11 Classic Gimmicks WWE Should Rip-Off In 2016

If you watched the World Wrestling Federation during the mid-90s, you will remember a roster filled with crappy gimmicks. Garbage men, repo men, clowns, dentists, plumbers, hockey and baseball players all for some reason decided to work as professional wrestlers while remaining dressed for their other occupations. Vince McMahon seems to go through a phase where all of his wrestlers need to have gimmicks. That is, the wrestler must be portraying a certain character or have predominant traits that lean more towards entertainment than sport.

While there are a bevy of embarrassing gimmicks in the world of wrestling, some gimmicks stick with fans and become incredibly successful and enduring. The Undertaker is considered by many to be the most successful gimmick in wrestling history. He is essentially an undead zombie with superpowers that is simultaneously being taken seriously as a wrestler. The Undertaker has been a main-eventer for 25 years, which is quite the feat for a gimmick wrestler.

Wrestling guru Jim Cornette believes that gimmicks in wrestling can be recycled every seven years. By that logic, there are plenty of gimmicks from wrestling’s past that WWE is not capitalizing on. Sure, being just a competent athlete and fighter who wants to enter the WWE to win the title is fine, but wrestling needs more undead zombies. And so, the following is a list of 11 gimmicks from wrestling’s past that WWE should be making money with in 2016.

11 Battle Rapper (as performed by John Cena, PN News, K-Kwik)


10 The Midnight Rider (as performed by Dusty Rhodes)


9 Evil Sibling (as Performed by Kane)


8 Elvis Impersonator (As performed by The Honky Tonk Man)

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7 Guy Who Carries an Animal to the Ring (as performed by Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Koko B. Ware, The British Bulldogs and Ricky Steamboat)

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6 The Full Blooded Italians, who aren’t all Italian (as performed in ECW)


5 Michael Wallstreet, but more specifically the use of a supercomputer (as portrayed by Mike Rotunda)


4 Legend Killer (as performed by Randy Orton)


3 Ballerino (as performed by Ricki Starr)


2 A Man’s Man (as performed by William Regal, Silas Young)

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1 Evil Law Enforcement Officer (as performed by the Big Boss Man)

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Some people certainly hate cops these days. For the last few years, plenty of media coverage has been given to police scandals and resulting riots as was the case in Ferguson, among other places. Yet, WWE does not have a wrestler who is also, or was also, a law enforcement officer. The Big Boss Man was one of the most recognizable gimmicks from the 80s-90s era WWE. The man dressed like a cop and was equipped with handcuffs and a baton. He wrestled Hogan in a cage, and even feuded with Nailz, an ex-con who claimed that Boss Man abused him during his prison sentence. A corrupt law official, as cartoony and gimmicky as wrestling can be, would be topical in 2016 and get lots of heat with today’s politically conscious audience.


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11 Classic Gimmicks WWE Should Rip-Off In 2016