12 Reasons Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Is Still The People's Champion

With over 58 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, it’s fair to say The Rock is a popular guy. Not only has he been entertaining fans since joining the WWE in 1996, but he’s managed to stay humble, hungry, and incredibly giving to fans/family along the way. It seems like every week a story comes along with fans running into him, saying how nice he was for talking to their kids or giving a family member a car for Christmas (multiple times!).

After playing college football for Miami, Rock made his way into the wrestling business where he went from being a hated man to one of the most beloved in just a few short years. Even though he’s not officially retired, he’s managed to win seventeen total titles with WWE as well as the 2000 Royal Rumble. He’s a sure fire Hall of Famer when the time comes and it should be one hell of a speech when he gets his moment in front of the fans.

You may not be aware of this, but he’s also in a lot of movies, in fact he’s made billions for the movie industry internationally; who doesn’t like to see Rock save the world over and over again? At any rate, this list will cover twelve reasons why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is awesome, but if you read this and still think otherwise, just log off, and go back to the cave you came from.

12 Throwback Photos


Over the years, The Rock has been known to send out old photos of himself that set the internet aflame, from pictures of his teenage days, when he looked like a full grown man (he blamed the mustache) to the most popular of his throwbacks, the 90s turtleneck complete with black fanny pack.

11 Halloween Outfits

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When it comes to awesome Halloween costumes sometimes it’s better not to over think things, and Rock usually adheres to that code. In the pictures above he dressed up as The Hulk (very appropriate choice, never miss “leg day”) and Popeye, the Sailor Man (notice the temporary anchor tattoo and the faux pipe).

10 Workout Maniac


He always has that Instagram filter dialed in for all of his workout photos, “clangin’ and bangin’” as he would say, getting up as early as 4am to get the day started. An inspiration to millions, you’ll always find fans in his comment section talking about his influence on their in life or when it comes to their workout regimen.

9 Buys His Family Cars


Rock is a giving guy that much is clear when he buys not one, not two, but (at least) three family members a brand new car. Back in 2012, he gave his Mom a white Cadillac Escalade for Christmas, which unfortunately got smashed up when some jerk decided to drive drunk and got into an accident with Rock’s mom.

8 Action Star To Child Star To Action Star


Around 2002, when Rock began transition out of wrestling and into movies he started out in hard-hitting action movies like The Scorpion King, The Rundown, Walking Tall, and Doom. For whatever reason (rumor was Doom pushed him out of the action movie genre) Rock suddenly was in a lot more family-friendly movies like Gridiron Gang, The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain, and probably most famously, Tooth Fairy...yikes.

7 Cuff Links Pose


As a public figure, Rock gets a lot of pics taken of himself, he can’t just smile or go “Ahh!” (we’re getting to it) every time. So naturally, he changes it up by doing the "look away while buttoning up his cuff links" pose.

6 Makes A Great “Ahh!” Face


It was promised earlier, so here it is, Rock’s “Ahh!” face is the best in the business with so much intensity and muscle-bursting goodness. As you’ve seen in previous entries he’ll use it for any occasion, even hernia surgery.

5 Good Guy That Fans Hated


When he first got into the WWE, they gave him a gimmick that pumped up his family linage as he was the first third-generation wrestler for the company. The problem was he came off way too goofy and smiled…a lot, as he got more TV time, fans began to dislike him more and more to the point where they would chant “Rocky sucks!” and “Die! Rocky! Die!”

4 Highest Grossing International Movie Star


The Rock put it perfectly via his Instagram:

“Only way to start this post is with thank you. ‘WORLD’S #1 INTERNATIONAL BOX OFFICE STAR.’ I was blessed with this title in 2013 and now again in 2015. $1.48billion is a lot of revenue to generate in our business in only one year, but it’s also the important reminder that regardless of what we achieve in life, we always gotta keep striving for more, staying hungrier than the rest and being grateful around every corner. This cool global achievement doesn’t happen without my amazing family, management, agents, attorneys, publicists, financial management, studio partners, fellow actors, Team Rock and the final two deserving personal shout outs – my dog #HobbsTheBeast and you, the greatest f****** fans in the world. Stay hungry and keep working your a** off because one day I want to see the news write a cool report about you and your accomplishments.”

3 Fan Of Lucha Underground

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No big deal, just lifting some weights, like he does every day- wait, is that a Lucha Underground shirt he’s wearing? Indeed it is, and for someone who’s usually all WWE, it was cool to see him represent a smaller promotion trying to get more exposure.

2 Greatest Singing Wrestler


Over the years, there have been musical gimmicks like Honky Tonk Man and Jeff Jarrett, but neither could actually live up to being a half-decent singer, Rock on the other hand, wasn’t too shabby. Obviously, his gimmick doesn’t rely on music, but every once in awhile he would bust out his acoustic guitar and sing a few bars, usually ripping on other  wrestlers.

1 No One Take A Stone Cold Stunner Like The Rock

Just watch the video and you’ll see yet another reason why Rock is just the best, taking stunners is not easy, a lot of people sell them in the ugliest way (I'm looking at you, Linda McMahon), but Rock had it down pat. He typically would do a back roll or flop around like a dead fish to really accentuate Austin’s most devastating move.

Unfortunately, the video forgot Rock’s all-time greatest sell when he and Austin were celebrating with some beer, Austin suddenly hits his stunner, Rock stumbles around the ring dazed, takes a sip of beer, and walks right into another one! Just another example of why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a true entertainer through and through.



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12 Reasons Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Is Still The People's Champion