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12 Videos Of Former WWE Stars Losing It In Real Life

12 Videos Of Former WWE Stars Losing It In Real Life

Over the course of history, we have seen some situations escalate in front of our very own eyes. Thanks to the uprising of technology, we know also have the luxury of seeing what goes on outside of a WWE ring and into the independent realm. Working independent shows has its ups and downs; it can be great to make a quick buck but because of the smaller crowds, this can lead to some problems with the talent, as you will see in this article.

The WWE however, has not been immune to these types of situations, either. As you will see in this article, several WWE stars have lost their cool, whether it was in the ring with a wrestler or outside of it with a fan. Today, with professionalism at an all time high, don’t expect to see these types of situations anymore. Wrestlers like Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero make this list (surprisingly). Current stars (like Austin Aries) are also discussed in this article. Not surprising, but Scott Steiner also makes an appearance in the following list. Enough of the talk; here are 12 videos of former WWE stars losing it in real life. Enjoy!

12) Austin Aries

It is still unclear if this was a shoot or staged, but nevertheless performing on the indie scene can provide some frustrations, especially when you’re working in front of small intimate crowds (something Austin Aries knows all too well from his long career spanning 16 years). Throughout his journey, ‘The Greatest Man That Ever Lived’ made several pit stops wrestling for Ring of Honor, TNA Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA and currently making his debut with the WWE down in developmental for NXT. Before starting his illustrious journey, Aries made a name for himself way back in 2004, with Ring Of Honor. He would go on to create a tremendous legacy for himself capturing the ROH World Championship twice, while also having a Tag Team Championship run as well. Wrestling in front of small crowds and playing the role of a heel, you can bet Aries got into it with fans on multiple occasions. In this instance, the legendary indie star lost his cool with a fan. Things would later escalate after the show was done. Shoot or work? You be the judge.

11) La Parka

Don’t let the suit fool you; born in Mexico, La Parka has a serious edgy side to him, especially when it comes to preserving his identity. Like Aries, the former WCW star was quite the journeyman launching his career way back in 1992 with AAA Mexico, becoming one of the first wrestlers the company to be signed. He later took his talents to North America joining the invasion of Mexican wrestlers competing in WCW’s revolutionary Cruiserweight Division. Following his four year stint with the company, La Parka would head back to his native land wrestling for a Lucha Libre promotion and would return back to AAA Mexico and CMLL. When returning to his native roots of Mexico, La Parka worked several independent events, some of which featured some very aggressive crowds. In one instance, a fan was heckling La Parka, and things later escalated when the fan tried to take his mask off during the match when the brawl escalated in the crowd. La Parka had enough and lost it on the fan delivering a straight shot to the fan’s face. Word of advice: don’t mess with a Mexican’s mask especially during a match.

10) CM Punk Hits Fan

Rare to see a WWE star lose their cool, especially when thinking about how professional the New Era wrestlers are. Well, CM Punk was notorious for always doing things his way. In this instance however, the Chicago native found himself in some serious hot water which potentially lead to some legal issues. Punk lost his cool when a fan noticeably hit him in the back of the head. He absolutely lost it, striking the fan in the face. As you might imagine, this was the last time Punk took a route through the crowd. The former WWE Champ is notorious for losing his cool with fans, social media is one of the most glaring examples which has seen Punk go off on several fans pertaining to various issues from wrestling, to even hockey. The former WWE star remains one of the biggest hot heads in recent history.

9) Eddie Guerrero 

Thankfully this situation occurred behind the scenes and not in front of the camera. In the video above, Kurt Angle recalls the situation which saw the late great Eddie Guerrero absolutely snap during his final days with the WWE. Angle admitted, Eddie was unhealthy and this was affecting their matches with one another. Things finally escalated when Eddie snapped on Kurt following an attack in the ring by Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak. According to Eddie, the two were very stiff with him, and Guerrero let his feeling be known by yelling at Angle behind the scenes. Kurt, who was already mad at their recent string of poor performances, snapped on Eddie. This eventually led to the two wrestling legends putting each other in a headlock. Before things could have gotten worse, thankfully Big Show broke up the encounter. Taking all this into account, you can’t help but to think what giving Guerrero some time off could have done to his career.

8) Kurt Angle

Add another one for Kurt; this one however, took place in front of a WWE crowd during an episode of SmackDown. In an attempt to put Tough Enough over, the WWE set up an angle to have the contestants try to out-wrestle Kurt Angle following a match of his. Leave it to an MMA guy to ruin things and potentially injure the WWE’s biggest star. Instead of trying to wrestle Angle, Puder decided to put Kurt in a dangerous arm bar which could have potentially broken Angle’s arm. Thankfully, the officials in the ring took the liberty of ending the match quickly, claiming Daniel’s shoulders were down for a three count on the mat. Following the exchange, Kurt was noticeably upset yelling at Puder for putting him in such great danger. He also refused to shake his hand following the mini bout. You can hear Angle’s personal thoughts on the situation in several shoot interviews which are available online.

7) Scott Steiner

Nowadays, Scott Steiner seems to be that old grumpy relative we try to avoid at all costs. The Michigan native has been putting on matches since 1986, so you can take that as one of the reasons as to why he always seems upset. Steiner wrestled everywhere from the old WWF, ECW, WCW, TNA, World Wrestling Council and made several appearances on the independent circuit, something he still actively does. At the age of 53, it seems like it doesn’t take much to make Steiner snap. In one instance, wrestling a match for an independent promotion, Steiner lost it on a fan for absolutely no reason. The two got into a shouting match which seemed like good fun, but it later escalated out of nowhere when Steiner decided to shove the fan’s head back launching him in the process. Losing his cool over such ridiculous things has hurt Scott’s reputation in more ways than one. The WWE wants to part ways with him in anyway, so don’t expect a Hall of Fame induction anytime soon.

6) Randy Orton

Still sidelined with an injury, this video reminds us of how good Randy Orton was as a heel. Like the Austin Aries clip, we are unsure whether this was a shoot or a work. Some reports indicate it was a work in an attempt to add more heat from the Mexican fans because of a match that was taking place between Orton and Mysterio. Others believe that Orton actually legitimately lost it for being called fragile by a man half his size. Whatever the case may be, Orton went through a stage of his career where everything seemed to anger him behind the scenes and with the WWE fans. Later on however, Orton managed to change things around by becoming one of the most professional workers on the roster. Having a child can have that effect on anyone, and it certainly did on the master of the RKO. We look forward to seeing him back in a WWE ring sooner rather than later.

5) Matt Hardy and Edge

In one of the more uncomfortable kayfabe storylines of all time, Matt made an unlikely return to the WWE attacking Edge, his former best friend who was having an affair with his former girlfriend Lita, while he was out with an injury. Although his return seemed like a shoot, it was actually a work. However, both wrestlers admitted to be taking liberties with one another during Matt’s return, as both wrestlers snapped leading to some very stiff shots in their encounter (leading many people to believe that the situation was actually a shoot). Things would continue to escalate outside of the ring when Lita appeared on Byte This. Matt called in and the two exchanged some heated words causing Lita to walk off the set in what many considered to be a shoot (for the most part). The entire angle will be remembered as one of the greatest shoot storylines in pro wrestling history, which would go on to do wonders for the careers of both Superstars.

4) Perry Saturn

This one escalated rather quickly and would cause the ultimate demise in the WWE career of Perry Saturn. In a match against Mike Bell, Saturn absolutely lost it after Bell accidentally dropped Perry on his head. According to the veteran, he saw red following the missed bump and proceeded to beat on Bell brutally for the rest of the encounter. After the match, WWE backstage personnel was irate at Saturn for losing his cool, and to this day he regrets his actions, claiming he snapped for absolutely no reason. This would ultimately cause the company to punish Perry by giving his gimmick a comedic twist with a mop. This punishment would actually do wonders for him though, as he would put on some memorable skits with the mop. Following an injury however, the company would release the Ohio native. Such a promising WWE career ruined by him losing his cool in a match.

3) The Acolytes

Had this been any other Tag Team, a release would have probably happened right after the match. With Bradshaw’s status so high in the company, McMahon turned the other cheek following a brutal beat down by the APA on Public Enemy, who was released shortly after the attack. Bradshaw was furious when the duo turned down a finish requested by their opponents on a match scheduled for Sunday Night Heat. This caused Bradshaw and Ron Simmons to land some brutal stiff shots with weapons throughout the brief contest. If you watch the match, the bell rings out of nowhere, putting an end to the brutality inflicted by The Acolytes. There is no way anybody would be able to get away with this kind of incident in the current WWE, with professionalism at an all time high in the company.

2) Bret Breaking Equipment

It was a surreal sight to say the least; some nights will just live on forever in the hearts of wrestling fans. On that night, I was lucky enough to have seen the brutality unfold live at the Bell Center (which was the Molson Center at the time). Following a bizarre finish which saw HBK go over on Bret, things got so chaotic following the match. A stunned crowd watched on as Bret was standing in the ring in disbelief. It was obvious that things weren’t right when Hart decided to start breaking everything in sight. He particularly took his frustrations out on the commentary booth, breaking thousands of dollars in equipment. Bret absolutely lost it. The situation transcended backstage after Hart was looking for answers. He finally found one by socking the chairman Vince McMahon, straight in the face. In terms of wrestlers losing their cool, this remains the most iconic and memorable situation regarding the subject.

1) Chris Jericho

This really was a situation that you really had to “drink in”, especially because it involved Chris Jericho, one of the most professional wrestlers in the world. Chris said it himself, “when I’m a heel in the ring I’m a heel in real life, it’s really that simple”. In this situation however, things may have went a little too far. Instead of just driving off, Jericho pulled his car over after a fan hit his back window. Y2J lost it, calling out several fans and yelling at security to do their job. It literally felt like a promo with the way it was all unfolding. Jericho proceeded to push several fans, including a woman. The situation was a rare blemish in the near perfect career of Chris Jericho.


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