12 Videos Of Former WWE Stars Losing It In Real Life

Over the course of history, we have seen some situations escalate in front of our very own eyes. Thanks to the uprising of technology, we know also have the luxury of seeing what goes on outside of a WWE ring and into the independent realm. Working independent shows has its ups and downs; it can be great to make a quick buck but because of the smaller crowds, this can lead to some problems with the talent, as you will see in this article.

The WWE however, has not been immune to these types of situations, either. As you will see in this article, several WWE stars have lost their cool, whether it was in the ring with a wrestler or outside of it with a fan. Today, with professionalism at an all time high, don’t expect to see these types of situations anymore. Wrestlers like Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero make this list (surprisingly). Current stars (like Austin Aries) are also discussed in this article. Not surprising, but Scott Steiner also makes an appearance in the following list. Enough of the talk; here are 12 videos of former WWE stars losing it in real life. Enjoy!

12 Austin Aries

11 La Parka

10 CM Punk Hits Fan

9 Eddie Guerrero 

8 Kurt Angle

7 Scott Steiner

6 Randy Orton

5 Matt Hardy and Edge

4 Perry Saturn

3 The Acolytes

2 Bret Breaking Equipment

1 Chris Jericho

This really was a situation that you really had to “drink in”, especially because it involved Chris Jericho, one of the most professional wrestlers in the world. Chris said it himself, "when I’m a heel in the ring I’m a heel in real life, it’s really that simple". In this situation however, things may have went a little too far. Instead of just driving off, Jericho pulled his car over after a fan hit his back window. Y2J lost it, calling out several fans and yelling at security to do their job. It literally felt like a promo with the way it was all unfolding. Jericho proceeded to push several fans, including a woman. The situation was a rare blemish in the near perfect career of Chris Jericho.


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12 Videos Of Former WWE Stars Losing It In Real Life