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12 Things You Never Knew About Eva Marie

12 Things You Never Knew About Eva Marie


Women’s wrestling has undergone some significant changes over the last two decades. Once a division of wrestling where aesthetics alone ruled supreme, the Divas have developed into very able in-ring performers. An ideal mix of beauty, charisma and ability in the ring is what the WWE aims to fill their female rosters with.

Enter Eva Marie. The stunning, fiery red-head embodies countless qualities that could turn her into a generational superstar. She parades a unique look at times equally fierce and tantalizing. Enabled by her position in the WWE, the starlet has succeeded in building a brand for herself that reaches well beyond the squared circle. Many will argue that her success resides solely on her sex appeal, as her wrestling skills leave much to be desired. These critics would not be necessarily wrong. But does that validate any resentment towards the Total Divas star? Similar to The Rock, Eva Marie endures fair amounts of criticism for using the WWE as a potential stepping stone towards higher aspirations. Nonetheless, in-ring shortcomings and all, there is no denying her limitless potential. The WWE have a rising star amongst their ranks granted the proper development and attention.

So just who is Eva Marie, and how did she get to where she is today? We explore the path which has led her to the sports entertainment forefront, her prospective future, and unveil 12 things you probably didn’t know about the budding star.

12. Several University Degrees

It is not just about the looks with the dazzling Diva. In fact, Eva Marie holds quite a few honorable distinctions when it comes to academics. Perhaps contrary to the impressions given on your typical episode of Total Divas, the Red Queen has the brains to compliment her pristine aesthetics. Eva earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in business management and a minor in human resources while attending California State University (Fullerton). She also received her associate degree in art after completing studies at Diablo Valley College. And of course, Eva Marie did what all graduates do with those degrees: pursued a career in modeling and acting.

11. Captained the California State University Soccer Team



Athletics and sports have always been, and still are, an integral part of Eva Marie’s life. Raised alongside three older brothers, Eva found herself constantly competing against them in various activities and sports growing up. Additional accolades to her already accomplished athletic career include being captain of the California State University Soccer team, as well as being voted an all-American striker during her time in junior College at Diablo Valley College. Clearly, her athletic build is not just for show, as she has made good use of her various skills which have led her to the WWE.

10. Mexican and Italian Roots

While her ring moniker may not reveal much about her background, Eva Marie is proudly of Mexican and Italian origins. Her mother Josie was born in Mexico. Her father Barry is a second generation American-Italian. That combination surely plays a part in explaining the Diva’s signature feisty and competitive personality. On an episode of Total Divas, Marie claimed that her heritage plays an integral role in fueling her drive for success, coming from tight-knit, family oriented roots. She has furthered this sentiment in several interviews as well. In another episode of Total Divas, the redhead’s wedding ceremony included a live mariachi band and an extensive gathering of Mexican relatives, demonstrating how close she holds those values to herself.

9. Several TV and Movie Appearances Outside WWE


Eva Marie has had plenty of practice in front of cameras throughout her entertainment career. With looks so tantalizing, it may be easy to overlook her actual acting skills. While never really landing a prominent or leading role in any motion picture or television series prior to her career with the WWE, the Red Queen boasts a pretty impressive resume of minor features in such big name productions as the famous Entourage series on HBO. Other cameos include 90210 and CSI: New York. Surely, these roles, while minor, helped hone her acting skills which naturally play vital parts in what the WWE does.

8. Shredz Sponsored Athlete

It is not uncommon for most celebrities to multiply their revenue streams based on their many different talents. Given Eva Marie’s accomplished athletic background and the nature of the work she does in the ring, partnering with a fitness supplement company seems like a perfect fit. Shredz is a cutting edge supplement company with attitude. Their branding is in your face. They target overachieving, driven and determined athletes. Their cast of sponsored athletes all have huge followings, even larger personalities, and most importantly, all sport highly distinctive, edgy appearances. None of them are pro-bodybuilders as opposed to most competitors. Instead, they market highly successful public figures or professionals such as Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan Coyle.

7. Her Husband Jonathan Coyle Is Also Her Manager



Eva Marie met her husband Jonathan Coyle, not surprisingly, in a gym. To their own admission, the couple quickly wed after only knowing each other for a few months. With so much common ground in the fitness industry, the alliance only made sense. Both are sponsored by the ShredZ sports nutrition company, amongst other things. Coyle possesses degrees in business management from the California Polytechnic State Institute, as well as an MBA from Western State University where he attended law school. With such a suitable background, Coyle made the perfect candidate to help manage his wife’s booming career. This also keeps the two together in light of such a hectic travel schedule.

6. Has A Signature Line Of Hair Products

There is no denying the impact of Eva Marie’s unique red look. It serves as an integral part of her character on and off the screen. One company figured, why not take a chance to help and encourage women to uncover their inner Diva and empower them with the tools to do so. Bellami hair products company has partnered with the Diva to package her look so that women can strive to replicate her signature hair style. The TestaRossa collection, which translated from Italian means red head, includes hair extensions and coloring products that match the distinct shade of the Red Queen. Not many celebrities hold that distinction.

5. #84 in Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 List in 2014

The Red Headed Diva appears to be just as comfortable in front of different style camera lenses as well. Before bursting onto the scene with the WWE, Eva Marie, as you could imagine, made quite the name for herself modelling. The dazzling beauty has graced the covers of popular fitness publications such as Iron Man Mag and Muscle & Fitness, amongst others. Her biggest achievement in this regard may very well be ranking number 84 on world renowned Maxim Magazine’s “Hot 100” list with some of the world’s most beautiful women, and not necessarily just athletes. The seductive spread captures Eva Marie in all her sultry and seductive allure. To be ranked on such a prestigious beauty list only enhances her star and brand power, as she is amongst the most desirable women on this planet.

4. Awkward Injury



The Diva was sidelined for 3 months following the explosion of one of her implants during training. The injury led to a silicone leak which made its way into her blood stream, requiring surgery and consequently new breasts enhancing procedures to be performed. Former WWE star Chyna suffered a similarly well documented injury in the late 90’s. This only strengthened the claim that Eva had a lot to work on in the ring in order to keep herself and her opponents safe. In many cases, this sort of injury would be comparable to a boxer injuring his hand, a prized and essential asset. Call it what it is, but that part of her physique plays a crucial role on camera, and it is in everyone’s best interest to preserve them.

3. After Debuting On The Main Roster, She Was Sent To NXT To Improve In-Ring Skills



Winning the 2013 Diva Search propelled Eva Marie straight to the main roster, and this, perhaps was a bit premature. There is no denying her aura and presence, though it takes much more to be a mainstay in the big leagues. The WWE has been criticized for rushing the starlet into situations she was ill prepared for. Storylines wore thin quickly as Eva had yet to master her in-ring techniques. To her own admission, she was sent down to NXT to improve her skills in the ring, maximizing the star’s potential which would lead to more engaging storylines. With the likes of veteran Bella Twins and rising stars Sasha Banks, Paige and Charlotte to name a few, the Diva’s Division is as talented as ever, and Eva has every interest in perfecting her skills if she wants to leave her mark on the Division that goes beyond her iconic sex appeal. This is a major area of concern for the Diva, as less than forgiving crowds have often broken out into “you can’t wrestle” on numerous occasions.

2. Struggled With Alcohol Abuse As A Teenager



An episode of Total Divas was filmed in Cabo where the Divas would celebrate Brie Bella’s bachelorette party. Brie Bella and her infamous “Brie-Mode” alter ego appears to be quite the party animal. In fact, Brie-Mode really signifies binge drinking, amongst other things. As the ladies prepared for an evening, Eva Marie revealed past struggles with alcohol addiction during her younger, darker teenage years. Eva has been very candid about her past, embracing her ability to overcome her demons. Her fitness journey has been cited as motivation towards shaping a better life for herself. Clearly, she has succeeded in carving out an admirable future given her successes of today. Kudos.

1. Nude Photos Prior To WWE Career

The Total Diva has, to put it bluntly, a smoking hot body. It is an invaluable asset for the performer in so many ways. It is not uncommon for such aspiring actresses or models to pose in very little clothing, or sometimes, none at all. However, most nude photographs would be for credible publications such as Playboy. Many Divas have tastefully taken that route in the past. In Eva Marie’s case, as highlighted on screen in a dispute with Arianne in an episode of Total Divas (and with a very quick Google search), has some very comprising nudes circulating the internet that she may not be necessarily proud of. Cited as an immature mistake during her younger days, one would think those pictures taken today could have generated her quite the payday with the proper timing and in the proper context. It’s ok Eva, we forgive you.

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