10 WWE Wrestlers With Shockingly Huge Appetites

Maintaining a healthy body is an integral aspect of living a healthy life. For athletes, the importance is perhaps even further multiplied. No matter the sport, athletes must remain conscious of their bodies. They must train in various ways and stay physically fit. An added element of physical fitness involves what athletes actually put into their body. Whether it’s famous swimmer Michael Phelps or WWE superstar John Cena, these pros closely monitor their diet and dictate their calorie intake.

Let’s get this cleared up: we’re not talking about the latest and greatest juice cleanse here. Athletes don’t typically prescribe to the newest fad diet trends. In fact, sometimes you’d question whether or not their eating habits should fall under the category of “diet” whatsoever.

Particularly in the case of WWE athletes, impetus is placed on actually gaining weight. Not arbitrary weight, but muscle weight. Once they’ve achieved their desired frame, work must be put in to maintain said frame. This is a large reason why plenty of superstars actually have ridiculous diets, stuffing their bodies with healthy, muscle building proteins at an impressive rate.

Are you striving to become a WWE superstar? Perhaps you’re simply interested in how these massive wrestlers eat on a day to day basis? Well, read onward for the ten WWE wrestlers with outrageously humongous diets.

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10 Ricky Steamboat

Via allwrestlingsuperstars.com

Steamboat was prominent throughout the 1980s, wrestling the likes of famous wrestler Bret Hart among many others. During this time, he put forth a ton of effort in order to maintain his body image. This involved quite a strenuous diet, basically divided into segments that took up half of the day.

Steamboat reportedly didn’t place many limitations on exactly what he ate, but the limitations came in the form of what times he was allowed to eat. His cut-off time was typically around noon. Before that time, Steamboat would head to the nearest Chinese buffet to stuff his face full of plate after plate. Afterwards, he was not allowed to eat whatsoever, save perhaps a can of protein-rich tuna after a match. It was a plan that Steamboat called rather stressful, though the stark contrast from the before and after noon philosophy certainly cut away the body fat.

9 John Cena

Via insidethesquaredcircle.com

The face of the WWE has been the poster boy of the league since about 2005. During that time, Cena has experienced a vast amount of success, both in the wrestling ring and in his various other projects. Much like other WWE superstars, Cena has also dabbled in some acting gigs, and has even had various stints as a rapper. All these obligations rely heavily on Cena’s body image, and it’s something he works hard to maintain.

Cena’s eats the typical three meals per day, though each meal is stuffed with about as much protein as possible. His breakfast is loaded with eggs, for example, along with a hefty portion of oatmeal. His lunch typically consists of two chicken breasts along with veggies and rice, with his dinner usually being about the same. For some variety, Cena will throw in some sort of salad as well. Could you imagine yourself eating about four chicken breasts every day? Well, for Cena that’s very close to reality.

8 Bill Goldberg

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Goldberg is famous for his incredible undefeated streak in single competition professional wrestling. His official record came in at 173 straight wins, and it’s largely due to his dedication to the sport. This dedication extends to both the weight room and the kitchen, as Goldberg maintains a healthy diet designed to keep him performing at optimal level.

His meals consist of low-fat, high-protein foods. Breakfasts will consist largely of eggs, up to as many as twelve at a time. In order to stay healthy, he will only eat the egg whites. This coupled with about a half pound of turkey bacon and half a pot of coffee makes for quite the start to the day. The rest of his day consists of packing in the protein, as well as a heavy influx of water. Goldberg says he drinks about 15 bottles of water each and every day.

7 Goldust

Via prowrestlingstories.com

Sure, he’s not the most intimidating figure inside the ring. In fact, he may be the exact opposite. Goldust has been dubbed The Bizarre One, and it’s no secret as to why. He dresses in latex black and gold, with paint covering his body to boot. That said, his diet just may surprise you.

While Goldust doesn’t place the biggest emphasis on muscle mass, he sure does eat his share. His secret is bison meat, which he will typically consume at least twice a day. His diet consists of gluten-free foods, but he is able to mix in chicken Caesar salads while on the road, and frequents In-N-Out Burger joints. Goldust has also been known to devour entire pizzas in one sitting, with his toppings of choice being hamburger, sausage, pepperoni, along with extra cheese and sauce.

6 Zack Ryder

Via shop.wwe.com

Ryder enjoys staying “Zacked” up, and divides his body image into several phases. Whenever he is in the bulking phase, his diet will typically skyrocket. Because he is trying to then gain weight, his carbohydrate and calorie intake goes through the roof. It’s one reason why he’s been able to foster a successful wrestling career, as he hasn’t let his body fade away into nothing.

Ryder will frequently buy whole tubs of oatmeal from the store. He’ll then add the oatmeal as a healthy supplement in protein shakes, which he drinks daily. His protein and carb formulated diet revolves around chicken and steak, with scattered relapses of cheeseburgers mixed in. His mornings start off with a tub of oatmeal and two eggs along with ground turkey. Ryder’s favorite side dishes are brown rice and sweet potatoes, each of which are healthy sources of carbohydrates.

5 Dolph Ziggler

via wawnation.com

Since signing a developmental contract with the WWE back in 2004, Ziggler has worked through the ranks of the Ohio Valley Wrestling league and earned a solid spot in the WWE lineup. His dedication and passion for the sport can’t go without mentioning. He’s a charismatic superstar who clearly enjoys his job, and works hard to ensure he keeps it for the foreseeable future.

His diet is just another aspect of his career he approaches with enthusiasm and dedication. Ziggler enjoys eating, and has said that when he’s finishing a certain meal he’s already looking forward to the next. In fact, Ziggler eats up to six meals a day, with his plates consisting of brown rice, chicken, and fish. Ziggler will also frequently eat out for his meals, and is a noted patron of local Chipotle restaurants.

4 Big Show

Via wawnation.com

The Big Show is, well, rather big. It’s a characteristic that he has run with inside the WWE, making it the defining aspect of his character. Using his 7’0”, 450 pound frame, Big Show has become something of a WWE superstar legend over his career. He will be a sure-fire hall of famer upon his retirement, whenever he does decide to hang it all up. For now, fans still get to enjoy watching the wrestling giant in action.

Big Show’s diet is just about as big as he is. Rather than the typical three meals a day, he eats up to five in order to keep his metabolism going. For breakfast, it’s reported that he will typically enjoy an omelet comprised of twenty eggs. He doesn’t stop there, though, alongside the unsurprising glasses of milk and juice, Big Show will throw in a tub of ice cream. It’s a mammoth-sized meal that’s landed him the number four spot on our list.

3 The Rock

Via sillykhan.com

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is no stranger to maintaining a bulky frame. The muscle clad wrestler places added emphasis on maintaining his body due to his flourishing acting career. As many of his acting gigs are centered on action movies, his muscles must be in peak condition nearly year round. As such, Johnson practices quite the diet.

It’s reported that The Rock consumes just about 10 pounds of food every day. It’s a diet consisting mostly of fish, typically cod, as well as chicken. For his sides he’ll throw in some rice and vegetables, with oatmeal as a healthy choice in the morning. In total, Johnson consumes up to 7 meals between dusk and dawn, making him the perfect candidate for number three on our list.

2 Brock Lesnar

Via dnaindia.com

Is anybody surprised to find Lesnar on this list? Probably not. Lesnar is an absolute beast, both inside the wrestling ring and out. Standing at 6’ 3” and 286 pounds, Lesnar cuts an extremely intimidating figure. When he gives his opponents one of his stare downs, it’s hard to imagine how they remain inside the ring.

Lesnar’s diet is just as massive as he is, with most of his meals centered on a “caveman” like diet of meat, fish, and vegetables. He once annihilated a meal at a restaurant that could have fed an entire table of patrons. His meal reportedly consisted of tuna with asparagus, chicken parmesan with triple the amount of chicken, a margarita pizza, and an entire bowl of pasta. Wow! We can only hope that it was Lesnar who fronted the bill.

1 Ryback

Via business2community.com

Ryback’s name derives from a combination of his actual name, Ryan Reeves, and a silverback gorilla. With a hulking physique, it’s pretty obvious as to why the name has stuck. Reeves first burst onto the scene in 2004 when he was a contestant on the WWE Tough Enough reality series. He has since become rather successful in the WWE, honing his Ryback character into a force to be reckoned with.

Of course, his diet has largely contributed to his wrestler’s body, and has even gained him a bit of a reputation among the league’s inner circles. His first meal of the day typically involves a huge bowl of pasta with a pound of steak. He says that from that point on he eats a meal every two to three hours. These will typically revolve around protein rich steaks, grilled chicken, tuna, eggs, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. In between, Ryback mixes in a variety of natural whey protein shakes. It’s this diet that has even lead to a catchphrase of his: “feed me more!”

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