11 Wrestlers We Don’t Want To See Return To WWE

With the WWE’s roster crumbling due to lots of injuries, many former WWE wrestler names are starting to come up for a possible return with WrestleMania just a couple of months away. Some are names we’d love to see back in the ring, like high flyer Jeff Hardy, or one of the greatest wrestlers of all time Stone Cold Steve Austin. These names certainly excite us.

Some names however, um, well not so much. With the WWE in pure desperation mode, some names may not be as appealing as others. This article will take a look at 11 wrestlers you probably don’t want to see back in a WWE ring anytime soon. If you do, well then I apologize for offending you. Here are 11 wrestlers we don’t want to see return.

11 Batista

At the age of 47, Batista is once again being linked to a possible return to the ring. According to rumors, Vince McMahon and Batista met up a couple of weeks ago to discuss the possibility of having Dave make an appearance at this year’s WrestleMania. After a horrific return before WrestleMania XXX, I think wrestling fans can agree that Batista is no longer a top draw. This is why many believe that Batista might have turned down the idea regarding a return.

10 Matt Hardy

9 Kelly Kelly

8 Vince Russo

With the WWE’s creative team in disarray, Vince Russo has publicly addressed the fact that he’d be interested in helping out the WWE creatively. Feelings towards Russo are extremely mixed, as some believe he does have some genius in him (like Shawn Michaels who credits Russo for kick-starting The Attitude Era), while others like Ric Flair aren’t so kind when referring to Russo, claiming he was a joke and the reason why WCW was forced to close its doors.

7 Mr. Kennedy

6 The Great Khali

5 Mickie James

Mickie recently discussed the possibility about making a return to the WWE. James stated that she would love to come back, but that the ball was in the WWE’s court for this situation. Despite her willingness to return, let’s keep in mind that James lost interest with the company down the road, and according to rumors Mickie became more interested in a singing career than a wrestling one. Ultimately, the WWE released her, telling Mickie they were trying to recreate the division.

4 Brodus Clay

3 Ric Flair

Although now 66 years old, Ric Flair is still discussing a possible return to the ring. Despite his final match against Shawn Michaels, The Nature Boy has still expressed a lot of interest in returning for one more match. Many believe that if it was up to Ric, he would already be back in the ring today. Flair made some bold statements in the past claiming he can put on a better match than more than half of the entire roster today.

2 Goldberg

1 CM Punk

Let’s face it, CM Punk is going to make the UFC a lot of money. Wrestling fans are extremely split when it comes to Punk; some believe a return is necessary, while others (including those in the WWE) never want to hear from Punk again.

The situation has some key arguments on both sides. For one, Punk returning would cause a massive ratings spike. Who wouldn’t want to tune in and find out what happens with Punk back in a WWE ring? On the other side of the spectrum, does Punk really deserve another shot with the WWE after the way he left? Punk left on horrible terms, basically bashing the company and everything it stands for. All this after the WWE made Punk an upper card wrestler for several years.

At the end of the day, fans are extremely split on whether or not they would accept Punk back into a WWE ring.


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11 Wrestlers We Don’t Want To See Return To WWE