12 Former WWE Superstars Involved In Shocking Backstage Incidents

Oh how great the wrestling business used to be, particularly backstage and on the road, with so many classic stories from past wrestlers. Today, the wrestling business has changed dramatically in the WWE. In fact, it seems like it is becoming much more of a business, as opposed to the past, when it had much more of a circus-like atmosphere backstage and on the road. In this article, we will take a look back at some great stories involving former WWE stars, and some of the interesting situations involving altercations that took place behind the scenes, far away from the camera.

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12 Ken Shamrock & The Nasty Boys

A couple of incidents took place in the past between Shamrock and The Nasty Boys. The initial incident that sparked the heat between them happened in the late 80’s. The saga initially took place at a bar, when Shamrock wasn't pleased on how Brian Knobbs was acting around one of his friends' fiance. Knobbs, who was extremely intoxicated, put a hand in Shamrock’s face and told him to beat it. Later that night, Shamrock confronted the two in their hotel room, jumped onto the bed, and proceeded to ground and pound a heavily intoxicated Brian Knobbs. Shamrock then claims he was hit from behind in the head by Jerry Sags, who hit him with a heavy object, leaving Shamrock unconscious. Sags however, claims no weapons were ever used and he only hit Shamrock with his fists and feet. Shamrock was unconscious and taken away by ambulance. It seemed as though following this event, the problem was over with, especially considering the three were seen in the same places several times after the event. Despite this, it was not over. Years later, Shamrock would encounter Sags at an airport and challenged him to a fight. Sags declined repeatedly. After both men had passed the customs gates, Shamrock reportedly continued to challenge Sags, only to be turned down once again.

11 Michael Hayes, JBL & X-Pac

Former wrestlers describe this event as “the plane ride from hell”. Back in the day, the WWE would charter flights for wrestlers and the wrestling staff only (this, mixed with free alcohol and a long plane ride home from England, can only escalate into hell). Michael Hayes, who was apparently very disliked by former wrestlers, was extremely intoxicated and consequently, hit JBL in the face. This was especially alarming, due to the fact that JBL was already cut open from a match the previous night. JBL began to bleed profusely all over his suit. Some witnesses even claim JBL got up and knocked Hayes out cold. The situation was not over just yet, though. As Hayes fell asleep, Sean Waltman, known to us as X-Pac, took a pair of scissors and snipped off Hayes' ponytail while he was sleeping. Hayes finally realized what had happened when looking in a mirror during the line at customs. Hayes was enraged, yelling at everyone and trying to find out who to blame. Although, despite his anger and temper, Hayes was so unpopular, that no one decided to tell him who cut off his hair.

10 Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page

The fight between Steiner and DDP escalated and built up over many years, based on a mutual dislike for one another. The situation really boiled over when WCW was sinking and Vince Russo took over. Russo suggested that Kimberly Page (DDP's wife), should flash Steiner during a match. Kimberly was not too crazy about the idea, and Steiner was not pleased at all, and began to swear at Page, calling her the “c” word. Kimberly had enough and reportedly quit WCW on the spot. When Diamond Dallas Page found out about the situation, it had already boiled over. DDP finally confronted Scott, and the two began to brawl in a staircase backstage, where Page put Steiner in a headlock. After the two were separated, Steiner turned into “hulk mode”, throwing off security and mounted Page who ducked into fetal position. Steiner proceeded to literally try to pull out Page’s eyes. The brawl finally ended, but not without a bloody Diamond Dallas Page. It should be noted that some sources claimed Page asked for security on the scene of the fight, in case it escalated really badly. It should also be noted that, according to Page, the two are friends today.

9 Jim Cornette and Brock Lesnar

Thankfully for 53 year old Cornette, this situation was never an actual fight. Cornette got to coach Lesnar early on in his OVW career, and Jim was always very critical about Lesnar (claiming his heart and head weren't in the business of wrestling, and that Lesnar was only in it for the money). One night during a live WWE tapping, Lesnar fought in a dark match involving Cornette’s wife. One of the highlights of the match would be Brock Press-slamming her. Jim’s wife told Brock to be careful during the bump because of a piercing she had just got done. Brock did not listen to her and recklessly press-slammed her, grabbing hard on the sensitive area. Cornette’s wife began to yell at Lesnar (after the match, backstage) in serious pain, and Brock yelled back. Jim Cornette was there to witness and told Brock, “I will shoot you." Despite this early set back in Brock’s career, he still ended up playing a major role for the company.

8 Curt Hennig and Brock Lesnar

Yet another story involving Brock Lesnar and “the plane ride from hell”, this story involved the late great, Curt Hennig. The situation began as a joke between the two wrestlers ripping each other about which is the better amateur wrestler, when Hennig jokingly put shaving cream on Brock's head. The situation boiled over and the two began battling it out in an aisle of the plane (it is even reported that the two almost broke the exit door while in the scuffle). Sources claim Dave Finley, Triple H and Paul Heyman broke up the fight which escalated rather quickly. The aftermath of the fight saw Hennig take most of the heat, and Curt was fired shortly after the altercation.

7 Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff

It seems these two never saw eye to eye, dating back to the days of WCW. Bischoff was very disrespectful towards Flair, claiming he wanted to see him go bankrupt. Unfortunately for Flair, there was nothing he could have done, due to Bischoff basically being his boss. Years later, when the two would meet again in the WWE, the tables would turn, and Flair would finally let loose. Flair discussed what had happened between the two in his book, claiming he had let Bischoff get away with it for way too long. On March 17th, 2003, during a Raw broadcast, Flair entered Bischoff’s locker room with Arn Anderson guarding the door, and proceeded to tell Eric to get off his phone. Instead, Bishoff put his hand up and told Ric to wait. Flair had waited long enough and proceeded to slap Bischoff across the face, while his phone flew to the ground. Flair then threw Bischoff onto the couch and began to strike him repeatedly. Bischoff refused Ric's invitation to fight, and finally Sergeant Slaughter entered and broke things up. Flair would go on to tell Slaughter he was just repaying a debt. According to Bischoff, the two have worked things out and are now on good terms.

6 Batista and Booker T

This happens to be the most recent incident on the list. It is quite surprising that this altercation happened though, especially when you think of how much the WWE has changed over time, becoming much more of a business and much less like a circus. The situation occurred in May of 2006, during a photo shoot for the WWE. The apparent story has it that Batista was in a bad mood looking for a fight all day, when Booker T finally challenged him, in an empty locker room. Sources claim that Booker gave Batista a pretty bad beat down, and Booker claims Batista didn't realize that he had a history of fighting. In fact, Booker claims he was a fighter his entire life. Booker discusses that Batista thought he had the advantage because of his size, however, this was not the case during this brawl between the two former World Heavyweight Champions.

5 Chris Jericho and Goldberg

4 Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero

The problem between the two began when Angle started to notice that Eddie’s performances were widely inconsistent every night. Angle also began to realize that Eddie’s health wasn't so good. One night in the ring, Guerrero would be flying and the next night, he would not want to be touched. Angle was getting aggravated at the fact that the two weren't putting on great matches anymore, and the situation finally boiled over when Eddie sounded off on Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and Kurt, telling the three that they take advantage of him in the ring. Angle exploded, telling Eddie he’s been carrying him for months. One thing led to another, and Guerrero then attempted to take Angle down. Angle countered the take down, by putting Eddie into a headlock and chocking him out. Big Show ended up stopping the fight. Angle regrets the situation and is upset that he, or anyone close to Eddie, didn't help the late great Superstar, when it was evident that he was unfit and unhealthy.

3 Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels

The incident boiled over between the two mega stars in 1997. While shooting a promo, Michaels used the comment, “Sunny days” (Michaels was referencing a situation of Bret and Sunny having an alleged affair). Bret was extremely angry at Shawn’s comments, and proceeded to not speak to Shawn in the following weeks. Finally, weeks later, Bret decided to talk to Shawn, and Michaels was not too pleased, responding with something in the likes of, “oh now you decide to talk to me, no thanks”. The two then engaged each other, which resulted in Bret ripping out a chunk of Shawn’s hair (believe it or not) while in the bathroom. Jerry Lawler had to come in and break up the fight. Michaels’ would later storm into McMahon’s office, threatening to quit the company, deeming the environment as one that was unsafe.

2 Jose Gonzalez and Bruiser Brody


This story truly is the most controversial story on the list. Rumor has it that Gonzalez stabbed Brody to death in the showers, during a show in Puerto Rico in 1988. It is said that those in Puerto Rico did not like Brody and were none too pleased that an American wrestler was making money in their country. Gonzalez would later plead guilty for first degree murder, only to see it change and be deemed as an act of self-defense. To this day, people are still shocked that no further investigation has taken place, calling the entire situation a cover up.

1 Bret Hart and Vince McMahon

This incident is probably the most memorable backstage incident in wrestling history. It also took place on one of the most memorable and controversial nights in wrestling history, Survivor Series. After the infamous “Screw Job” took place, Bret walked into Vince’s office and hit him straight in the jaw, knocking the boss out. Bret claims his punch flew McMahon 6 inches into the air (Hart also added he hit him so hard in the chin that McMahon’s eye bruised), wow. McMahon also twisted his leg pretty badly during his fall. Bret ended up breaking two bones in his hand from the punch, but later said the broken bones were worth it. You can view more on Hart’s comments involving this infamous altercation between the two, in an interview he did with Howard Stern. This incident changed wrestling forever and revolutionized McMahon’s character in the world of wrestling.

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