10 Past And Present Wrestlers Who Hated A Colleague

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you simply will not be able to get along with some people in the wrestling industry. It’s a very competitive business, which eventually will lead to people showing the darker aspects of their personalities. Jealousy, politicking, backstabbing, egomania and downright hostility are all rampant in pro wrestling, and these behaviours have led to wrestlers hating their colleagues outside the ring.

Hatred is a strong emotion, but on many occasions, some wrestlers have been driven to this extreme by their peers’ actions. Hatred can arise from a variety of occurrences. Sometimes, wrestlers hate their peers outside the ring because their peers have attitude problems that are too difficult to ignore. On other occasions, this hatred stems from something personal, such as one wrestler getting involved in another’s love life. On other occasions it comes from comments being made by one wrestler towards another, and since wrestlers have rather fragile egos and strong protocols regarding etiquette, those comments can become incendiary and damaging very easily.

The people highlighted in this article have all demonstrated or been on the receiving end of considerable hatred from their peers outside of the ring at one point or another. If there’s one lesson you need to take home from these stories of backstage hatred, it’s this: protocols and behavior outside the ring by WWE superstars is taken very seriously, and if you misbehave, you’re in for a hell of a punishment from everyone else.

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10 Tyler Reks Hates John Cena

via: youtube.com

When you look at the circumstances that led to Tyler Reks’ fall down the card, it shouldn’t be surprising that he may harbor serious resentment towards John Cena.

Basically, Cena ordered Reks to find a new finisher because his version of the Burning Hammer was too similar to John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment finisher. This was despite the fact that Cena’s request came after seeing a botched version of the move, and Reks had been given the go ahead to use the move by WWE management. But when Reks didn’t heed Cena’s request, he dressed him down in front of the entire locker room, insulted him, and threatened to fire him.

Reks’s career wouldn’t go any further after that, and he left WWE in 2012 after floundering in the lower card. From how he has discussed the matter, he’s clearly resentful towards Cena for how Cena treated him.

9 Booker T Hates Batista

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The hatred between these two men stemmed from Batista’s alleged arrogance following his main event ascent in 2005. During that period, Batista had an inflated view of himself, and looked down on the SmackDown roster for perceived laziness and empathy towards the wrestling business. Booker T, himself a wrestling veteran who had endured numerous peaks and valleys during his wrestling career, didn’t take kindly to Batista’s comments.

It’s alleged that Booker T got physical with Batista over his incendiary comments, and won the fight with the much larger World Champion. This led to Batista having a different view of the SmackDown locker room, and Booker T impressing Vince with his toughness to a point where he’d get a World Championship run. Lesson learned: if you want to get noticed by the big boss, show your toughness by beating up a huge and muscular monster with a big mouth.

8 Stephanie McMahon & Chyna

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Stephanie McMahon and Chyna have both expressed hatred towards one another over the circumstances that led to Chyna’s departure. Chyna has alleged that it was Stephanie who used her status to push her out of WWE so that she could pursue her relationship with HHH, including such statements as, ‘he’s mine, back off’. Stephanie, meanwhile, has been a prominent voice in preserving Chyna’s status as persona non grata in WWE, to a point where she isn’t welcomed in the company and shouldn’t be mentioned whatsoever at any point in time.

Chyna has since blamed the downward spiral that she has experienced over the years after her WWE career fell apart to Stephanie McMahon, who ruined the relationship she had with Triple H. To say that there isn’t any hatred between these two women would be like saying there was never a ratings war between WWE and WCW.

7 Ken Kennedy Hated "The Old" Randy Orton

Image via: wrestlescoop.com

Randy Orton wasn’t the best person in the locker room to be around for many years. He was arrogant, obnoxious, and had an inflated view of himself due to his explosive push. That ruffled many feathers, including Mr. Kennedy, who had many reasons to be mad at Orton. Chief among these was that Randy was the person who complained backstage about Kennedy’s working style, and that led to Kennedy being fired by WWE, despite him being one of their top prospects for the future.

Kennedy wasn’t the only person to express disdain towards the ‘old’ Randy; many wrestlers, even John Cena himself have expressed borderline-hatred towards that old Randy, once calling him an ‘a**hole’. It’s believed that Randy’s temperament has improved in recent years, but that isn’t worth a lot to someone like Kennedy, who lost his job due to one person’s difficult attitude.

6 The Iron Sheik Still Hates Andre The Giant

via: www.boweryboogie.com

The Iron Sheik has set high standards for both himself and his fellow wrestlers, and expects everyone to be committed to their craft 24/7. That’s why on several occasions, including a time when I asked him personally, Sheik voiced his disdain for Andre the Giant.

The reason for this continued dislike is because Andre was rude to patient fans that wanted his autograph at a fan meet and greet. Andre, who must’ve been in a bad mood that day, simply walked past the fans saying, "No, get the f**k outta here, "despite being a baby-face character at the time. Sheik has since maintained resentment towards Andre, convinced that he should’ve done the right thing regardless of his mood and shown appreciation for the fans that paid good money to see him.

5 Chavo Guerrero Hates John Cena

via: allwrestlingnews.com

Shortly after his departure from WWE, Chavo expressed disdain towards John Cena. Guerrero showed considerable hostility to his former colleague, ripping on him for his supposed lack of skill and how he was contributing to the downward spiral of the wrestling business. Chavo’s hatred towards Cena may stem from the former’s embarrassing storylines during his final years in WWE, as well as seeing Cena rise to the top while not being one of the guys of "Chavo’s generation."

From his comments, Chavo lamented how a guy like Cena could become a top guy in such short order, while a guy like him had to toil away a long time before even being considered worthy of a top spot. One should take Chavo’s hatred with a grain of salt; he was, after all, fired from WWE after several humiliating storylines, so he might be blaming his own problems on someone more successful.

4 95 Per Cent Of The WWE Roster Hated Melina

via: www.fanpop.com

Before she left the WWE for good, Melina was very disliked by her peers. According to multiple reports, the wrestler earned her "Diva" status as she reportedly was very difficult to work with. Former WWE diva Candice Michelle has even accused Melina of stealing her moves!  Melina responded in kind by blasting her via her blog. The two constantly engaged in off-screen, on-screen insults. Nothing was scripted here!

3 Alberto Del Rio Hates The Miz & The Old Sin Cara

via: www.sportskeeda.com

Alberto Del Rio has long taken himself very seriously as an athlete, and it’s for that reason that he has expressed hatred for two specific WWWE superstars. He has expressed hatred towards The Miz on many occasions, claiming that Mizanin’s a loud-mouth with experience in reality TV shows. Del Rio flat out stated that he hates the Miz, and tried to punch him outside of the ring because he’s a loud kid wanting attention.

As for Sin Cara, Del Rio hated him for a number of reason, some of which stem from their old days in Mexico together. Some suggest that Del Rio was jealous of Mistico’s success, while others argue that Sin Cara was a prima donna even during his WWE days, and that didn’t sit well with the much-tougher Del Rio.

2 CM Punk Hates Triple H

via: youtube.com

CM Punk discussed this issue in many post-WWE interviews, stating that he hates Triple H because he kept messing with Punk’s career. Punk was and is still bitter over the ‘Summer of Punk’ angle in 2011, and how it was deflating when HHH and Kevin Nash were inserted into the storyline without any justification and when HHH defeated Punk instead of putting him over.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when it was suggested that Punk face HHH at WrestleMania XXX, a proposal that Punk felt was "far beneath him," given that he had proven his drawing abilities during his World Championship reign. It seems that even if Punk was to ever reconsider returning to wrestling, it won’t be in a company run by Triple H. Punk despises him for ruining the hottest storyline in recent memory, and holding him back whenever possible.

1 Everyone Hates Teddy Hart

via: www. huffingtonpost.ca

Ted Annis, member of the extended Hart wrestling family, managed to aggravate almost every single person and promotion he has ever worked with. He has always been said to have an "attitude problem," which was the catalyst to his release from WWE in 2002. But things reached a fever pitch after an infamous match in Ring of Honor in 2003, during which Hart executed three unplanned aerial spots from the top of a cage that his fellow wrestlers hadn’t known about.

Hart put his fellow wrestlers’ lives in danger to such a degree that all of the wrestlers involved, most notably CM Punk, admonished him for his behaviour. Since then, his reputation for being uncooperative and difficult to work with has grown by leaps and bounds, and Terry Hart remains one of the most notorious ‘difficult wrestlers’ active today.

Sources: wwe.comwrestlinginc.com

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