11 Wrestlers We Don’t Want To See Return To WWE

With the WWE’s roster crumbling due to lots of injuries, many former WWE wrestler names are starting to come up for a possible return with WrestleMania just a couple of months away. Some are names we’d love to see back in the ring, like high flyer Jeff Hardy, or one of the greatest wrestlers of all time Stone Cold Steve Austin. These names certainly excite us.

Some names however, um, well not so much. With the WWE in pure desperation mode, some names may not be as appealing as others. This article will take a look at 11 wrestlers you probably don’t want to see back in a WWE ring anytime soon. If you do, well then I apologize for offending you. Here are 11 wrestlers we don’t want to see return.


11 Batista

At the age of 47, Batista is once again being linked to a possible return to the ring. According to rumors, Vince McMahon and Batista met up a couple of weeks ago to discuss the possibility of having Dave make an appearance at this year’s WrestleMania. After a horrific return before WrestleMania XXX, I think wrestling fans can agree that Batista is no longer a top draw. This is why many believe that Batista might have turned down the idea regarding a return.

Despite allegedly rejecting a possible return though, Batista has stated in the past that he does in fact want to come back. The former WWE Champion expressed interest in working a similar schedule like Chris Jericho that would enable him to work live, non-televised events. Batista claims he doesn’t want to get locked into any storylines because of poor writing by WWE’s creative team. I think fans may be more comfortable in seeing him partake in this type of role, as opposed to an on screen return.

10 Matt Hardy

The Hardy Boyz were strongly linked to a return leading into this year’s WrestleMania. Rumors claimed that the Hardy’s were potentially going to work a storyline with the Dudley’s, involving a TLC match-up at the biggest show of them all. Things quickly changed however, after Matt Hardy won the TNA Championship. Some believe this was TNA’s way of luring Matt to stay with the company. To add further insult to a possible return, Matt was once again rambling on social media, but this time bashing the WWE’s COO Triple H on Twitter, claiming Hunter was an “ok wrestler-I like his political maneuvering, though”. This statement certainly laid the possibility of a comeback to rest. At the end of the day though, do we really care about Matt coming back? Or do we just care about seeing Jeff make his return?

9 Kelly Kelly

Like countless other Divas in the past, Kelly Kelly used the WWE as a platform to get noticed. Today, she is enjoying her life outside of the ring as a model. Despite her success outside of the ring, the former WWE employee has also expressed interest in making a return to the company in the near future. With the Divas Revolution taking place, this looks highly unlikely with the WWE pushing new young talent in the women’s division. Kelly stated that she would love to return for a onetime thing, but even this seems highly unlikely with all the competition going on in the Divas Division today. I’d be shocked if Kelly Kelly is brought back by the WWE.

8 Vince Russo

With the WWE’s creative team in disarray, Vince Russo has publicly addressed the fact that he’d be interested in helping out the WWE creatively. Feelings towards Russo are extremely mixed, as some believe he does have some genius in him (like Shawn Michaels who credits Russo for kick-starting The Attitude Era), while others like Ric Flair aren’t so kind when referring to Russo, claiming he was a joke and the reason why WCW was forced to close its doors.

With the WWE’s massive amount of writers, it seems highly unlikely that Russo will ever be given another opportunity in this role. It remains to be seen however, what steps the WWE will take to improve the writing on their weekly shows.

7 Mr. Kennedy

Known to TNA fans as Mr. Anderson, Kennedy blames injuries and his transition to RAW as the demise of his career as a WWE superstar. Kennedy claims the WWE punished him for injuring his triceps. The former WWE star later commented on the fact that when he was with SmackDown, wrestlers loved to work with him, then all of a sudden after leaving Smackdown, Kennedy was highly criticized by his former RAW colleagues. Whether he wants to admit it or not, Kennedy became a liability for the WWE in the ring. Things got really serious after Orton refused to work with Kennedy after various botches from the former WWE wrestlers. This factor (and many other things) ultimately cost Kennedy his job. With such a deep roster today, Kennedy will most probably never step foot in a WWE ring again.

6 The Great Khali

It is safe to say that wrestling fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief after it was announced that The Great Khali’s contract had expired. Khali was yet again another example of how wrestlers who are strictly based on image simply do not last. Don’t feel too bad for Khali though, he managed to open up his own wrestling school in India, so he’s doing just fine. Just please, oh please stay away from the WWE, thanks.

5 Mickie James

Mickie recently discussed the possibility about making a return to the WWE. James stated that she would love to come back, but that the ball was in the WWE’s court for this situation. Despite her willingness to return, let’s keep in mind that James lost interest with the company down the road, and according to rumors Mickie became more interested in a singing career than a wrestling one. Ultimately, the WWE released her, telling Mickie they were trying to recreate the division.

Despite her obvious talent, you can’t help but to question Mickie’s commitment. It seems like now that the division is hot again, she wants to return and join the party. It may be a little too late for that.


4 Brodus Clay

I think Brodus may be the only wrestler on this list that would benefit by not returning to the WWE. During his time with the company, Clay endured some terrible gimmicks despite a really promising look to him. Following his departure from the WWE, Clay found some big time success with TNA, working with the upper card wrestlers. Clay initially played the role of Ethan Carter III’s body guard. He later turned on the former TNA Champion, costing him the title against Matt Hardy. The newly named Tyrus is currently working as the bodyguard for Matt Hardy, the company’s new champion.

3 Ric Flair

Although now 66 years old, Ric Flair is still discussing a possible return to the ring. Despite his final match against Shawn Michaels, The Nature Boy has still expressed a lot of interest in returning for one more match. Many believe that if it was up to Ric, he would already be back in the ring today. Flair made some bold statements in the past claiming he can put on a better match than more than half of the entire roster today.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Flair, he inspired some of the greatest wrestlers today. However, I think as of now he is best served to help push the career of his daughter Charlotte, as opposed to focusing on an in-ring return. Charlotte’s potential is through the roof and Flair can help set her apart from the rest.

2 Goldberg

With WrestleMania looming, Goldberg’s name continues to come up as a possible high profile name for the show. Goldberg’s run with the company was an absolute disaster. Following his departure, there was a lot of bitterness from both sides. Despite this though, Goldberg still claims that he is very interested in making a return with the WWE, and having a final run of sorts. Let’s be honest here, with the WWE’s roster depth, a chance of Goldberg working in today’s era of wrestling is nearly impossible. The WWE simply doesn’t have enough talent to put Goldberg over, and at this point of his career the WWE isn’t willing to bury their younger stars at the hands of Bill Goldberg. A return just seems highly unlikely.

1 CM Punk

Let’s face it, CM Punk is going to make the UFC a lot of money. Wrestling fans are extremely split when it comes to Punk; some believe a return is necessary, while others (including those in the WWE) never want to hear from Punk again.

The situation has some key arguments on both sides. For one, Punk returning would cause a massive ratings spike. Who wouldn’t want to tune in and find out what happens with Punk back in a WWE ring? On the other side of the spectrum, does Punk really deserve another shot with the WWE after the way he left? Punk left on horrible terms, basically bashing the company and everything it stands for. All this after the WWE made Punk an upper card wrestler for several years.

At the end of the day, fans are extremely split on whether or not they would accept Punk back into a WWE ring.


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