11 Hottest Female WWE Stars To Follow On Instagram

With smart phones and tablets literally at the palm of our hands, we have the ability to connect with just about anyone at the tip of our fingertips. Social media is making it easier to be connected simply by the means of snagging a Wifi connection. Facebook, Twitter and now the rising popularity of the photo-enthused platform, Instagram, have all taken notice and make it hard to tear yourself apart from clicking and refreshing your precious profile feeds.

Scoping out the latest, trendiest and hottest is what makes us feel like we're a step ahead of the crowd. Following popular people on trendy social media apps is just part of furthering that vice. So, put that iPhone to use and creep on some of the hottest rising female WWE stars. The E! television network appropriately calls them the "Total Divas" and here's why you need to be following these sexy ladies on Instagram.

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11 Summer Rae


This blonde bombshell doesn't seem to own much clothing, or is usually pictured not wearing much, which is fine because she has the looks to pull it off. Typically posing in a crop top, this WWE star flaunts her body often, and who could complain? In her early thirties, this once Lingerie Football League star-now turned wrestler is most notably known as one of WWE's Fandango's dance partners. Summer's social media presence is currently making waves, as she was nominated for a Shorty Award for Best of Social Media in 2014. Her 400k+ Insta followers already know she's on the cutting edge of the social media platform.

10 Naomi "Trinity"


Naomi was once an Orlando Magic basketball cheerleader before joining the WWE, and it's not hard to see that with her gigantic smile and bubbly personality, she's a leading lady. Her Instagram is no different. A key part of WWE's, The Funkadactyl's duo, this wrestler married fellow professional wrestler, Jimmy Uso, better known as part of The Usos, a Samoan American professional wrestling tag team. Naomi likes to goof it up with her hubby and you'll find the pair doing plenty of interesting and entertaining things on her account.

9 JoJo


This petite WWE newcomer JoJo, also known as Joseann Alexie Offerman, isn't even of legal drinking age in the United States yet, but by the amount of party pics she constantly posts on her profile, you definitely wouldn't know. This Mexican and Dominican WWE star may not post as often as the others do, but when she does, it's always fun, upbeat and usually with her attractive friends enjoying nightlife. Her choice of favorable outfits and adorable curls always make for a cute pic. JoJo is an up-and-comer to watch for sure.

8 Alicia Fox


Alicia Fox, a former WWE Diva's Champion, and the first African American one at that, Miss Fox is extremely active on Instagram, although her follower count may not reflect it. Clocking in shy of 200k, her posts with friends, fashion runways, and lots of candids make her profile a little different than the typical athlete cluttered with selfies. She certainly keeps it unique and interesting and is one of those accounts you could see blowing up at any time.

7 Natalya "Nattie"


Just shy of the million followers on the social media platform, Nattie is a super active Instagramer, always posting pics with numerous WWE stars, her dedicated fanbase and of course, her beloved cats. As one of the members of the famous Hart wrestling family, this third-generation female wrestler is a Diva's champion and one of the more recognizable in the WWE world. Married to wrestler TJ Wilson, their wedding was featured on the E! network's Total Divas. This beautiful Canadian is surely worthy of following if you aren't doing so already.

6 Rosa Mendes


This WWE star, most known as one of Fandango's dance partners, is probably the realist on Instagram. Rosa Mendes is shown frequently without wearing any makeup and without noticeable layers of filters, Rosa seemingly likes to keep it real. She also keeps it inspirational with positive quotes and encouragement to her followers. This Canadian still keeps it sexy with revealing mirror pics in her WWE outfits. Food is also shown a lot on her feed, which makes her even more relatable to the everyday Instagramer.

5 Cameron (Ariane Andrew)


This Diva was once part of the Funkadactyl duo, and now she is a singles in the WWE platform. Cameron is a sassy somewhat newcomer to the brand. Famous for her "Girl, bye," tag-line, get ready for numerous memes poking fun at herself for that fierce response line she typically replies. Often posting frequent full-body shots of her outfits, this sultry star is one you'll definitely want to follow to help you perfect that pose game. She'll have you saying, "Girl, bye" to those that don't follow her account. We have to appreciate her fierce attitude.

4 Paige


Paige, also known as Saraya-Jade Bevis, an alternative WWE babe, usually caught posing with her tongue out and backwards snapback, is an addictive one to follow on Instagram. Although only 22 years old, this English-breed star is one of those, "never know what she'll post" users. From crazy party pics to cliche Instragram pics like ones of cats or furniture, Paige keeps you guessing and makes following her worth it. It could be her enticing looks of dramatic dark makeup against her light skin-tone, but whatever it is, it's hard to care, because this chick is young and hot.

3 Eva Marie


Ms. "All Red Everything" is true to her name on Insta as well. Sporting her bright red hair and typically some other form of red, whether a full-on dress or accessory, this selfie-queen has her Insta-Red game on lock. Keeping a nice balance between mirror selfies, workout poses, or cheesing it up with hubby, Jonathan Cole, this 30 year old is living the life, and is one you can't help but be intrigued by. Maybe it's the fiery-red hair or her love for adorable aviators we wish we could all pull off, this WWE star is surely on Instagram fire.

2 Brie Bella 


1 Nikki Bella


The other half of the infamous Bella Twins, Nikki Bella, is a reigning two-time WWE Divas Champion. She's also known for her romantic relationship with fellow professional wrestler, John Cena. Expect to see some sizzling pics of the two scattered throughout her feed along with plenty of workout and body selfies. Her love for fashion, accessories and expensive things is also very prominent on her page. So get ready to drool over the latest and greatest we can only dream of affording, along with the fit physique we all wish we can have.

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