11 Wrestlers Who Were Obsessed With Bringing The LOVE

Love is a beautiful thing. It captures your heart, and makes it skip a beat when that special someone is around. When it comes to professional wrestling, love appears in a whole range of different forms. We've had raunchy to classy to downright odd, involving strange fetishes. In this particular list, we tackle wrestlers that imposed on us a character that claimed to represent love. Whether it was a character that demonstrated a romantic or suave quality about themselves, or an addiction to sex, these characters all appear set to make Valentine's Day their personal holidays. As Valentine's Day approaches, one has to wonder how much chocolate, flowers or perfume was purchased in these characters' pursuit of female counterparts.

At times, love isn't simply the exchanging of affections, but rather the pursuit as well. Other times these characters may have been desired by fans, but lacked the personable nature to make them liked by others. These characters didn't care because they had confidence, and believed they were the gift that women wanted. One particular case was a character that professed love, but fans questioned his intentions. Wrestling has had live "sex" on camera to help boost ratings, but it did more to prompt questions about the integrity of the characters of Lita and Edge than show how loving they were. Good or bad, these choices will certainly show you how much they are capable of loving. Here are 11 wrestling characters that brought the LOVE:

11 Brother Love


Former manager and WWF/E producer Bruce Prichard played an on-screen character that was reflective of a Televangelist. There was a gospel choir playing in the background while he stood on set, and he “confessed” to everyone how much he loved them. Brother Love, however, didn't necessarily practice what he preached. He said he loved others, but talked poorly about them unless they were heels. The character was created during the time when televangelists were prominent, and were ironically taken off television for showing too much "love." (Evangelist Jim Bakker reportedly cheated on his wife with a call girl, and his extra marital affairs gained him more notoriety and publicity.)

10 Dude Love


Foley is Good! That's often been said about Mrs. Foley's baby boy. However, during the "Three Faces of Foley" era, we ended up seeing multiple personalities for him. While he was quite popular as Mankind and Cactus Jack, it was as Dude Love where he truly showed the love. At times the character appeared to be a bit of a parody of Shawn MichaelsHeartbreak Kid persona, without any of the wrestling high spots. Though he did use a finisher called Sweet Shin Music! As Dude Love, Mick Foley would walk to the ring accompanied by a couple of women.

9 The Romantic Touch


Unlike a number of the other characters that are seen as they are, The Romantic Touch had an air of mystery about him. While some have claimed to know his true identity, The Romantic Touch said a lot without saying anything at all. He was led to the ring by a seductive guitar solo that set the mood for when he got into the ring.

Beginning with his debut in 2013, The Romantic Touch would often blow rose petals, and offer a rose to a woman within his sight. The women that he has come into contact with and made overtures towards included ODB, Veda Scott and Maria Kanellis, just to name a few. The character was mostly used to enhance the talent of others during his run in Ring of Honor.

8 'Double Ho Seven' Dean Malenko


Dean Malenko was always known as a man of many holds. His father wrestled before him, and so Malenko was always known for being as technically savvy in the ring as anyone. But at one point Malenko went out of character and became someone that was quite suave and sophisticated, a character to which women would often find themselves drawn. During his feud with The Hardyz, in particular Matt Hardy, Malenko was known as Double Ho Seven, a name that manages to draw from both the James Bond character and Malenko's relationship with The Godfather. The character came about when The Godfather's offered for one of his "hos" to escort Malenko to the ring.

7 Joey Ryan


For anyone that is unfamiliar with Ryan, he has earned a name for himself competing for such promotions as PWG, TNA and, recently, Lucha Underground. Ryan brings the love in a number of different ways. Often referred to as sleazy because of his look, Ryan manages to bring the love as one half of The World's Cutest Tag Team with Candice LaRae, but more importantly because the way he dresses is reminiscent of a 1970s adult entertainment star. In 2015 Ryan's member  became the topic of discussion as it was apparently used to subdue an opponent.

6 'The World's Biggest Love Machine' Viscera


Nelson Frazier Jr. competed for the WWE on a few different occasions, and during those runs he had a number of different characters. He was Mabel, Big Daddy V and of course, Viscera. There was a time, however, when Viscera was transformed into The World's Biggest Love Machine. While he was working with Trish Stratus at the time, Viscera started making the moves on Trish only to be rejected, as Trish said he would have to take care of Kane first. While it didn't happen between him and Trish, Viscera transformed his character, dressing like Hugh Hefner and making sexual gyrations in the ring.

5 'Sexual Chocolate' Mark Henry


Mark Henry has gone by a few different names. When he first came into the WWE he was The World's Strongest Man, a character that reflected his Olympic and powerlifting achievements. But that wasn't his only character. During his run with the Nation of Domination, Henry became known as Sexual Chocolate. The character was involved in a few on-screen relationships that showcased his cunning ways with the ladies. He was also involved in a couple of controversial angles during this time.

4 The Godfather


One wrestler who has worn many masks is Charles Wright. Previously known as Kama and Papa Shango, Wright earned a whole new level of notoriety with WWE during the Attitude Era as The Godfather. The Godfather was a pimp that always wanted to give the love regardless of the situation. Originally a member of the Nation of Domination, after the group split he started coming to the ring surrounded by his "hos."

3 'Latino Heat' Eddie Guerrero


The late Eddie Guerrero was one of the most captivating characters on television. Whether he was a heel or a face, Guerrero would garner a reaction. Even in his "lying, cheating and stealing" persona, Guerrero always showed the love in the ring. One persona that only added to Guerrero's captivating nature was when he used the Latino Heat nickname. In 2000, Guerrero began to pursue Chyna and would often refer to her using endearing nicknames such as mamacita. He was initially rejected with his attempts, but it wasn't until Chyna turned on Chris Jericho and assisted Guerrero that their relationship was ignited. Her reason for aiding him? His LATINO HEAT was irresistible.

2 Val Venis


Hello, ladies! During his time in the WWE, Sean Morley was among the most popular characters of the company's Attitude Era. His character was supposed to be an adult star, and regularly made crude, suggestive innuendos. In fact, he was featured in a number of on-screen relationships with others in the company. Whether it was interactions with Terri Runnels or Ryan Shamrock, Val Venis would always be..."up" for the challenge. To further his character, popular adult actress Jenna Jamison appeared with him, and they were seen canoodling in the bushes.

1 'Ravishing' Rick Rude


"So what we need right now is for all you fat, out of shape (insert name of city) sweathogs to shut your mouths so your women can see what a real man looks like..."

Richard Rood was without question one wrestler that drove the women wild. Not a fan favourite each and every time he walked into a WWE ring led by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, he would pick the most attractive women in the audience and give them a kiss. While they lie on the mat in complete awe he would gyrate over them.

Even though a chorus of boos could distinctly be heard through the audience, Ravishing Rick Rude managed to get a smattering of cheers from women in the audience. His mustachioed look was similar to Magnum P.I., and his physique was as defined as you will see on any wrestler. His music often boasted how simply ravishing he was. Despite being cocky and arrogant, during his WWE run it was highlighted how Rude's character could be loved because of how women appreciate his well put together body, despite his less than attractive personality.

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11 Wrestlers Who Were Obsessed With Bringing The LOVE