12 Things You Never Knew About Eva Marie

Women’s wrestling has undergone some significant changes over the last two decades. Once a division of wrestling where aesthetics alone ruled supreme, the Divas have developed into very able in-ring performers. An ideal mix of beauty, charisma and ability in the ring is what the WWE aims to fill their female rosters with.

Enter Eva Marie. The stunning, fiery red-head embodies countless qualities that could turn her into a generational superstar. She parades a unique look at times equally fierce and tantalizing. Enabled by her position in the WWE, the starlet has succeeded in building a brand for herself that reaches well beyond the squared circle. Many will argue that her success resides solely on her sex appeal, as her wrestling skills leave much to be desired. These critics would not be necessarily wrong. But does that validate any resentment towards the Total Divas star? Similar to The Rock, Eva Marie endures fair amounts of criticism for using the WWE as a potential stepping stone towards higher aspirations. Nonetheless, in-ring shortcomings and all, there is no denying her limitless potential. The WWE have a rising star amongst their ranks granted the proper development and attention.

So just who is Eva Marie, and how did she get to where she is today? We explore the path which has led her to the sports entertainment forefront, her prospective future, and unveil 12 things you probably didn't know about the budding star.

12 Several University Degrees

11 Captained the California State University Soccer Team


10 Mexican and Italian Roots

9 Several TV and Movie Appearances Outside WWE

8 Shredz Sponsored Athlete

7 Her Husband Jonathan Coyle Is Also Her Manager


6 Has A Signature Line Of Hair Products

5 #84 in Maxim Magazine's Hot 100 List in 2014

4 Awkward Injury


3 After Debuting On The Main Roster, She Was Sent To NXT To Improve In-Ring Skills


2 Struggled With Alcohol Abuse As A Teenager


1 Nude Photos Prior To WWE Career

The Total Diva has, to put it bluntly, a smoking hot body. It is an invaluable asset for the performer in so many ways. It is not uncommon for such aspiring actresses or models to pose in very little clothing, or sometimes, none at all. However, most nude photographs would be for credible publications such as Playboy. Many Divas have tastefully taken that route in the past. In Eva Marie’s case, as highlighted on screen in a dispute with Arianne in an episode of Total Divas (and with a very quick Google search), has some very comprising nudes circulating the internet that she may not be necessarily proud of. Cited as an immature mistake during her younger days, one would think those pictures taken today could have generated her quite the payday with the proper timing and in the proper context. It’s ok Eva, we forgive you.


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12 Things You Never Knew About Eva Marie