12 Former WWE Managers: Where Are They Now?

Life after wrestling can be quite challenging when all you really know is the wrestling business. Even when you’re a manager, as these 12 former WWE stars were, options after pro wrestling can be quite challenging. Surprisingly though, out of the 12 former managers on this list, 7 are out of the business. Some are stay at home moms, while other new ventures range from Minister to model to student to even a medical assistant.

Others that are still in the wrestling business are either working for the WWE backstage, taking part in wrestling conventions, or even working as making guest appearances for various independent wrestling promotions. No matter where they are now, all 12 of these entries will forever have pro wrestling in their blood. Let’s now take a look at these 12 former WWE managers and what they are up to today. Enjoy!


12 The Million Dollar Man: Christian Minister

In 1999, Ted DiBiase founded the “Heart of David Ministry”. Through his group, DiBiase travels the world ministering to churches, camps and conferences including “Promise Keepers” and “Youth of The Nation”. In addition, Ted is also the proud author of the book Every Man Has His Price, a half autobiography and half Christian-testimony. DiBiase also released two documentaries in 2010 and 2014, based on his career and finding his new found faith. Ted DiBiase Jr., is also involved with his father’s new found faith ventures.

11 Michael Hayes: Head Road Agent and Senior Producer for the WWE

It seems like this guy has been around forever. Still, to this day, Michael Hayes is one of the most prominent figures for the WWE backstage. Hayes has been working with the WWE since 1995, when he made his debut as a co-host for the show, WWF-Action Zone. Four years later in 1999, Hayes was granted the position of backstage road agent, a title he still holds 16 years later. Hayes is also a senior producer for the WWE. He’s certainly come a long way since managing the Hardy brothers.

10 Terri Runnels: Appearances and Autograph Sessions

At the age of 49, Terri Runnels is still making guest appearances and doing autograph sessions for various independent wrestling promotions and wrestling conventions. She is also a proud mother living out of Gainesville, Florida. Runnels is set to make an appearance at WrestleCade, the show that will be main-evented by Jeff Jarrett taking on Matt Hardy. Terri will also take part in the Masters of the Ring expo, which will feature some female wrestling stars from the past, including Lita, Trish Stratus, Vitoria and Runnells. Both events will be taking place in North Carolina.

9 Harvey Wippleman: WWE’s Concierge


Harvey Wippleman is known as the concierge backstage attending to any last minute issues the WWE needs to take care of. If a wrestler needs a new outfit, Harvey’s going to get it. If the WWE needs a trash can at the last minute, Wippleman’s on it. The job (as you can imagine) can get extremely hectic but Wippleman embraces the challenge and is truly grateful for his position with the company. When he is not on the road with the WWE, Harvey heads back home to northwest Mississippi. Wippleman is also the proud author of the book Wrestling With The Truth, a book Vince McMahon deemed as one of the best books he had ever read.

8 Kelly Kelly: Model

Going by the name Kelly Kelly (or her real name Barbra Blank), the former WWE Diva is now a full time model. You can look at her recent work through Kelly’s Instagram page under her new alias, @thebarbieblank. Her most noticeable piece of modelling work was making the coveted cover of Maxim magazine. The 28 year old is also available for bookings through her email. The former WWE employee has also expressed interest in making a return to the company in the near future. With the Divas Revolution taking place, this looks highly unlikely with the WWE pushing new young talent in the women’s division.

7 Jim Cornette: Host Of The Jim Cornette Experience Podcast

In November of 2013, Jim Cornette launched his very own podcast show alongside Alice Radley on MLW Radio. Cornette is still a huge wrestling enthusiast, and is using his podcast as a platform to discuss the state of wrestling today. In addition to his podcast, Cornette still makes various appearances at different wrestling conventions. Cornette (believe it or not) is actually still quite popular amongst the wrestling fanbase online. Additionally, Jim also took part in a couple of shows for the new wrestling promotion, Global Force Wrestling.

6 Jackie Gayda: Mother Of Four

Jackie Gayda is certainly keeping busy today, as she is now the proud mother of four children. Gayda is married to former wrestler Charlie Haas. Charlie just recently got out of the wrestling business and decided to take a 14 month course in medical school in order to become a spine specialist. Very admirable to see Haas pursue something with success outside of the wrestling business. The family of six is living out of Dallas, Texas.


5 Jimmy Hart: Guest Appearances and Autograph Sessions

Jimmy Hart is still very active on the independent circuit, making guest appearances across the United States. Jimmy can also be found at various wrestling expos greeting fans and signing autographs on a regular basis. In addition to his signings and appearances, Hart is promoting his personal appearances via his Twitter page. Hart is promoting anything from sales meetings to impress a client, to holiday parties as a host, to a sales spokesperson. Whatever you need Hart there for, he’ll be there!

4 Melina: Student

Melina Perez was released by the WWE in August of 2011. After her release, like most wrestlers do, Melina hit the independent circuit and began travelling internationally. During an episode of Jim Ross’ podcast The Ross Report, Melina discussed that she was headed back to school at the age of 36; certainly a quite admirable decision for Perez to make. Melina is still involved with wrestling and continues to make appearances. She was seen signing autographs in March at WrestleCon in San Jose, California.

3 Debra: Actress, Guest Appearances and Autograph Sessions


The former wrestling manager of Jeff Jarrett and Stone Cold Steve Austin decided to pursue a career in acting after her departure from the WWE. Most recently, Debra McMichael played a role in Legacy of the Tengu, and also just finished shooting for the Sci-Fi film, Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords. Debra graduated from the University of Alabama with honors and originally planned on pursuing her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama. Today, Debra is still very active, working autograph sessions for various wrestling conventions. Most recently she participated in the Legends of the Ring event in Monroe, New Jersey, signing autographs and meeting wrestling fans. Chyna was also in attendance at the event.

2 Vickie Guerrero: Certified Medical Administration

After a 9 year, fruitful career with the WWE, Vickie Guerrero felt like it was finally time to move on, and so she later requested a release with the company on amicable terms. After her departure from the company, Vickie graduated from Herzing University in the field of Medical administration. Vickie also recently remarried on the heels of her graduation to new husband Krie Benson. It’s certainly been a great post WWE career for Guerrero thus far, kudos to Vickie for all her new ventures.

1 Sable: Mother and Grandmother

Just like Jackie Gayda Haas, Sable has her hands full at home mothering three children, along with her step daughter. Sable and husband Brock Lesnar, are currently living in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Lesnar has a very favorable and part time schedule with the WWE, so this allows him to help Sable raise their 3 children: Luke, Turk and Duke. Sable also takes care of Brock’s daughter from his previous marriage. In addition, Sable also became a grandmother in 2012 when her daughter Mariah, gave birth to a baby boy.



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