bella Twins, but this article is focusing on the guys. Gemini traits also include being annoying towards others and they also do a lot of talking.

7 Cancer – John Cena

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Here are a bunch of traits for Cancer; hometown boy, loyal to the family/establishment, suck up, and softie. Putting a Cancer in the context of the wrestling world, they would be considered a super face, or a really good guy.

6 Leo – The Miz

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Leo people usually are on the flashier side, wearing clothes or accessories that make them stand out from the crowd, a natural tendency to want to be known and even really famous. Who better fits that description, than The Miz? Even before wrestling, when he was on MTV’s Real World, he would walk around and do his wrestling gimmick, trying to stand out from the group.

5 Virgo - Cesaro

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This was one of the trickier signs to match up as Virgos are classically on the shier side, they aren’t really as “in your face” as compared to the other signs. They look for perfection and are very technical and detail oriented in their pursuit of that perfection.

4 Libra – Fandango

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This one was almost too easy as Libra is the sign of music and dance, they usually are considered good looking individuals, and are almost always in a relationship. That all sure sounds a lot like Fandango, he has always been a character that loves dancing his way to the ring.

3 Scorpio – Brock Lesnar

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If you know any Scorpios, the one thing you should know is if you cross them, they will end you. If you decide to cheat or betray them, they will get you back, maybe not today or tomorrow, but when the moment is just right, they will finish you.

2 Sagittarius – New Day

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Known as the party sign, most Sagittarius people are seen as funny or jesters that will say things, just to say things. Even though they might be just playing around, others can see them as sometimes rude with their antics, but ultimately, they are just looking to have a good time.

1 Capricorn – Triple H

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Finally, we have Capricorn, people with this sign usually care heavily about their status in life and being an executive is usually one of their biggest desires. To be able to tell others that they are “successful” is something they look forward to and don’t mind climbing the ladder to reach that higher level.

Over the past decade, Triple H has risen from "degenerate" to one of the corporate WWE brass, thanks in part to marrying Stephanie McMahon, a ladder climb unlike any other. Wearing suits all the time and being one of the leaders of The Authority, Triple H is a Capricorn to the fullest these days and unlike the skies, that doesn’t look to be changing, anytime soon.

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12 WWE Gimmicks As Astrological Signs