12 Pranks You Won't Believe These Wrestlers Pulled Off

A great part of wrestling from the 80’s and 90’s is all the great road stories wrestlers have while they traveled the world. The stories are so contagious that you can go on for days reading them. Behind the scenes, some wrestlers were known to be quite the pranksters in their day, wrestlers like, Owen Hart, X-Pac and Curt Hennig were the usual suspects when it came to pulling off a really good prank, back in the 1990’s. The following list will feature some of the greatest pranks you might have never heard of, which all took place behind the scenes away from the camera. Enjoy this list of 12 hilarious pranks done by former WWE Superstars.

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12 Owen Hart Pranks Michael Cole

11 Curt Hennig Pranks Yokozuna

Mr. Perfect was known to be one of the best pranksters in his day, and the late Yokozuna was one of his victims. Hennig decided to put Ex-Lax into a large chocolate bar and give half of the laced bar to Yokozuna. After eating the bar, Yoko began to feel ill and needed to use the washroom instantly. The unfortunate factor was that a man of Yoko's size, did not fit into the airplane bathrooms. After a bit of panic, a stewardess on the plane allowed Yokozuna to “release” in the back of the plane on newspapers, and to make matters worse, the stewardess had to stand there the entire time holding up a blanket.

10 X-Pac Pranks Sable

X-Pac was another one of the best pranksters in wrestling. At one point, X-Pac revealed that Sable was very disliked, stating that she was one of the most unpopular Superstars backstage in wrestling history. This was due to the fact that Sable took credit as being the reason RAW would get such high ratings. During her final show in Wembley Stadium, along with Marc Mero, wrestlers backstage decided to make the two leave with a parting gift. An undisclosed wrestler would let out their “waste” in a cup and put it in Sables' traveling bag. X-Pac would add to the parting gift, just seconds before his music hit against Shane McMahon and urinate on the bag. Sable would end up finding the “gift” once she was home past customs, the airplane and ride home. Jim Ross would later find out about the prank and question X-Pac, telling him Sable was considering doing a DNA sample on the waste. X-Pac burst into laughter thinking of that scenario.

9 Rob Van Dam Pranks Gangrel

During his earlier days as a member of the AWR wrestling promotion, Rob Van Dam, along with some other wrestlers decided to have some fun. Rob had found an inflatable doll at a truck stop, and decided to bring it along for the ride to the arena. Rob (along with the other wrestlers in the promotion) thought it would be funny to put the doll in Gangrel’s casket, which they would use in a casket match later that night. Thankfully, just before the match, Gangrel would find the doll in the casket, and the two wrestlers had a big laugh about the situation.

8 Tommy Dreamer Pranks Steve Corino

Steve Corino recalls this prank during an interview, calling it one of the most memorable pranks he's ever seen during his entire wrestling career. After a match with Tommy Dreamer, Dreamer claimed Corino was too reckless during the match and injured Tommy. In order to get "his revenge", Dreamer proceeded to pull his pants down, and as he did, a brownie that was stuck up there, fell out of his pants, in an effort to pretend it was, well, you know what... Apparently, another wrestler that was at scene, C.W. Anderson instantly barfed when the brownie fell out of Dreamer.

7 Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart Prank Val Venis


Owen Hart loved to prank new wrestlers upon their arrival, as a type of hazing. Val Venis was just one of those victims. Earlier in the day, during an autograph signing, Val refused to sign a fan who brought a large stack of photos for him to sign. Val refused, thinking they were just for the purpose of selling. Owen and Jeff Jarrett would witness the situation and use it as a source of inspiration for a prank later that night. While Val was in his room, Owen called Val’s room, pretending to be the autograph seeker, and demanded that Val come downstairs and sign his autographs. Venis grew very upset and stormed downstairs, as he approached the lobby, Owen and Jeff told Val that the autograph seeker had just left. Venis reportedly spent most of his night looking for the nonexistent person.

6 X-Pac Pranks Mark Henry

Once again, another story involving X-Pac and “waste." Poor Henry got it really bad in this prank. Mark Henry was known as being very unpopular amongst other wrestlers in the locker room, back in his earlier days. The biggest inspiration to the prank began when a wrestler jokingly hid Henry’s crutches, and instead of laughing it off, Mark threatened some wrestlers - big mistake. While Henry left the lunch table, X-Pac decided to leave a little gift in Mark’s sandwich. Witnesses claim Henry actually bit into the sandwich, without even noticing the "waste" inside of it. Henry immediately ran to the bathroom and vomited, and once he came back, his crutches were gone, once again. Before Henry would have the time to go crazy and scream at the wrestlers, Owen told him Vince needed to see him immediately. Poor Henry began his journey across the entire arena with a banged up leg, only to find out that McMahon had not been there all day. Talk about a tough day at the office.

5 Owen Hart pranks Bret Hart

One of the main differences between the two Hart brothers was their level of seriousness while working. Bret was generally very serious backstage, and took his job quite seriously, while Owen on the other hand, loved to joke around and have fun. One night, while feuding with Bret, Owen decided to play a joke on his brother. Before the show, Owen hid a can of sardines under the ring. During the match, as you might expect, Owen went under the ring and rubbed the sardines on his hand. He would proceed to shove his hand (filed with sardines) and smear it all over Bret’s face. After the match was over, Bret could not confront his brother, and Owen had his bags already packed and left the building immediately.

4 Curt Hennig Pranks the Ultimate Warrior

Despite being loved by his fans, the late great Ultimate Warrior was very disliked by his peers early in his wrestling career. Hennig, who was the master prankster at the time, decided to put a bucket of waste under the ring. The significance of this was that the Warrior had to stay under the ring as part of the show. After finally realizing what the horrible smell was, while he was under the ring, it was too late for Warrior to get rid of the bucket of waste. The fans were all crowding the stands, so basically, Warrior had to stay in this smell the entire time, till it was time for him to appear on camera.

3 Vince McMahon Pranks the Coach


Jonathan Coachman learned early on in his career, that because of his role in the company, it would be harder for the wrestlers to accept him as one of their own. Although, his reaction to McMahon’s prank and the way he handled the situation, turned the Coachman into becoming one of “the boys”. This great prank began with Jerry Brisco telling the Coach to start a fantasy football pool and to pick up $10 from those who wanted to participate. After starting the pool, two cops came into Jonathan’s dressing room, and claimed that the Coach was running a gambling pool, which is a very serious offense. The cops proceeded to tell the Coach that they needed to take him in. Before they left, the cops stopped in front of McMahon’s office, telling him about the situation. McMahon began yelling at Coachmen in his face, telling him he wasted the company’s time (all this yelling took place in front of Triple H, Stephanie, the Rock, Kevin Dunn and Jerry Brisco, who were all on the joke). After nearly an hour of this mayhem, McMahon turned down the demand to bail out the Coach. After the Coach attempted to plead with Vince, the cops proceeded to take Coachmen away. After driving a mile down the road, the cops turned around and said they forgot something. After they headed back and went back to McMahon’s office, everyone was laughing hysterically. The Coach then realized he was part of one the best pranks in wrestling history. After the prank was done, Coachmen went into his locker room and cried for over 10 minutes, thinking his career was almost over because of a $10 fantasy pool.

2 Harley Race Pranks Owen Hart

Finally a story that has a wrestler getting back at Owen. Harley Race was extremely displeased when he fell into one of Owen’s pranks. One day, at Harley’s house, Owen decided to put loads of hot sauce into the chilli. After the prank, Harley realized Owen was one of the only people that did not eat the chilli. Thinking Owen got away with it, the following night on RAW, Race extended his hand to Owen for the good prank. Owen obliged and as he went to shake Race’s hand, he got tased by a taser Race used on him, and Owen dropped to the floor and was unconscious. This situation did not slow Owen down one bit, as he continued his journey on being the best prankster in wrestling history.

1 Owen Hart Pranks Edge


Yet another Owen story, this one involves the Hall of Famer, Edge. During a tag team match, Owen kept repeatedly hitting Edge with a foreign object. Edge could not make out what it was because Owen would always quickly hide it under his armpit after he used it. Not knowing what it was, Edge would sell that he was hit badly with "the hard illegal object". Later in the match, after using it again, the ref would ask Owen to raise his arm and show the ref what he was using. Much to the shock of Edge, it was a napkin. Yes, a napkin, poor Edge was selling the fact that he had gotten hit repeatedly with a napkin. What an awesome prankster this wrestler was.

Owen is missed dearly by his fellow wrestlers who got a chance to work with him and got to know how great he was, even off camera.

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