12 Wrestlers That Are An Embarrassment To Pro Wrestling

Just like with everything else in life, for every good idea come a few bad ones, and in the pro wrestling business it is no different. When looking back at the last 25 years, anyone will notice that there were certainly many more bad ideas than good ones. Some were so bad that they were actually embarrassing to watch, causing many of us to change the channel. Many less glamorous names that didn’t make this list still deserve an honorable mention, though. Some of them include, The Repo Man, Bastion Booger, Glacier, Fake Razor and many, many others. To make things worse, some wrestlers that made this list were actually former World Heavyweight Champions. But despite their success in the business, they are still regarded as an embarrassment to pro wrestling fans. Why? Well, you’ll find out in this article of 12 wrestlers that are an embarrassment to pro wrestling. Enjoy!


12 Oklahoma

Not only disturbing, but embarrassing sums up this gimmick in WCW. For some reason, Vince Russo thought it would be funny to bring in a knock off of JR, copying JR’s Bell’s Palsy illness (quite disturbing). The gimmick went on to win the Cruiserweight title, making it an incredibly tasteless angle and an absolute embarrassment altogether. Russo later apologized to JR for the angle. This was an incredibly low point for not only Russo and WCW, but for all for pro wrestling in general.

11 Nathan Jones

This guy made wrestling uncomfortable to watch for millions of people across the world. It was so bad that I can recall actually changing the channel out of pity. Jones made his television debut against Bill DeMott in a thankfully quick but horrible match-up. Jones was incredibly stiff, not reacting to any of the moves thrown his way by DeMott. Following the match, his character was nixed and he was thrown into a storyline with The Undertaker (believe it or not). Jones was actually scheduled to tag with The Undertaker at WrestleMania, but plans were later changed turning the match into a handicap match with Jones being involved. He was then sent back down to Ohio Valley Wrestling to improve on his wrestling skills. He later returned and once again was a fail. He went on to quit the company because of a “rigorous travel schedule”. This is yet another example of the WWE trying to shove a big wrestler down our throats without any sort of in ring abilities. Thankfully this embarrassment only lasted a year.

10 Kiss Demon

It seems like for every good idea WCW had, there were at least three bad ones that came along. Kiss Demon was right up there as one of the worst. Bischoff loved using celebrities with WCW, despite it not being a great draw amongst wrestling fans. He took this a step further by creating a wrestler based on the rock band “Kiss”. The Kiss Demon made his debut during a main event concert held by Kiss, yet, Nitro ended their telecast with a concert. The show ended up finishing with this as its lowest rated segment on the show, and ended up being one of the lowest rated segments in the company’s history. To add insult, the Kiss Demon character was scrapped after Bischoff left. So the Kiss Demon went from main eventing Nitro, to being irrelevant weeks later. This is yet another embarrassing example why mixing Hollywood with wrestling simply just does not work.

9 The Shockmaster

This guy still holds the title for greatest botch in pro wrestling history. After he was announced as Sting’s mystery partner, the out of shape masked man tried to make his way through a wall, but unfortunately the wall got the best of him, causing him to fall down and lose his hideous mask which looked like it was designed by a grade school student. They later tried to salvage the character by creating “The Super Shockmaster”. To nobody's surprise, this also failed. The Shockmaster will go down as one the most embarrassing wrestlers of all time, and his botch will live in the hearts of wrestling fans forever.

8 Jon Heidenreich

Just looking at this guy makes me uncomfortable. Yet another time the WWE thought it was a good idea to bring in a big guy with absolutely no talent. Will they ever learn? Like Nathan Jones, the WWE attempted to give him a boost by aligning him with Paul Heyman. Unbelievably, the WWE even went as far as deciding to give him the go-ahead to wrestle in some high profile matches. These matches were unbearable to watch, not even The Undertaker himself could have saved Heidernreich. In 2006, he was finally released from his contract. You’d think the WWE would learn from these past blunders, but they obviously haven't.

7 Scott Steiner

Oh Scott. Never afraid to speak his mind; the only issue is he can’t back up anything he says. Steiner was so bad in his run with the WWE in 2004, that they literally paid him to stay home, away from the WWE’s product. Steiner’s in ring ability kept declining gradually. His promos were just straight out confusing. If you haven’t already, go watch some compilations of how bad they really were. Although Steiner blames his dismissal on Triple H, the truth is Steiner simply could not keep up any longer. His matches were way too slow, and he simply wasn't able to keep up with the main event guys. Refusing to believe this, Steiner took a bitter approach, bashing some of the WWE’s greats on a personal level. Quite an embarrassment coming from a guy who couldn’t back up anything he said.

When it came to professionalism, Steiner was an absolute joke as a pro wrestler. Steiner looked and acted like the complete opposite of what a true pro wrestler really should be, and for this reason (and many others) he is an embarrassment to pro wrestling.

6 Sycho Sid

Sid may go down as one of the most talentless pro wrestlers to ever win the WWE Championship. Sid was very well liked because of his look, but once again could not back it up in the ring or on the mic. Sid took home many awards in the past from the Wrestling Observer, from Worst Match of the Year, to Most Overrated, to Worst on Interviews. Sid was the total package for all the wrong reasons. His promos took the cake though; not only did he confuse wrestling fans, but he also confused himself while talking. In most instances there was no escaping because he was on live TV. If you haven’t already, go check out some of his older promos. His ring skills also lacked. He was very slow and often very confused. Thankfully he was carried by many greats in his matches that managed to make him look somewhat decent. In January of 2001, Sid decided to go outside of his comfort zone and try an aerial attack. He failed miserably (as you can imagine), fracturing his leg. The clip went viral and is regarded as one of the most gruesome injuries in pro wrestling history.


5 Eugene

Not sure what the WWE was thinking with this gimmick. Despite never really saying it, Eugene was a character based on someone that had disabilities. The character was very offensive to many people and also contradicted a lot with WWE’s anti bullying campaigns, as Eugene was bullied by other wrestlers because of his disabilities. This was something many fans were very displeased with and was quite embarrassing for the WWE. After failing two different drug tests, Eugene was finally released. Eugene is still wrestling today independently for the British Promotions International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom.

4 The Great Khali

Nothing will ever beat the amount of uncomfort I felt watching this guy in the ring. It pains my stomach dearly knowing that at one time the WWE gave this guy the World Heavyweight Championship for simply looking abnormal. Thankfully, his run only lasted two months before he was defeated by Batista. Khali simply couldn’t do anything; he never reacted, just basically threw awkward chops. Khali went from main event status to comedic relief in the lower card within months. Wrestling fans are very hopeful that under Triple H, the days of big talentless wrestlers are over. If there is a big knock on Vince, it’s his love for the big guys, but at the end of the day these guys don’t draw money and most of all, don’t know how to work a match properly. Wrestling fans aren’t asking for the extinction of the big wrestler, all we really want is someone that can work despite their size, like The Undertaker, Rusev, Big E and many others in the WWE today.

3 Eva Marie

How the WWE still hasn’t given up on Eva I’ll never know. With the WWE currently undergoing a “Divas Revolution”, Eva Marie is probably one of the last people you want to see involved in such an inspiring storyline. Eva represented everything the Diva's Division used to be in the early to mid 90s; beautiful women that simply had no clue how to put on a match. In the ring, she's embarrassing to watch; no reactions, and straight up confusion dominate her matches. Eva’s match against Carmella during an episode of NXT will probably go down as pro wrestling’s worst match of the year. The match was unbearable to watch and filled with mistakes even though it was taped, I can only imagine what the poor NXT crowd experienced watching the match live. This match took place after she left for almost a year training with Brian Kendrick, but she showed limited signs of improvement.

2 Kevin Nash

Wrestling fans love wrestlers who wrestle with emotion and passion, and this was certainly not the case throughout Nash’s long career. Kevin admitted several times that he got in the wrestling business for the money. He also goes on to talk about how all his decisions were made in the wrestling business solely focusing on money and nothing else. This was very apparent when Nash joined WCW’s creative team. Kevin took a lot of money despite having no clue how to be a booker. Nash pretty much killed WCW when they used his terrible idea, “the finger poke of doom”. This terrible idea caused millions of Nitro fans to turn the channel and never turn back to Nitro again. In addition to all of this, Nash wasn’t the greatest wrestler, but still often got to wrestle with so many greats which made him look better than he really was. Nash took home Wrestling Observer’s award for “Worst Wrestler of the Year” twice, back to back in 1999 and 2000. Nash’s motivations to being a pro wrestler are quite embarrassing.

Despite all of his accomplishments, nothing outdoes the fact that he was only money motivated and was also willing to destroy an entire company just because of a few extra dollars in his pocket.

1 Bill Goldberg

An impressive wins resume, backed up by a giant ego, lack of wrestling knowledge or ability, and terrible durability in the ring, this is the story of Bill Goldberg. Give credit where credit is due, WCW did a great job on building Goldberg’s gimmick, as he became WCW’s driving force in the Monday Night Wars. Though behind the scenes, things were quite different. Goldberg had a giant ego and was never willing to do what was right for the business. Not surprising considering he had no interest in becoming a pro wrestler in the first place. Goldberg was ultimately one of the reasons WCW fell apart and later closed their doors. In addition, his matches were extremely poor. Goldberg was embarrassed several times in the ring, once by William Regal who absolutely toyed with him during a match technically. Goldberg was irate after the match and as you can imagine, Regal was later released. Other stories also include Goldberg’s terrible endurance in the ring being the reason why all his matches were so short. According to Perry Saturn, following their match at Spring Stampede which lasted 12 minutes, Goldberg was rushed backstage and needed oxygen as he was severely winded. Despite all his success, Goldberg’s ego and wrestling ability made it clear that he would never come close to being considered great.



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