12 Retired Wrestlers Who Are Shockingly In Phenomenal Shape

For those who are unaware, the pro wrestling business is an extremely tough profession that keeps wrestlers on the road nearly 300 days out of the year. Imagine being away from home for weeks at a time, having to keep your physique up while on the road (random gyms, finding healthy places to eat), and doing physically demanding work almost every night. Now expand that over twenty or thirty years and you’ll see why so many people burn out from the stress, fatigue, and vices that comes along with being a pro wrestler.

Too many wrestlers end up looking awful in their later years due to decades of physical and mental stress that is usually multiplied from alcohol, drugs, or just poor eating habits. Well, this list will focus on those who were able to overcome all of this and stay in fantastic shape even in their later years. These pro wrestlers (for the most part) were able to get out of the business and take care of themselves via other means like yoga, acting, or even becoming a doctor.

So, get your protein shake, lift some weights, and get ready to check out the twelve best looking retired/older wrestlers!

12 Shawn Michaels


Looking at Michaels you would think he’s still wrestling every night, well you would be wrong as this picture was taken at WrestleMania 32 when he, Austin, and Foley made a surprise appearance. At 50, Michaels still looks like he could put on a classic match with someone, but he retired back in 2010.

Unlike most wrestlers, his retirement has stuck and it doesn’t seem like he’ll ever return for one, although, there was a time when his former student, Daniel Bryan, could have brought him out of retirement. With Bryan now out of the WWE and so many years gone by, Michaels will most likely just continue to make one-off appearances in his weird camo outfits.

11 Goldberg


Officially, Goldberg has yet to retire from pro wrestling, but his last official match was back in 2004 at WrestleMania XX when he took on Brock Lesnar (with Steve Austin as the ref). For those who missed the match, it was an awful display from both men who were planning on leaving WWE afterwards.

After wrestling, Goldberg got into MMA commentary (Strikeforce and EliteXC), some acting, and even hosting his own podcast. At 49, he’s still a guy that gets mentioned for WrestleMania, maybe one of these years he’ll return and try to make up for his previous lackluster appearance.

10 Bruno Sammartino


“The Living Legend” is someone all wrestlers should aspire to be when it comes to working out and staying in good health. Bruno was able to set a world record in 1959 by benching 565 pounds without wrist/elbow wraps and he actually left the bar on his chest for two seconds before lifting it up.

Because of his straightedge nature, towards the end of his career in WWE, Bruno was so worried about other wrestlers having drugs (mainly steroids) in their cars he refused to ride with any of them! In his retired years, Bruno has continued to stay active and it shows what a healthy lifestyle can bring someone, dude is ripped!

9 Trish Stratus


Now 40, Trish is still going strong as she slowly takes over Canada with her yoga brand/studio, Stratusphere. Retiring back in 2006, Trish every once in awhile makes an appearance in a backstage segment or even a match (appearing both on Raw and at WrestleMania XXVII), she was also inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2013.

Since leaving wrestling, Trish tried her hand at acting, finding much more success in yoga which has been her bread and butter for much of the past decade. While still doing tours for signings, Trish is happily married with one child. She may no longer have the blond locks, but Trish continues to stay in incredible shape.

8 Ricky Steamboat


Living the semi-retired life at 63, Ricky has actually had matches in WWE, most recently in 2009 when he went one-on-one with Chris Jericho at Backlash. During his prime years, it was tough to find a wrestler in better shape than Ricky; the guy was chiseled out of stone.

Steamboat attributes much of his success to Pat Patterson for telling him not to turn heel because he was just so good at being loved, thanks to that advice, he is one of the best good guys ever in wrestling. These days Ricky is still looking fit as ever and is currently an ambassador for the WWE, showing up in backstage segments from time to time and spreading the good word for the company.

7 Sycho Sid


At 6’9”/319 lbs. Sid has made it look easy to stay in great shape, for being such a big guy it would be easy to just let everything go, not Sid though. Technically, he’s still not retired, but his appearances are far and few between these days.

Most fans saw him in 2012 when he appeared on a few episodes of Raw to not only beat down Heath Slater (who had this “I’m better than older legends” gimmick), but he actually had a match against Slater, beating him in the process. Here we see him in a relatively recent picture, still looked as jacked as ever.

6 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin


You may have heard of this guy, he was kind of popular for a few years back in the 90s and loved to drink beer or flip people off. Steve Austin helped bring wrestling to new heights that only Hulk Hogan could rival, making it “cool” to tune into wrestling every Monday night.

Unfortunately, a neck injury (suffered a few years prior) forced Austin out of wrestling, basically doctors told him any awkward move in his neck could lead to paralysis or death, so that was it. Austin was moved to some non-wrestling roles before getting into movies, hosting multiple TV shows, and his own podcast. To this day, Austin still makes sporadic appearances for the WWE, typically at their biggest events of the year.

5 Ken Shamrock


Known as “The World's Most Dangerous Man,” Ken Shamrock was a cornerstone for UFC in their early days before heading off to WWE from 1997 until 1999. Here Shamrock was able to win the 1998 King of the Ring, the Intercontinental and Tag championships, also working in stables like The Corporation and The Union.

After WWE, Shamrock worked in TNA and some other indy promotions while also working his way back into MMA where he still fights to this very day. Yes, at 52 he’s still fighting for Bellator against guys like Kimbo Slice and Royce Gracie. Even though his physique is better than most guys his age, he’s long past his prime when it comes to fighting, winning only two of his last eleven fights.

4 Diamond Dallas Page


Here we have yet another case of yoga doing wrestlers some good (not included on this list is Scott Hall and Jake Roberts, both who have been in DDP’s program and have lost significant weight) in their later years. DDP just turned 60 and continues to be in great condition thanks to his own brand of yoga, which he never fails to pitch during his WWE appearances.

He’s actually in such good shape WWE put him in their Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32, which says a lot because they are very wary about putting older guys in the ring these days for fear of injuries.

3 Shawn Stasiak


You may remember one of his three hysterically horrible gimmicks while he was with the WWE; Meat (a boy toy for three women), Shawn Stasiak (clumsy goofball), or Planet Stasiak (alien). None of these gimmicks ever really clicked and in 2002 Shawn asked for an early release from the company.

He went on to get his certification to become a Chiropractor in Texas, which he still does today (referring to himself as “Dr. Shawn”) along with being a personal trainer. As you can see, at 45 Shawn could probably jump right back into the ring and go, someone find Chuck Palumbo!

2 Billy Gunn


Does Billy Gunn age? Seriously, this guy is 52 and aside from a few wrinkles, looks basically the same as he did back when he was out there with Road Dogg. Along with being a member of DX, Billy is a King of the Ring winner, one-time Intercontinental, two-time Hardcore, and eleven-time Tag champion.

He transitioned to becoming a trainer for NXT, but had to be let go from the company when he failed a drug test for performance enhancing drugs. He’s currently on the indy circuit, but give it a year or two and he’ll probably be brought back into the WWE. He made a mistake, but he's a great trainer.

1 Lance Storm


Lance has always been considered one of the more disciplined wrestlers throughout his career, which shouldn’t be a surprise since he was taught by Stu Hart, one of the sternest pro wrestling trainers ever. Debuting in 1990, Lance is still wrestling today at the age of 47, even challenging Jay Lethal for his Ring of Honor World championship only a few months ago.

Aside from still wrestling, Lance runs his own wrestling school (Storm Wrestling Academy) where he’s trained some well known wrestlers including; Dolph Ziggler, Tyler Breeze, Emma, Taya Valkyrie, Christopher Girard (Biff Busick), and Peyton Royce.

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