12 WWE Diva Instagram Photos Too Racy For TV

Around the time of WrestleMania season, the women's division of WWE underwent something of a makeover. Now anchored by a trio of young pillars in Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, who also not coincidentally faced off for the title belt at 'Mania, the division rebranded itself, moving away from the previous "Divas" moniker by introducing the WWE Women's Championship. With a new direction and fresh blood leading the way, WWE has set the stage for women's wrestling to take on a greater role as part of the federation's overall outlook.

But some things never change, and so WWE will continue to seek out those who have both the looks and the left hooks. By any name, a women's wrestler can make it big in WWE by serving as both an athletic marvel and role model to young girls, but also as a sex symbol. That was true for legends, like Trish Stratus, and continues to prove valid for this generation of femme fatales.

It's no wonder, then, that these women have dedicated fan bases that happily follow them through social media, particularly the photo-sharing site, Instagram. Through Instagram, fans can observe the glamorous lives these ladies live in and out of the ring, while also getting a behind-the-scenes look at WWE and, even better, get an eyeful from a group that typically isn't afraid to show off a little skin. Here are 12 photos from some of WWE's sexiest female superstars that were racier than anything you might see on Raw, Smackdown or NXT.


12 Nia Jax

#TBT to baby face Lina 🤗 #ModelingDays #SoHappy 😁 #Cheese

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Okay, so this shot of a young Nia Jax prancing on the beach doesn't exactly seem overtly racy by WWE standards, but it is a far cry from how they probably wish to see the NXT monster heel portrayed. This picture, both for its bubbly energy and sex appeal, is directly at odds with how the vicious, dominant Jax has been portrayed on NXT en route to becoming the first major challenger to new champion Asuka. It also serves to contrast the rest of Jax's Instagram account, filled mainly with pics of her with family and among her fellow NXT stars.

11 Natalya

KEEP MOVING FORWARD.... #UnbreakableMonday 🐈🐈🐈🏋💦

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For someone who is better known for being an in-ring ass-kicker than a sex symbol, Natalya isn't afraid to show off her body through some spicy Instagram pics. Considering her wrestling lineage as the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and niece of Bret "the Hitman" Hart, you'd think Natalya would get more respect than largely being an afterthought in the division and even being saddled with a farting gimmick in 2012. Still, the 33-year-old continues to serve as an attractive and technically proficient force among the Divas. She may even be getting her shot now too, with a looming feud with champion Charlotte.

10 Summer Rae

Summer Rae has been a sparse presence on WWE TV ever since her storyline with Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, Lana and, later, Tyler Breeze ran its course. However, she remains a prominent presence on Instagram, much to the delight of her 1.1 million followers. This recent seductive, movie star-like pose not only got tongues wagging, but the accompanying caption has intrigued some of her fans. Deeper meaning or not, it is certainly an eye-popping photo.

9 Alexa Bliss


You might not know her now, but you certainly will soon. An up-and-coming star on NXT, Alexa Bliss has opened eyes on WWE’s third brand as the heelish valet for the tag team of Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, quickly becoming the main attraction of the group. Unfortunately for many male fans of the 24-year-old, she and Murphy are engaged in real life. Soon, Bliss is expected to join the likes of Asuka and Nia Jax as a headliner in the women’s division upon Bayley’s anticipated call-up to the main roster.

8 Eden Stiles

#flashbackfridays @waywithwords 📸 can't wait for next week!

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The real life Mrs. Cody Rhodes might be on the cusp of filling a critical role within the WWE Universe. Eden Stiles appears to have cemented herself as the heir apparent to ring announcer Lilian Garcia, assuming ring announcing duties for SmackDown and Main Event, and even filling in for Garcia temporarily on RAW while the latter recovered from surgery. In the meantime, though, the real-life Brandi Runnels appears content to document her glamorous life on Instagram, one that is filled with pics alongside her puppy, in exotic locales and alongside her Superstar hubby.

7 Rosa Mendes


Nowadays, Rosa Mendes’ Instagram account seems to be far more dedicated to featuring another young Diva – her adorable baby daughter, Jordan. It wasn’t that long ago that Mendes, who looks fantastic after her pregnancy, filled her Instagram account with sexy images showcasing her curvaceous body. Even before her maternity leave, Mendes wasn’t exactly a regular presence on WWE programming, being rarely seen since last being paired with Fandango in a salsa dancing gimmick last year. Still, her fans know that she is currently enjoying a fulfilling life of motherhood away from the ring.

6 Paige


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As the youngest Divas Champion in history and an immediate presence on the roster, Paige made a name for herself as the anti-Diva, a kick-ass grappler who stood out amidst a roster of Barbie-looking Divas. It might surprise some, then, to peruse her Instagram account and find a wrestler not afraid to show off her sexy side. Paige’s Instagram account also proudly depicts other facets of her life, such as her dog, her love of whiskey, her fellow Divas and, strangely, a picture of Snoop Dogg in an Easter bunny outfit.


5 Sasha Banks


It may well only be a matter of time before the entire WWE Universe recognizes Sasha Banks as the face of the women’s division and one of the true, standout stars in all of WWE. Banks certainly has a superstar presence to her, one that is evident through an Instagram account filled with pics of her glamorous life on the road and her army of fans. What’s remarkable about her Instagram account is that she still seems in awe of the life she now gets to enjoy as a globe-trotting celebrity and as a role model for little girls. As for the sex appeal, she certainly has the photos to prove that she is, indeed, the “boss”.

4 Emma

Bikini of the day!! 😝 @montce_swim #montceswim

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Known to the wider WWE audience as a bubbly, quirky babyface or, more recently, a dark, sinister heel, Emma has never really played a sexy, sultry character during her WWE run. So it would probably come as a surprise to most fans to see her show off her incredible body through some risqué Instagram photos. Yes, the woman posing in that sexy bikini is the same Diva who made a name for herself by awkwardly dancing with Santino Marella on WWE Raw. Her boyfriend, WWE Superstar Zack Ryder, is one lucky guy.

3 Lana

Off to #Wrestlemania week like .... 😁😎👠

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Instagram has created some trouble for the blonde bombshell Lana, who got into some hot water with WWE higher-ups last year after posting pictures alongside her real-life boyfriend Rusev, who she happened to be feuding with on WWE TV at the time. Nevertheless, fans of Lana have long known that Instagram has served as an online tool to get past her televised persona as an uptight, fierce Russian heel valet and to enjoy her on a platform that enables her to let her hair down – literally. She seems quite content to post images and photo shoots that display her in outfits far more revealing than her conservative ring attire.

2 Nikki Bella

Although twin sister Brie understandably opts to curb any scantily clad imaging on her own Instagram account, Nikki Bella doesn’t seem to have any problem showcasing her incredible figure, even though she remains in a relationship with WWE mega-star John Cena. It has been a tough go of late with her recovering from neck surgery and her sister having announced her departure from WWE. However, she is working hard on the road to recovery, which hopefully will bring with it plenty more revealing pics.

1 Eva Marie

Summer is coming 😎☀️ 👙 @skinnybunnybikini

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Perhaps nowhere is the polarizing divide between the WWE Universe and internet wrestling smarks more distinct – and more confounding – than when it comes to Eva Marie. WWE has long been looking to push the stunning, red-haired vixen, with a popularity that includes over three million Instagram followers. However, each push has been vociferously rejected by a vocal audience that doesn’t feel that she’s earned her spot through any discernible wrestling ability. Still, one thing that can’t be argued is why she’s popular. Her stunning body will keep tongues wagging regardless of how many boo-birds make themselves heard.

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