12 Former WWE Divas “Where Are They Now?” Stories

Oh the divas, it seems like every year there is a new set of divas in the WWE. One thing’s for certain, we can’t forget the contributions of passed divas in the WWE, that in fact put the "Divas Division" on the map. I can remember watching Trish evolve from a sexy manager of the tag team, “T&A” featuring Test and Albert, growing all the way to being one the most respected in-ring divas competitors of all time, truly remarkable to see such an evolution of one’s character throughout the years. So many other divas have made great contributions to women’s division as well. In this article, we will take a look at some of these former divas, and what they are up to today. You will probably be pleasantly surprised to see what some divas are up to today, with jobs ranging from acting, to owning a restaurant to still being in the business of wrestling. So without wasting any more time, let’s check out what 12 of our former favorite WWE divas are doing today, enjoy.

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12 Alundra Blayze: Monster Truck Driver & Owner of Koolkats & Hotdogs


Who can forget Alundra Blayze, the former diva who pretty much ignited the Monday Night Wars by going to Nitro live and tossing the WWE Women’s title in the trash - a scene wrestling fans will never forget, and a scene that will live forever in wrestling history. After spending some time training women wrestlers in the WCW power plant, Blayze was ready to retire after WCW was bought out. Unexpectedly, Blayze received a phone call, asking her if she had an interest in monster trucks. Believe it or not, after some intensive training, Blayze would enroll as a full time driver, winning the “World Finals” in 2004 in the freestyle category, and winning in 2005 in the racing category. Blayze has done extremely well in this new line of work, so well in fact, that she got her own toy truck and video game character made. Aside from crushing people with her truck, you can also find Alundra as an owner of a grooming center and spa for pets, located in Florida where she resides. Due to her success with the pet spa, the former women’s champ also opened a doggy bakery. Pretty awesome to see what Debrah Miceli, aka Alundra Blayze, has been able to do since her retirement from wrestling.

11 Christy Hemme: Announcer/Interviewer For TNA Wrestling & Singer/Songwriter


Making her debut for the WWE in 2004, Christy Hemme was the winner of the second ever WWE “Diva Search”, taking home $250,000, along with a one-year contract with the WWE. After being sent down to OVW to further her wrestling skills, Hemme would request a release from the company. In 2006, Hemme would join forces with TNA as a manager, and she would later be used as a single competitor in different story-lines for the company. Today, you can find Hemme as an announcer for the wrestling promotion, as well as a member of the creative team. Christy has also made contributions to the music industry; Hemme recorded a song entitled “Society Box” in 2006, and she released another song entitled “Where Are You” which can be purchased on iTunes. In addition, the former Diva Search Winner also spent some time acting, playing minor roles in Bloodstained Memoirs and Bubba’s Chilli Parlor.

10 Molly Holly: Involved With “Know The Truth”

Who can forget poor Molly losing to Victoria at Wrestlemania and getting her head shaved in front of 20,000 fans, in a sold out Madison Square Garden arena? Shortly after that experience, in 2005, Molly requested a release from the company, feeling she'd done it all in the wrestling business. Following her release, Molly began to take an active role in working for a variety of charity groups. Today, Molly is involved with a group called, “Know the Truth” which deals with teaching children drug prevention techniques. Molly relates to the group, having never used any drugs despite her great success. Molly is regarded as a terrific teacher for the cause.

9 Ivory: Owner Of “Downtown Dog”


The former 3 time WWE Women’s Champion took part in the WWE’s strongest era in the women’s division, in the history of the company. After Ivory’s great run finally came to an end in 2005, she began to realize her great passion for animals and decided to turn it into a new business venture. After doing several animal rescue missions, Ivory launched her new company “Downtown Dog”, a company that started off as a “do it yourself” bathing facility for animals. Moretti (aka Ivory) grew the business into a doggy daycare and later would create a “Bow Wow Bus”, which would bring the dogs from the daycare to an Island for the day. Despite some difficulties in the business, Lisa Moretti remains optimistic about her business.

8 Maria Kanellis: Musician & Actress


After her release from the WWE in 2010, Maria Kanellis spent a couple of years working in the independent circuit of wrestling. She would later on, in 2010, release her debut album entitled “Sevin Sins” with her hit single, “Fantasy” highlighting the album. Maria would also spend some time working as an actress for television shows and movies, even launching her own perfume line called, Signature. As if all of this wasn't enough, Maria spent some time doing a weekly podcast which can be found on iTunes, and is entitled Mike & Maria in Wonderland. Today, Maria has declared she will be heading back to school in December to finish her degree at Johnson & Wales University, a very admirable choice by Maria who received the WWE’s first ever Talent Scholarship. The former WWE diva will be putting this to use shortly.

7 Victoria: Owner Of “The Squared Circle” Restaurant


Known to us wrestling fans as a tremendous in-ring wrestler, Victoria was actually quite the entrepreneur behind the scenes. Lisa Varon (aka Victoria) has owned several restaurants and car shops in the past. Today, she is the proud owner of “The Squared Circle”, a restaurant in Chicago which specializes in burgers and pizza. The restaurant is a wrestling-themed restaurant, showing all WWE programming on the TV screens, and her own classic wrestling memorabilia decorated around the restaurant. Even other great wrestling memorabilia coming from such wrestlers like The Undertaker, are present. Lisa Varon is reportedly very happy about her business and is enjoying her new career path.

6 Torrie Wilson: Model & Fitness Enthusiast


Who can forget about Torrie Wilson? perhaps one of the greatest parts of WWE purchasing WCW was being able to see more of Torrie every week. After a great career which rose Torrie to stardom, the former diva was released in 2008. After her release, Wilson appeared on NBC’s reality show, I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! where Torrie finished as the runner-up on the show's finale. Today, besides dating Baseball superstar, Alex Rodriguez, Torrie is a pretty big fitness enthusiast, posting many pictures and videos on her Instagram page. You can also find videos of Torrie training on her website, torrie-wilson.org.

5 Stacy Keibler: Fitness Enthusiast


Known for her long legs, Stacy Keibler was yet another wrestler who benefited immensely from the WWE purchasing WCW. After rising to popularity, Stacy left the WWE for a chance to appear on Dancing With The Stars. After her popularity grew even more, Stacy began to make appearances on different shows and movies as an actress, most notably appearing on How I Met Your Mother, playing the role as the hot bartender in the 100th episode of the show. Today, you can follow Stacy through Instagram, Twitter or her website, stacykeibler.com, which features some great articles and videos on different ways to stay fit.

4 Lita: Musician


3 Debra McMichael: Actress


The former wrestling manager of Jeff Jarrett and Stone Cold Steve Austin pursued a career in acting after her departure from the WWE. Debra McMichael recently played a role in Legacy of the Tengu, and also just finished shooting for the Sci-Fi film, Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords. Debra has graduated from the University of Alabama with honors and planned on pursuing a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama. It's surely great to see the legendary diva still doing some pretty remarkable things today.

2 Sunny: Appears On The Independent Wrestling Circuit


To many fans of the WWE, this former diva put the word “diva” on the map for professional wrestling. Unfortunately, the original diva left the WWE way too soon in 1998, after a real life altercation with Sable, and making a comment on ECW. This caused her release, calling the promotion “her home”, which didn't sit well with WWE officials and she was let go. After leaving ECW, Sunny got away from the wrestling business and spent some time working sales at a gym and working at a tanning salon. She would later go to school and become a certified medical assistant. After making a surprise appearance at Wrestlemania in 2009, Sunny realized her love for the business and began to make appearances for different promotions following her return. Today, you can find Sunny taking it easy with her pets during the week, and going back into the spotlight on weekends.

1 Trish Stratus: Founder Of Stratusphere Yoga


Arguably one of the greatest WWE divas of all time, Trish Stratus holds the record for most WWE Women’s title Championship reigns at 7. After winning her final title for the 7th time, Trish announced her retirement from the WWE in 2006, and in 2013, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Today, the 38 year old former WWE divas bombshell is currently the owner of her own yoga studio Stratusphere, located in the suburbs of Toronto. The studio has even received numerous awards since being launched, including the “Top Choice Award" for best yoga studio in 2013. Quite a number of accomplishments for Patricia in her post wrestling career - to learn more about Stratusphere yoga, you can visit her website at stratusphereyoga.com.

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