12 Real Life Stories Of Wrestlers Hating On Triple H

It’s crazy to hear from current or former wrestlers, exactly how much bitterness and politics there has been in the past when talking about wrestling. Surprisingly, one of my favorites in the ring, Paul Levesque aka Triple H has been the center of much criticism amongst his peers in the past. In response to all of his criticisms, Paul simply said, “Everybody’s got to blame someone for not making it in the business, in most cases I’m that guy”. Hunter also added in his defense, talking about him creates controversy, which leads to time in the spotlight, something former wrestlers crave and lack in their lives. In this article, we will take a look at 12 superstars which have gone out and spoken ill about the new COO of the WWE.

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12 Paul London


A surprise entry on this list, Paul London spoke out saying he will never go back to the WWE, as long as Triple H is in power within the company. London spoke out in an interview, claiming that Hunter was jealous of many WWE superstars, particularly Rob Van Dam. London even claimed that Triple H was envious of all the popularity Rob would get by the other wrestlers backstage, and regarded Hunter as being a “nerd”, for always attempting to make jokes and trying to get all the attention. London recalls a particular situation in where Hunter made a “munchies” remark towards Van Dam during a meeting, which caused no one to laugh except for Triple H himself. This would later escalate into Van Dam calling out Hunter for his remarks, which Hunter reportedly apologized for. London furthers his dislike for the C.O.O, claiming he married his way into the business and has been putting on the same matches his entire career.

11 Ken Shamrock


10 Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler voiced his true displeasure for Hunter during an interview, explaining how if Triple H likes you, you will be unstoppable. Dolph pointed the finger specifically at Randy Orton, claiming Orton has had Hunter riding him for the last 10 years. No matter what Orton does, he will come out looking great (no matter which upcoming superstar he faces). Ziggler never doubted the abilities of Orton in the ring, although, he feels a sense of displeasure with the number of opportunities Orton constantly gets to be great because of those in power. This interview took place at a point when Ziggler felt like he was not getting a fair shake within the company.

9 Eric Bischoff


During an interview with Jim Ross, Eric Bischoff was very skeptical when asked if Triple H can take the company to the next level. Bischoff talked about how Vince McMahon and Ted Turner were pioneers, as well as innovators in what they did. Bischoff was very critical of Triple H saying, “The Game” does not have those qualities in him, adding that Triple H will not revolutionize the business. Bischoff claims Vince created such a tremendous path for the future, so in reality, the company will be in good hands no matter who takes it over. Basically Bischoff claimed it’s “theirs to screw up”, talking about Triple H and Stephanie. Bischoff feels the pathway laid by Vince will be enough to keep the machine of the WWE rolling for years to come, no matter who is in charge.

8 Jim Cornette


Jim Cornette has been very critical of Hunter’s work throughout the years, claiming the WWE forces him down the people’s throats, week after week. Cornette has taken several shots in the past when speaking about Triple H’s promos, claiming they're like watching a dog lick its ___ you know what. Cornette claims his promos are simply way too long and boring. Jim does praise Hunter on his in-ring work, though, but labels Triple H as a wrestler that works with the wrestlers that draw in the real money. Cornette is critical to the fact that with his long list of injuries in the past, and his horrible promos, would Hunter still be in the same spot if not for his status with the company (being married to the boss's daughter)?

7 Chris Jericho

Although the two superstars have a good relationship today, Jericho and Triple H have taken shots at each other in the past. Triple H controversially stated (during a promo) that Daniel Bryan is a typical talented wrestler that has come and gone and has never truly been “the guy” comparing him to Edge, RVD and yes, Chris Jericho. Chris fired back in an interview, saying the only “guys” in the business were ever Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin and John Cena. Jericho claims Hunter has never been "the guy" and states that, like himself, all Hunter got to do in his career is get a chance to work with the top 4 guys in the industry.

6 Bill Goldberg


This story goes way back to the WCW days, and it all started with Triple H burying Bill Goldberg during an interview, despite never having worked together in the same company, or even met each other in the past. Hunter stated Goldberg is a baby and fakes injuries if he does not get his way. Goldberg was irate about the comments for a long while. After some time had passed, the two happened to be at a licensing convention together with Goldberg representing WCW and Triple H representing WWE. Goldberg found out that Triple H was there, approached him and proceeded to yell at him from a distance, until the yelling match was broken up by security. To this day, Goldberg still talks about his dislike for Hunter, claiming his role with the WWE didn't work out because of Vince McMahon and Triple H. Goldberg also claims he wants to make a return to the ring, but cannot due to ongoing issues with Vince and Hunter.

5 Scott Steiner


Scott Steiner has constantly taken shots at Triple H in the past, referring to him as being the “Kevin Federline” of professional wrestling. Steiner claims if not for Hunter’s marriage with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H would not only not be where he is today, but he would be out of the wrestling business entirely. Steiner has always been critical on how Triple H has done business in the past, and claims Hunter always works behind closed doors, and is too “chicken” to speak to wrestlers face to face. If you haven’t yet, go check out some of Scott’s shoot interviews, you won’t be disappointed.

4 Macho Man Randy Savage

3 Bret Hart


It should be noted that the two wrestlers are in good terms today, but despite this, Bret Hart has been very critical of Triple H in the past. Bret called Hunter a real “ass kiss” towards Vince, and credits his success due to that reason. Bret furthered his claims, adding that Triple H was never really a straight guy (being sneaky and acting cowardly) and was never really one of "the guys" backstage. Bret backed up his opinion by saying that Triple H was never really an innovator in the ring, and that he never had a great match in his career to this day, despite being given constant opportunities to do so. Although, today, Bret’s perception has changed, and claims he has respect for Hunter.

2 The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)


Surprisingly, despite having worked with Triple H most of their careers, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are incredibly anti-Hunter. If you haven’t got the chance to yet, watch the shoot interview that the Outlaws had regarding Triple H (they certainly don’t hold any feelings back). The New Age Outlaws both claimed there were several times that the two wanted to hit Hunter, but simply could not because of Hunter’s status in the company. Gunn claimed he needed to feed his family, so taking that route was not wise. Billy Gunn does not discredit Hunter’s talent, he however, has a problem with Hunter’s selfishness, always putting himself before others behind the scenes. Gunn claimed Hunter had a serious desire to stand at the top, no matter who he had to throw under the bus. Road Dogg also added that he hated the fact that Hunter looked down at him and Billy Gunn because of their drug use. Despite the Outlaws' massive hate for Hunter, it has been said that they have made up today, following the Outlaws' brief return to the WWE.

1 Chyna


To this very day, Chyna blames Triple H for ruining her personal life and career in the ring. Chyna is often asked about the situation that changed her life. It reportedly began with speculation that Hunter was cheating on her with Stephanie McMahon, despite asking Hunter several times if it was true, Hunter would never admit to it. Chyna would later go on and do some “snooping” around, and while doing so, she found a love letter from Stephanie to Triple H that was dated a year ago. Chyna would then contact Vince McMahon and tell him about the situation, which Vince would respond with, “well I guess the jig is up”. Chyna showed up to work on Monday, bawling in tears from the situation, and Vince would go on to tell her to go home and that they would work on a new contract. Chyna went home as told, and later received a fax, indicating that they did not need her anymore. Chyna blames her professional and personal fall apart on Triple H. You can read more on her story in her tell-all book, If They Only Knew.

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