10 WWE Wrestlers Who Now Have Normal Jobs

wrestlers with normal jobs

Some professional wrestlers are able to land gigs in the business long after the primes of their careers have become things of the past. Living legend of the industry Terry Funk has still not technically had an official retirement match despite the fact that he is over 70-years old. Both Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan would probably be at it to this day if their bodies were able to take the punishment that occurs during even standard matches and if they could put on matches at a World Wrestling Entertainment show. Wrestlers who cannot go inside of rings anymore still earn paydays making appearances and signing autographs at shows.

Some wrestlers, however, find that it is easier to rip the figurative bandage right off and pursue other interests once they are finished working as active in-ring performers. This includes a man who was, at one point, believed to be the heir to the WWE throne, an individual who has since put that company and the wrestling world behind him. A different man, one who did not make it to the top of WWE cards during his time with that organization, is now helping people feel better in their everyday lives, and the argument could be made that he is better off than he was when working in the industry.

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10 Shane McMahon

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9 Shawn Stasiak

WWE fans may remember Shawn Stasiak for his runs in the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling, one of which featured Stasiak being a clumsy wrestler who could not win matches; seriously, that was his character for a time. The man who is Shawn Stipich is doing very well for himself these days. Stipich is a Doctor of Chiropractic who also serves as a motivational speaker and a fitness enthusiast. As much fun as he may have had during his wrestling career, there is no question that he has found great success outside of the business.

8 Ivory

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Lisa Mary Moretti is better known as Ivory, a former WWF Diva who made her up into the national wrestling scene during the “Attitude Era.” Ivory won multiple championships across several companies as an active in-ring performer, and she has made appearances at events after “retiring” as an active worker. She has, since her WWE days, dabbled in some landscaping, and she ultimately found her calling while working for a no-kill animal shelter. Moretti said the following about her life during an interview with the Miami Herald in May 2015: “I work with dogs and cats all day long. I work by myself, for myself. I’m around 15 or 20 dogs every day of my life. It’s just like wrestling.”

7 Molly Holly

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It was during the previously mentioned Miami Herald piece when Molly Holly, known to some wrestling fans as Nora Greenwald, talked about but she has been up to since leaving the WWE. “I work at Teen Challenge, which is a worldwide organization that helps people overcome alcohol and drug addiction,” the performer formerly known as Molly Holly said. Greenwald once explained that she was drawn to work with that foundation because of the amount of people she knew who had succumbed to drug overdoses. She has, over the years, also been involved with charitable organizations such as Special Olympics.

6 Rick Steiner

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Scott Steiner can still be seen performing at events such as Legends of Wrestling shows that occur in North American ballparks, and he will, every now and again, generate headlines with words that he has to say about others in the industry. Rick Steiner, on the other hand, has gone on to have a much more normal existence after his days as an active wrestler. Rick is now all-in on a career in the real estate business, working for a business that shares his wrestling name. The brother of “Big Poppa Pump” is also a member of a local school board.

5 Tito Santana

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Tito Santana had several different characters during his pro wrestling career. Santana won singles and tag team championships during his time in the WWE, and he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004. Thought by many to be an underrated worker during his best days in the business, Santana will still make occasional appearances at independent wrestling shows. Outside of those bookings, Santana makes a living as a Spanish teacher and also as a basketball coach at a school in New Jersey. One has to wonder how many times a student brings up “El Matador” during classes that are taught by Santana.

4 Rico Costantino

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Rico Costantino has had a fascinating life in and outside of the wrestling world. He has appeared on multiple game shows, including American Gladiators. Rico lived his dream of being a pro wrestler, and WWE fans most likely remember him for his time as the stylist/manager for the Billy and Chuck tag team. The former bail bonds collector also had stints as a private investigator, a sergeant for the Nevada Taxiclub Authority and as a part-time security officer with the United States Marshals. His WWE character may have been a bit of a coward, but one would be silly messing with the actual man.

3 Diamond Dallas Page

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Of all of the wrestlers who are showcased in this piece, Diamond Dallas Page may be the one you have most read and heard about since he stopped working full-time as a performer. Page is a motivational speaker, author and also the creator of the Yoga for Regular Guys/DDP Yoga” programs that have been shown on the television program Shark Tank and also in commercials. Page has been featured in stories for helping semi-retired wrestlers get their lives together, most notably Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall. While Hall has experienced setbacks, Roberts recently stated that he would like to make a return to the ring.

2 Trish Stratus

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1 Scotty 2 Hotty

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Scott Garland worked in the wrestling industry under the names Scott Taylor and as Scotty 2 Hotty during his time with the WWF. He and partners Brian Christopher and Rikishi won tag team gold in the WWF/WWE, and Garland also had a solid run as a singles performer. Garland made news in 2013 when he explained to WWE.com that he had begun a new career as a firefighter. Perhaps that type of lifestyle was not for him, however, as it was learned in May of 2015 that Garland had become a real estate agent. Performing “The Worm” in front of would-be buyers could prove to be quite the closing negotiating tactic.

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