12 Real Life Stories Of Wrestlers Hating On Other Wrestlers

Wrestling has changed in today's world, becoming much more like a business and much less like a freak show. Back in wrestling’s prime, during the 90’s and into the 2000’s, the circus life atmosphere in the wrestling business lead to problems, not only on the show, but in real life as well. In this article, we will take a look at some past examples of wrestlers openly hating on other wrestlers and voicing their real displeasure for them. The 12 stories shared in this article were all taken from real life interviews from the actual wrestlers, and the situations I have chosen for this list are regarded as lesser known situations, compared to more obvious examples such as Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Now, let us look into 12 real-life stories of wrestlers hating on other wrestlers.

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12 Rene Dupree Hates On Paul Heyman

Rene Dupree voiced his displeasure with Paul during an interview, explaining that Heyman’s ways of putting wrestlers over wasn't as legitimate as fans thought it was. Dupree claims that Paul would plant seeds in the crowd, particularly in one situation to put over CM Punk (the seeds in the crowd being to chant “CM Punk” and leave once the chants were started). Dupree further claims that in Heyman’s OVW days, Paul would put aside the crowd and tell them who to cheer for and who to boo, also telling the crowd who to especially go crazy for. Paul would also open the doors late on Tuesday nights, when WWE agents were coming to the show. He would do so in order to show the agents what a turnout his shows were. Dupree is very skeptical as to why fans would ever call Paul Heyman a wrestling genius.

11 Tommy Dreamer Hates On Paul Heyman

Yet another story involving real life heat on Paul. Despite this story, it should be noted that Dream and Heyman are still close today. Dreamer let his voice be heard, claiming he wanted to “kill” Paul when he found out Heyman was working with Vince McMahon during the late ECW days. Dreamer was displeased that ECW closed its doors, despite really not having too according to Dreamer. What furthered his anger was a particular situation in which WCW requested an ECW invasion, in order to boost its dying ratings. Dreamer loved the idea and thought it would be great for the company, while Paul disapproved the idea and said “Vince would kill me”. Dreamer did not understand why Paul cared about what Vince thought. Later on, when ECW went out of business, Dreamer would find out during an interview Heyman was doing for the WWE, that Paul was working with the WWE. This infuriated Dreamer, due to the fact that Heyman never told anyone. Despite being so angry about this, Dreamer and Heyman managed to still be close today.

10 Perry Saturn Hates On Goldberg

Perry Saturn was very critical when speaking about Goldberg’s success. He claimed that Bill could not work a match longer than 10 minutes, and also adding that Goldberg did not put enough time on his in-ring skills, as well as lacked endurance. Perry recalls a match they had at Spring Stampede, which lasted 12 minutes and after the match, Goldberg rushed to the back and needed oxygen. Saturn was very critical on Goldberg’s work as a wrestler in the ring.

9 Paul London Hates On Triple H


Former WWE wrestler, Paul London spoke out saying he would never go back to the WWE, as long as Triple H was in charge. London claims Hunter was envious of many superstars, particularly Rob Van Dam. London claims that Triple H was envious of all the attention Rob would get by other wrestlers backstage, and also went as far as saying that backstage, Hunter was regarded as a “nerd” always throwing in jokes and trying to get attention. London recalls a particular situation in which Hunter made a “munchies” remark towards Van Dam during a meeting, which caused no one to laugh and would escalate into Van Dam calling out Hunter for the comments (which Hunter later apologized for). London furthers his dislike for the C.O.O, claiming he married his way into the business and has been putting on the same match for years.

8 DDP Hates On Randy Orton

It should be noted first of all, that Page loves Orton and thinks he is currently the best in the world. Though, despite his constant praise for Randy, Page had a little fun hating on Orton jokingly, during Steve Austin’s podcast reminiscing on a situation involving the origins of the “RKO”. DDP recalls calling Orton before retiring and telling Randy he wanted him to continue the legacy of the “Diamond Cutter”. Orton was very pleased and thanked DDP. Orton would later go on to do several interviews, claiming that despite DDP having a similar finisher, Orton claimed he put his own spin on the move. This confused DDP, knowing they spoke on the phone about Orton using the finisher, and DDP would later meet up with Randy at Summerslam, and confront Orton about the situation. Orton felt he was being truthful and told DDP he was going through shoulder surgery at the time and doesn't recall speaking to him, but “believes DDP”. DDP had a good laugh about the situation with Steve Austin during the podcast.

7 Rob Van Dam Hates On Vince McMahon

During an interview, Van Dam recalls a specific situation in where he couldn't wait to finally take a break from wrestling, and the WWE had scheduled a 10 day break during Christmas time. Rob was ecstatic about the break and finally getting some time to relax. Just before the break, Vince held a meeting, telling the superstars they would be going to Iraq during Christmas to put on a show for the troops. Vince claimed it was optional, but let everyone know it was important that they went. Van Dam raised his hand during the meeting and simply said “no thank you." After the meeting, McMahon would speak to Rob, asking why he did not want to go, and Rob said he was tired and needed the time off. Vince would tell Rob that this would be the best experience of his life. Following their encounter, Van Dam was so upset that he claimed to have wanted to “fight” McMahon. Van Dam later spoke to the head of talent relation, John Laurinaitis and explained that he was not going, no matter what. Van Dam ended up getting his wish and did not take the trip. RVD discusses that if the problem would have furthered, he would have fought Vince and left the company.

6 X-Pac Hates On Sable

X-Pac reveals his dislike for Sable, stating that Sable was one of the most unpopular superstars backstage in wrestling history. This was due to the fact that Sable took credit as being the reason RAW would get such high ratings. During her final show in Wembley Stadium, along with Marc Mero, wrestlers backstage decided to make the two leave with a parting gift. An undisclosed wrestler would let out their “waste” in a cup and put it in Sables bag (X-Pac would add to the parting gift, just seconds before his music hit against Shane McMahon, and urinated on the bag). Sable would end up finding the “gift” once she was home past customs, the airplane and ride home.

5 Bret Hart Hates On Eric Bischoff

The two have exchanged jabs in the past. Bret has openly criticized Bischoff, calling him one of the biggest “idiots” in wrestling history. Bret voiced his displeasure, claiming Eric had so much talent in WCW, more so than Vince, and when it just came down to it, he did not know what to do with the talent on the roster. Bret claims he wanted to help and make a difference for the company, but Eric was too "stupid” to realize, putting over the same people every night. Bret claims that Eric had no clue or control on what he was doing, wrestlers would show up to work and would be told (just before the show) that they did not have a match. Bischoff did jab back at Bret, claiming Bret was never into WCW and had no motivation to make a difference. I’ll leave it up to you guys to take sides on this one.

4 Scott Steiner Hates On Triple H, Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair


One thing’s for sure, those who know Scott Steiner in real life, know that this guy is not afraid to speak his mind. Steiner has voiced his displeasure on many superstars in the past, particularly one of his most memorable, involving Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Steiner refers to Flair as a “little girl” to put it in nicer terms, and a wrestler who cries all the time. Steiner claimed that Flair began to cry in WCW, when he realized the 4 horsemen’s push would not happen. Steiner also goes on to say that Flair only made it in the WWE because of his relationship with Triple H. Steiner would also add that in his personal opinion, Flair, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are the biggest ______(let’s say chickens to put it in nicer terms), in wrestling history. Steiner claims that the three wrestlers backstab and work behind closed doors (he is also very critical on Shawn Michaels' past involvement with PlayGirl).

3 Jeff Hardy Hates On CM Punk

Who can forget about this video, which has over a million hits on YouTube. Jeff decided to put up a video in which he bashes CM Punk (you can see during the video that Jeff is certainly not in the correct state of mind). In the video, Hardy criticizes CM Punk for being “strait edge” and calls him a nerd for using this mentality. Hardy claims he made CM Punk what he is, and should thank him for what he is today. Hardy remembers a situation where all the wrestlers greeted Hardy, while Punk just proceeded to walk past him. Hardy ends the video by saying how much he hates Punk and that the wrestler should be thankful for what Hardy did to his career.

2 Chris Jericho Hates On Goldberg

Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg have a long history of heat, spanning all the way back to the days of WCW. The heat began when Goldberg said he had no interest in working with Jericho back in WCW. Jericho finally forced himself into an angle with Goldberg, which much to the displeasure of Jericho, would end up with Chris being squashed in 30 seconds against Goldberg. Due to these circumstances and other reasons, Jericho would leave WCW, believing he was not being used properly. Later, Goldberg would join WWE, but this time under different circumstances, as Jericho grew to be one of the top talents in the company. Jericho claimed that Goldberg was still squashing Y2J, telling Kevin Nash (backstage) that Jericho never wanted to sell to anyone. Jericho was fed up of the same problem reccurring years after, so he confronted Goldberg, asking him what the problem was. Goldberg began to yell, telling Jericho he “buried” him on the internet and proceeded to put his hands on Jericho’s neck. The two would end up brawling it out, and the fight ended with Jericho putting Goldberg in a front headlock, according to Chris. Chris has stated he never wants anything to do with Goldberg for the rest of his career.

1 Ric Flair And Bret Hart Hate On Each Other


The two former legends have been very critical of each other’s work in the past. We'll start with Flair, who claims that Bret never drew any money in the wrestling business, and also claims that Bret never wrestled anyone, and never toured the world wrestling in different places. Additionally, he has said that Bret rode on the tails of people, such as the Hart Foundation. When Bret was alone, Flair claims he was a terrible draw as champion. Ric also goes on to discuss how much Bret bombed in WCW, and how his participation in the company was a total failure. Now for Bret’s shoot on Flair, Bret admits to being a fan of Flair, but despite this, Bret can’t believe people who refer to Ric as one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Bret claims Flair’s wrestling abilities were outdated and that his mindset was stuck in the 70’s, as opposed to the new school of wrestling. Although, it has recently been reported that the two legends have officially buried the hatchet.

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