12 Controversial Backstage WrestleMania Moments WWE Wants You To Forget

It doesn’t get any better than WrestleMania, does it? When it comes to historical moments in wrestling history, WrestleMania certainly never seizes to disappoint. Time and time again, our jaws dropped from some of the most heroic victories and iconic moments us wrestling fans cherish.

With this being said, there is also the other side of the spectrum. Whether we know it or not, WrestleMania produces a nervous energy amongst its performers. Some of the greatest wrestlers this industry has ever seen have fallen victim to some sort of controversial backstage moment leading up the biggest show of them all. CM Punk and Steve Austin are a prime example of this, both having walked out of the company after hearing what was in store for them on the biggest show of the year. Yes, WrestleMania is that big of a deal for those involved. Let’s now take a look at 12 of the most controversial backstage moments Vince McMahon wants you to forget about.

12 Brock Unwilling To Break The Streak

11 Roman’s Family Furious After WrestleMania Defeat

10 Punk Walks Out After Hearing His WrestleMania XXX Plans

9 Austin Walks Out Following WrestleMania X8

Following his match against Scott Hall at WrestleMania, Austin decided to walk out without anyone’s consent. Problems began to arise after Austin was apparently furious with Hogan’s return to WWE television. To make matters worse, Austin was booked to lose against Hogan at WrestleMania X8. As you might imagine, Austin was totally against the idea and refused to work with Hogan claiming Hulk was too slow for him. Ultimately, Austin would get his wish and the match would be changed to Hogan versus The Rock. After Austin’s WrestleMania performance, Steve would take an impromptu break from the company claiming he needed a break. Austin would later return April 1st just in time for the brand extension angle.

8 Lesnar and Goldberg Botch Feast

7 Fans Put Bryan In The Main Event

6 Bryan Loses In 18 Seconds

5 Hogan Walks Out With The WWE Championship at WrestleMania 9

4 Lesnar Rushed To The Hospital Following The Main Event at WrestleMania 19

Lesnar admitted to being in a really bad place during this botch on the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania. Lesnar’s body was infused with drugs and alcohol, and Brock claims at this point he forgot 2 years of his career.

3 Shawn Michaels Refuses To Work WrestleMania 14

2 Undertaker Collapses Following His Loss

It was said that The Undertaker was in terrible shape heading into his WrestleMania XXX encounter with Brock Lesnar. Many believe this was the reason Taker ended up agreeing to end the streak, and according to rumors, The Undertaker didn’t know if he had any WrestleMania matches left in him. Following the match Taker collapsed once he made his way off the set. Vince McMahon yelled demanding for help. Taker was hospitalized following the match. He was seen in terrible shape leaving his hotel room the next day.

1 Cena and The Rock Clash...For Real

Working with The Rock was like a dream for Cena, though this perceived thought turned quickly on John and the story became a bit of a nightmare. John was furious with the WWE after The Rock was repeatedly taking shots at him on the air, with John being unable to respond. Cena was so mad that he refused to work the story any longer if he was unable to fight back to The Rock’s comments. Cena said it best: the fans wanted to see “LeBron against Jordan”, with the two at their very best and not Jordan against some pushover. Ultimately, Cena’s requests were met and he was given the green light to attack The Rock verbally on the air. The promos between the two wrestlers were usually unscripted, with the wrestlers literally speaking out of anger towards each other. The situation turned to a scuffle backstage after Cena called out The Rock for writing his promo down on his hand. The Rock was never comfortable taking hits to his character, as you can imagine. Despite the heat, the two were able to work things out and later became close friends.


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12 Controversial Backstage WrestleMania Moments WWE Wants You To Forget