12 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler has been sitting behind a WWE commentary desk for the better part of the last 20 years. He debuted for the company in 1992, but wrestled nearly his entire life, truly earning his status as the King of Memphis Wrestling. For his wrestling and his commentary, Lawler has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He has gone on record to say “it’s good to be the King—sometimes,” and unfortunately for him those “sometimes” are just as well known as the times it’s been good, despite Vince McMahon and WWE’s efforts to hide those facts.

As with any wrestler, Jerry Lawler is just human and his actions don’t reflect professional wrestling as a whole. Although Lawler has been accused of worse crimes than most other wrestlers, he is still a human and the worst accusations against him have never been proven. It isn’t all bad, either—there are plenty of great moments throughout his storied career that, for whatever reason, WWE has never mentioned on camera, and we highly doubt they ever will. Things about Lawler like the fact…

12 He's Won World Titles


11 He's Made Homophobic Comments On Air

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10 He's Insulted the Extremely Recently Deceased


9 He's Been Arrested Multiple Times

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8 He Missed Survivor Series 1993 For "Legal Reasons"

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7 He Was Accused of Statutory Rape

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6 He Quit WWE

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5 He Had A Heart Attack On Air

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4 He Still Wrestles


Jerry Lawler is 66 years old, and yet, his most recent wrestling match took place less than two weeks prior to this article being written. Teaming with Rayo and The Bruiser, Lawler wrestled the Dixon Line Security in a 6-man tag match for MCW on March 6, 2016. Obviously, there’s no mandated law determining any age at which a wrestler has to retire. Terry Funk, Ric Flair, and plenty of others have kept fighting just as long as Lawler. However, just like the fans of those wrestlers, fans of Lawler are basically begging him to step out of the ring, especially given the inherent health risks he’s clearly putting himself through every time he ignores nature and wrestles another match. Lawler hasn’t wrestled for WWE since the heart attack, but he has long had a special contract allowing him to take independent bookings other wrestlers wouldn’t even be allowed to take, making it almost unfair for him to wrestle in the first place, let alone extremely unhealthy.

3 He Feuded With Terry Funk For Decades

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2 His Son Is A Wrestler


1 His Greatest Feud Was Against An Actor


Professional wrestling is about a whole lot more than wrestling. Jerry Lawler is one of the sports’ most recognized legends, but he was never a particularly technical wrestler known for his five star classics. What Lawler was able to do was tell a story like few others, with both his words and his booking, and Lawler himself would probably agree with us when we say the best story he ever wrote was his feud with Andy Kaufman. People have repeatedly asked Lawler who he feels is the most deserving omission to the Hall of Fame, and each time he has immediately responded with Kaufman. Despite his plethora of personal problems, WWE clearly still sees Lawler as a highly respected legend, and it makes no sense they would continue to ignore a legend, blatantly telling them who he felt was most important in helping him cement his legendary status.

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12 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About Jerry Lawler