10 WWE Wrestlers As Comic Book Villains

At first glance, the worlds of pro wrestling and comic books seem vastly different, but as you look closer, they have more similarities than you would think. Over the years, pro wrestling has been known to be involved in comics so there is a natural cross-over appeal to fans of either universe. For wrestling gimmicks to be successful, they must be over-the-top so that the character pops out of the TV screen, much like a comic book villain needs to be especially diabolical to grab the reader's attention issue after issue.

So the question becomes: can fictional characters in the WWE be the same as those evil doers in comics?

Both have larger than life characters with unbelievable physical strength like Venom and Brock Lesnar. Each world also has characters that are scary similar like Dean Ambrose and The Joker. With mental issues abound, both characters have a knack for random and violent attacks.

The criteria for picking counterparts was fairly wide open. It will include, but is not limited to: looks, personality, size, attributes, and even their history. Some of the choices will be painfully obvious, while others may be more subtle.

How will wrestlers like Eva Marie, Nikki Bella and Sasha Banks compare to Talia Al Ghul, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy? Let’s get right to the list and find out!

10 Eva Marie and Poison Ivy

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The most obvious similarity here is that both women have eye-popping hair colors. Eva Marie has rocked red hair since signing with the WWE; her hair was originally black, but she looked too much like a Bella Twin, so “all red everything” became her new look. Poison Ivy usually has bright red hair or orange depending on the artist’s preference.

Both women also possess a strong dose of sexuality; Ivy has been known to put many men under her spell through sex or mind control. Eva Marie’s character is still being worked out in NXT, but she tends to flaunt herself often - in a PG way, of course - while sending kisses to all of her adoring fans. Neither woman is known for their strong fighting abilities, but with more time in the ring that may change for Eva Marie.

9 Bray Wyatt and Scarecrow

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Looking at the pictures, this obviously isn't going to be focused on any physical features. Bray Wyatt is a wide-bodied, somewhat muscle fellow, while Scarecrow has been typically on the wiry side. What they do very much have in common is summed up in one simple word: fear.

Scarecrow has typically brought his opponents – namely Batman – to their knees by simply scaring the crap out of them, typically by causing them to hallucinate. Bray Wyatt uses fear and plays mind games against nearly every single one of his opponents. While feuding with John Cena, he brought a child out mid-match and sang “He’s got the whole word in his hand” in a pretty horrifying way. More recently against Roman Reigns, Wyatt used pictures of Reigns' own daughter as a means to distract the loving father.

8 Nikki Bella and Talia Al Ghul

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Before comparing these two, of all the WWE wrestlers, it’s fair to say John Cena would be comparable to Batman, right? Talia is Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter and she just happens to be madly in love with Batman. Unfortunately for her, Batman doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. Nikki Bella is also madly in love with John Cena; she wants kids and to get married, but Cena has not exactly embraced either idea. Initially he said it outright: no kids, no marriage, but has softened a bit over the years.

Both Talia and Nikki have gone back and forth from good to evil. Nikki has literally made her sister Brie a personal servant, made up with her, somehow got cheered again, and currently is back to being a “mean girl” heel. Both look somewhat similar as well with long dark hair, a cold stare, and big, um… eyes?

7 Randy Orton and Bullseye

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Bullseye has been known as an emotionless psychopath; who in the WWE could that possibly fit that description? “The Viper” Randy Orton is a perfect fit! Although he doesn’t actually posses any superpowers, Bullseye has become one of the more brutal villains over the years, in particular when he killed Elektra.

Orton has worked as a face, heel, and a tweener, but his best moments tend to come when he’s at his worst. Randy Orton has also been known to take out wrestlers in brutal fashion thanks to his penalty kicks to the head; just ask Mick Foley when he was kicked down a flight of stairs. Both men possess incredible fighting skills; Bullseye tends to work up-close and Orton has been known as one of the smoothest wrestler with his lighting quick finisher: the RKO.

6 Sasha Banks and Catwoman

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Terrible movie aside, Catwoman has always been one of the strongest and most popular female comic villains. With her allegiance to no one but herself, she will fight Batman away from a bank heist and then go steal from the bank robbers. She’s strong willed and fully confident in herself and the skills that she possesses.

In the WWE, only Sasha Banks holds similar traits with her highly confident “Legit Boss” gimmick. Sasha struts and slinks to and around the ring in a cat-like fashion. She only cares about herself and being the absolute best at all times. Bonus fact: earlier in her career she even had a “cat scratch” attack, literally jumping at her opponent and clawing continuously at her in a rage.

5 The Miz and Loki

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Know as “The God of Mischief,” Loki does not rely on brute strength to defeat his opponents; rather, his intellect and the use of manipulation are his go-to tactics. Much like The Miz, he uses his mouth and intelligence to get wrestlers so mad they end up making mistakes. Often both men take a beating for their troubles, but when the right moment comes along, they get what they want, whether it’s ultimate power or the Intercontinental title.

Both have annoying and grating personalities, so it’s incredibly enjoyable to watch them get beat up. Finally, while Loki is an actual God, Miz seems to have a bit of a “God complex”. The guy was in The Marine 4: Moving Target, so it’s pretty understandable.

4 Vince McMahon and Galactus

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Galactus has been around before the cosmos was created; he is life, he is death, he is eternity. Vince McMahon has seemingly been around before the cosmos was created; he is life, he is death, he is eternity. Notice the similarities?

Galactus has always been a larger than life presence that can easily wipe out anyone or anything when he feels the need to do so. Vince McMahon has always been a larger than life presence - well, you get the idea. Each one is considered a ruler of their respective universes and to fight against them means almost certain doom. While Galactus eats planets to feed his hunger, Vince puts together stupid storylines (Kiss My A** Club, anyone?) to feed his hunger... and probably for a good laugh.

3 Brock Lesnar and Venom

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Lesnar himself is a bit of an alien; at 6’3” and 286 lbs, he’s ridiculously strong and quick as a cat. He can lift wrestlers like the Big Show with ease and jump from the floor to the ring apron, which is not as easy as it sounds. Venom equally is known for his monstrous physicality and intimidating looks, razor sharp teeth and all.

The most well known host for the alien symbiotic suit is Eddie Brock; how perfect is that? Eddie even looks like Lesnar: muscular, blonde hair, and a stylish flat top hairstyle. In their respective worlds, these are two men that you would not want to come across in an ally, a store, or anywhere there isn’t a huge army presence. Honorable mention goes to The Juggernaut for his similar destructive abilities and catchphrase: “I’m the Juggernaut, b****”.

2 Undertaker and Dr. Doom

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Both have had shaky pasts concerning their families. Dr. Doom’s mother was taken away from him at a young age, while The Undertaker’s died in a fire… that he started. Whoops. Both men have created an amazing legacy that even casual fans should know who Dr. Doom and The Undertaker are.

Dr. Doom is consistently one of the top villains on any respectable list, and was a big influence on yet another famous villain: Darth Vader. Undertaker will forever be known for bringing fear and theatrics to wrestling, with one of the longest and more extravagant entrances as well as his physical, brutal style of wrestling. Taker has inspired more recent wrestlers like Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor to take their time to the ring.

Each character commands respect; when they talk, people listen.

1 Dean Ambrose and The Joker

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*Obvious Pick Alert*

From basically his main roster debut, fans have been calling Dean Ambrose “The Joker of the WWE”. Currently he’s a face, but it wouldn’t take much to turn him bad thanks to his close connection to Roman Reigns. One attack to the former Shield member and Ambrose would be one of the biggest heels in the company.

With an unstable mentality and Joker-like mannerisms, it’s almost too perfect of a fit. The Joker is one of those entities that have no real agenda other than chaos, and Ambrose has been known to cause quite a bit of trouble against The Authority, Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt, with his recklessly random behavior. Best of all, both The Clown Prince of Crime and Ambrose have the gift of gab, so put a little paint on Ambrose and The Joker could be on WWE TV every single week. As the forever classic internet meme goes: “Shut up and take our money!”


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