12 Of The Most Awful WCW Storylines

During WCW’s 13 year run, the company experienced some good and obviously, a lot of bad. During its final days, the wrestling promotion used desperate attempt, after desperate attempt, to get any possible type of mainstream attention. In the end, their final desperate attempts fell short and the company officially closed its doors, March 26, 2001. It's scary to think that it has already been 13 years since WCW closed its doors for good. This article will go back in time and look at some of the worst ideas/moments in WCW history, spanning through the promotions over 13 years. Enjoy this ridiculous list of half thought-out storylines that ended up being complete failures.

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12 Kiss Demon Gimmick

via:Kiss Demon Gimmick

WCW loved incorporating Hollywood stars to their live shows. Countless celebrities made guest appearances throughout WCW’s run. In one instance, Eric Bischoff took this concept even further by creating a wrestler which was based on the rock band, KISS. The wrestler named “Kiss Demon” or “The Demon” was said to be sponsored by the bank Kiss. He would debut his gimmick during a main event concert held by Kiss, during Nitro (yes, Nitro) closed the show with a concert. Despite this big push and being featured in the last segment of the show, the idea was squashed and after Bischoff departed, The Demon would go on to lose his debut match against Terry Funk. He would later be thrown into a stable with the Insane Clown Posse. Talk about a wasted idea.

11 Hogan Somehow Spots The Wall


This storyline took place in March of 2000, during an episode of Nitro. Thanks to the help of Vampiro, Hulk Hogan found out that there had been a bounty placed on his head. During his promo (which took place at an outdoor venue), Hogan somehow spotted The Wall who was miles away from the ring on top of a hotel building. Thanks to Hulk’s ex-ray vision, he was able to spot The Wall. The Wall somehow challenged Hogan from a distance, literally by pointing at him. The comical exchange ended up turning into a match later that night.

10 The Shockmaster’s WCW Debut


This probably goes down in history as one of the worst debuts in wrestling. If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly advise you to YouTube it, you won’t regret doing so. The set storyline had Sting and Davey Boy Smith introduce their new mysterious 3rd partner for the upcoming "6 man tag match" against Sid Vicious and Harlem Heat at War Games. During the heated exchange between the teams (during Ric Flair’s talk show), Sting finally announced the surprise partner, and this is when everything went downhill. After a massive flame set off an explosion, Shockmaster attempted to break through the wall, but instead fell to the ground and had his mask go flying onto the floor. One of the more comedic debuts you’ll ever see in wrestling history.

9 The Minnesota Massacre Match


It was evident WCW was running out of ideas. During an edition of Monday Nitro in 2001, the first ever Minnesota Massacre Match took place. The rules of the match were explained briefly, confusing even the commentators during the match. The apparent rules stated that during this "6 man tag match", 5 participants of the match must be down for a 10 count, leaving the only one standing as the winner of the match. The match ended up finishing with DDP and Kevin Nash somehow getting the victory, despite neither of the two members of the Natural Born Thrillers ever being counted out. As you might expect, this match was never attempted again.

8 Bischoff Can’t See The Warrior


This story consisted of Hulk Hogan constantly being haunted by the Ultimate Warrior throughout the episode of Nitro. Hogan thought he was going insane, constantly seeing the Warrior everywhere. Finally, Hogan retreated to his locker room with Bischoff. As the two went into the room, Hogan began to go crazy as he noticeably saw the Ultimate Warrior in the mirror. It was quite clear to him, to the fans and to the commentators, that the Warrior was there, but for some reason Eric Bischoff could not see him, selling the fact that Hulk was somehow hallucinating despite everyone being able to see him. Talk about a confusing angle.

7 Oklahoma Gimmick


Vince Russo and was quite desperate to get any type of attention from the WWE during the company’s final years. They may have taken this angle way too far by introducing a character called “Oklahoma”, a knock off of Jim Ross. Russo and his creative team went as far as mocking the legendary commentators Bell’s palsy disease during their shows. This character somehow took a prominent role during episodes of Nitro, announcing, managing and also taking part in matches. Oklahoma would go as far as winning the Cruiserweight Championship, but would later be forced to drop it because of his weight. This was a very distasteful gimmick created by WCW.

6 Scott Steiner Unleashes The Dogs


During the PPV, The Great American Bash, Sting took on Rick Steiner in a match that would later escalate into the backstage area. While the two were battling in the back, Scott Steiner showed up, releasing two Dobermans which attacked Sting. What makes the situation even more laughable is the fact that you can see one dog clearly biting into a cloth wrapped around Sting's hand, while the other dog was gently nibbling on Sting’s knee pad. Scott saved the best for last by releasing his massive Rottweiler, which we never got to see the consequences of; instead, WCW showed security running in and ending the situation.

5 Battle Dome Invades WCW


Battle Dome, for those of you that do not recall, was a show that was labelled as a new and improved version of American Gladiators. During the November 6th, 2000 episode of Monday Nitro, the stars of Battle Dome had front row seats for the show. During the show, the two organizations got into a heated clash lead by WCW stars DDP, Rick Steiner, Ernest Miller and Buff Bagwell. The angle never caught any heat, and by the time Rick Steiner challenged T-Money aka Terry Crews, and showed up to Battle Dome, the angle lost all of its momentum and was a major bust.

4 Bischoff and Russo “Reboot” WCW


In an absolute act of desperation, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo attempted to reboot WCW. During Russo’s horrible reign with the company, WCW attempted to bring Eric Bischoff back in an attempt to save the company. The two stripped every single Championship and decided to start all over. Instead of pushing new stars and creating new things, the promotion went back to yet again, another stable-versus-stable angle. The angle featured the New Blood, which consisted of younger wrestlers against the Millionaire’s Club (long time WCW superstars such as Lex Luger, Sting and DDP). The idea caused many wrestlers to lose their identities and turned out to be another bust for the company.

3 RoboCop Saves Sting


If you thought the rest of the entries on this list were pretty horrible, wait till you read this one. Yes, you read correctly, the iconic RoboCop saves Sting in this event. During WCW’s Capital Combat event, the 4 Horsemen, along with Sid Vicious, locked Sting into a chamber near the ring. RoboCop would shock everyone in the crowd, coming out and ripping open the chamber door and allowing Sting to get out. One of the most improbable lines in professional wrestling history was said that night, “here comes RoboCop Bob”.

2 David Arquette and Vince Russo Win The WCW World Heavyweight Championship


This was regarded as one of the biggest slaps in the face to all the wrestlers that were a part of WCW. In an attempt to gain exposure outside of wrestling, Vince Russo thought it would be a good idea to let an actor win the Championship. The title change went down during an episode of Thunder. The tag team match featured Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff against the duo of DDP and David Arquette. The stipulation of the match stated that whoever would score the pin fall on their opponent would win the World Title. Arquette ended up pinning Bischoff and winning the championship.

The bizarre title changes didn't stop there. Five months later, Vince Russo would claim the World Championship by defeating Booker T in a cage match. Thankfully, his title reign was short lived and the following week, Russo vacated the title on Nitro. These 2 acts of desperation signified the end of the company, and WCW would end up closing its door 6 months later.

1 The Fingerpoke of Doom


January 4th, 1999, will forever be remembered as the day that changed wrestling history. WCW gained a little bit of momentum after Kevin Nash finally ended Goldberg’s streak at 173, by defeating him for the title at Starrcade. During Nitro (shortly after), on the 4th of January, Kevin Nash fought Hulk Hogan for the Championship, and the match would end with Hogan poking Nash and pinning him for the victory. The two nWo’s (red and black/black and white) would join forces, becoming one group of villains, once again lead by Hulk Hogan. This unpopular finish would end up having huge consequences to the future of the company. Earlier in the show, WCW announcer, Tony Schiavone told the viewers watching the show that Mick Foley was going to be crowned Champion that night. This had an adverse effect, prompting wrestling fans to change the channel from Nitro to Raw (it is said that over 600,000 viewers changed the channel after this statement was made). The ratings for the night finished 5.7 million for Raw and 5 million for Nitro. This was seen as the major turning point in regards to the Monday Night Wars.

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