11 WWE Stars Who Kissed Vince Mcmahon

Only in the world of sports and entertainment are you obliged to make out with your boss. If you think this is bad, it gets worse; some other male wrestlers have to kiss their bosses butt live on television. You simply won’t find any other boss in the world that has done so on multiple occasions. In fact, the Vince McMahon “Kiss My Ass Club” has six members to the club. The list could have been much worse. A couple of wrestlers dogged memberships at the last minute, these wrestlers include Stone Cold Steve Austin, Trish Stratus, Zach Gowen, Eric Bischoff, Marty Jannetty and his own son in law Triple H.

Other wrestlers on this list have had intimate affairs with McMahon live on the air in the ring and during backstage segments. One of these former Divas was forced to go through a series of intimate segments with McMahon on her very first day. To make matters worse, she had Linda McMahon observe every segment as it was being filmed; talk about an awkward first day. We'll take a look at which Diva this was in the number 10 entry. Let us now begin to take a look at 11 wrestlers that kissed Vince McMahon. Enjoy!

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11 Stacy Keibler


A reoccurring theme with Vince over the years was his ability to quickly make out with new talent on live television. As you will see in this article, it was a common occurrence. After finishing up her first storyline as a part of the WCW Invasion, Stacy Keibler was drafted over to McMahon’s Smackdown brand. After giving Vince a table dance live in the ring, McMahon hired Keibler as his personal assistant. The two later continued their relationship romantically with a series of flirting and make out segments. The story turned into an on-screen affair. The storyline intensified once Dawn Marie became McMahon’s legal assistant, and this would start a feud between Keibler and Marie. The story was later put to rest when Stephanie McMahon took over as the General Manager of SmackDown.

10 Torrie Wilson


Just try to imagine Torrie during her first night with the WWE. Not only was Wilson intimidated by McMahon, but to make matters worse she was told that she was going to be intimate with him during several backstage segments that very night. What made things so weird for Torrie was the fact that they didn’t even rehearse and just kind of jumped right into it. To make matters even worse, his wife Linda was watching every segment. Linda even encouraged Torrie to “just go for it”. Talk about a twisted debut for the Playboy cover girl.

9 Candice Michelle


After auditioning for the Diva Search despite not being selected to the final ten, Candice was hired under a gimmick of a makeup artist. She was later moved to SmackDown where she was involved in her first ever storyline with Torrie Wilson and Melina. Later in 2006, Candice played the role of Vince McMahon’s “sex slave”. The two were featured in numerous intimate backstage skits. Following this role, Candice began to wrestle as a Singles Competitor and shockingly would end up capturing the Women’s Championship when she defeated Melina at Vengeance. Candice became the first ever Diva Search contestant to ever win the Women’s title.

8 William Regal


William Regal makes this list for all the wrong reasons. Regal became the first ever wrestler to join Mr. McMahon’s inaugural “Kiss My Ass Club”. The club originated after the WCW Invasion angle. McMahon demanded wrestlers like William Regal who joined The Alliance to kiss his ass in order to get their job back. Regal agreed to do so and became the first of the six members of this prestigious club.

7 Hornswoggle


Thankfully, Hornswoggle became the 6th and final member of Vince McMahon’s "Kiss My Ass Club". McMahon demanded Hornswoggle kiss his ass as a sign of loyalty to the McMahon family. After mocking Hornswoggle with some butt tricks, McMahon demanded him to do it. Finlay later interrupted the ceremony, and McMahon told Finlay he’d be the next member. Ultimately, Hornswoggle would bite Vince’s butt, but McMahon deemed his lips still made contact with his butt, making him yet another member of the "Kiss My Ass Club".

6 Jim Ross


Wrestling fans were extremely disturbed at the scenes that took place when Jim Ross became the second member of Vince McMahon's "Kiss My Ass Club". JR was forced to kiss Vince’s butt in his own hometown of Oklahoma City; talk about embarrassing. Ross was forced to join after he laughed at Austin’s failed attempt to join the club. The Undertaker later appeared, and everyone thought that Taker would stop Angle and Vince from humiliating good ol’ JR. Instead, Taker teamed up with the two, forcing Ross to join the club. McMahon put on Ross’ hat during the ceremony to add insult to injury.

5 Shane McMahon


Yep, that’s right, even his own son was forced to kiss his ass. After Michaels joined the club, Shawn would eventually get his retribution at WrestleMania 22 in Chicago. After Vince pulled down his pants during their one on one matchup, Michaels instead stuck Shane’s face up Vince’s bare butt (watching Vince think it was Michaels for a second time was quite comical to watch). Shane became the first and only family member to join his father's club.

4 Mick Foley


As if falling off a cell wasn’t enough, during an episode of RAW on August 21st, 2006, Mick Foley was forced to join the "Kiss My Ass Club", becoming the 5th member. Mick joined the club in order to save Melina from losing her job. Foley became only the second member to willingly kiss Vince’s ass. It turned out to be all for nothing though, as Melina would end up turning on Foley. Not sure if there is any other wrestler that has endured more than Foley throughout his long career.

3 Trish Stratus


Teaming up with Test and Albert, Trish quickly rose to fame with the company. She became the most talked about female rather quickly, and her character later rose to superstardom during a storyline as Vince’s on-screen mistress. Trish would join Vince in tormenting his wife Linda during various episodes of Raw and SmackDown. Linda was later institutionalized after Vince demanded a divorce, and he proceeded to make out with Trish in front of her. The storyline was truly twisted. It finally came to an end after Trish slapped McMahon at WrestleMania X-Seven, during his match against son Shane. This turned Trish into a massive fan favorite. Like Candice, following her storyline with Vince, Trish began to wrestle. Shortly later, Trish won her first ever Women’s Championship winning a six-pack challenge at the Survivor Series. Once again, a wrestler that benefited from working with Vince.

2 Shawn Michaels


Yes, even perhaps the greatest in-ring performer of all time was forced to kiss the butt of his boss. During their WrestleMania 22 feud, Marty Jannetty came moments away from joining the "Kiss My Ass Club". Shawn Michaels wouldn’t allow this to happen, so he decided to come in and save his former tag team partner from joining the club. Because of this, Shane McMahon sucker punched Michaels and placed his face on his father’s bare behind. Michaels cemented his place as the third member of the club.

1 Sable


Never mind making out with Vince on live TV, wrestling fans were shocked just to see Sable back on WWE TV when she made her return in April on SmackDown. This was especially surprising since Sable attempted to sue the WWE for $100 million, claiming she was sexually harassed during her time with the WWE. Not only did Sable come back, but to make things even more awkward she worked a romantic storyline with Vince McMahon. The two would make out in and out of the ring during various segments. Sable was used as McMahon’s mistress. Vince later appointed Sable as Stephanie’s personal assistant, and this would spark a feud between the two. This storyline once again proved that anything is possible with Vince McMahon.

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