10 WWE Superstars Who Love Smoking Weed

If there’s one thing we know about WWE superstars it’s that they like to party. For many, becoming a WWE superstar is akin to fulfilling a childhood dream. Money, fame, and fortune all come with the gig if you do your job just right. Those with the largest fan bases often feel like rock stars, and at times may be under the impression that they are simply invincible.

It’s the sort of lifestyle that frequently catches up to them before it is all said and done. Some wrestlers have noted histories of alcohol abuse and have gone on to attend rehabilitation clinics. For others, drugs have become their vice. Of course, not all wrestlers develop problems, and not all wrestlers take hard drugs. Some simply like to smoke weed. While it’s certainly less troublesome than harder substances, and some states have even begun to legalize it completely, it doesn’t change the fact that smoking weed is frowned upon by the league that employs them all.

Like any professional sport these days, the WWE has begun to see a variety of superstars being suspended due to marijuana use. It’s a tale that dates back decades, yet continues to be an issue some wrestler’s refuse to deal with. Some enjoy smoking so much they’d rather head to different leagues so they can continue their practice.

What follows are ten WWE superstars who love smoking their weed:

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10 MVP

Via thesun.co.uk

The WWE never seemed to know just what to do with MVP. It was clear he had some draw with the fans, and his wrestling skills showcased some true potential. Aside from some stints as the United States Champion, he never truly amounted to much in individual competition in the league.

In an interview in 2009, he openly discussed the topic of marijuana. MVP admitted on air that he was a frequent smoker, and that the WWE’s drug policy forced him to cut back a bit while he was under their employ. It’s fair to assume the conflict of interests contributed to his lackluster main event bookings. MVP now wrestles in the TNA, and has found a wrestling organization that is a bit more lax when it comes to his recreational habits.

9 The Godfather

Via bleacherreport.com

The Godfather was a character in professional wrestling throughout the 1990s and into the early 2000s. He was set up as a caricature of a pimp, frequently taking to the ring with a group of scantily clad, attractive women. He’d then walk around with the microphone in his hands saying things you’d never believe he’d be able to get away with. Sometimes he’d even ask audience members to roll him a “fatty”. The man behind the character, Charles Wright, has openly admitted to smoking weed as well.

This was the peak of the Attitude era, and it was clear the WWE upper management had no idea what they were really dealing with. The Godfather has since given interviews in regards to that time period saying he was able to talk rather openly about marijuana use because the upper management had little familiarity with his slang.

8 Jack Swagger

Via youtube.com

Swagger has spent the majority of his career in the limelight, but for all the wrong reasons. A two-sport athlete in college, he went the amateur wrestling route for a while before being picked up by the WWE as a superstar with some potential. It was clear the WWE brass was pulling for him, even granting him a World Heavyweight Championship in 2010. Yet, it seemed his affinity for marijuana kept popping up and causing problems.

In 2013, Swagger was pulled over after a taping of SmackDown. He was arrested for a DUI, as well as possession of marijuana. His reputation never quite seemed to recover afterwards, and due to the league’s strict policy on drug use he was never really featured in the large event scene again. Swagger continues to wrestle for the WWE, and we will have to wait and see if the writers will ever put him out of the time out corner.

7 Shawn Michaels

Via wrestlingmedia.org

Michaels has been granted a second chance at life. He’s a Born Again Christian, and has largely turned his life around after an absolutely tumultuous career riddled with drug and alcohol abuse. His partying days were the stuff of legends, yet not the kind that he tends to look back on fondly.

Marijuana was one of a great deal of drugs that Michaels continually pumped into his system. By his own account, he virtually did every type of drug under the sun. Though he was an excellent performer, his issues sometimes spilled into the ring and altered his wrestling charisma. At times he would appear dazed or lackadaisical, and many believe drugs like marijuana are to blame.

6 X-Pac

Via Wikipedia.org

X-Pac is among the many staunch supporters for marijuana legalization throughout the United States. It is no secret that he frequently partakes, and he’s actually fairly vocal about it. The Former creative director of the WWE even caught him backstage smoking before a Raw event at one point in time.

X-Pac was especially vocal when the next wrestler on our list was suspended from the league. His outspokenness coupled with his continued practice has provided some bumps in the road throughout his career. It’s largely attributed to some of his lackluster storylines dished out by the WWE, and he was even arrested back in 2010 for marijuana possession.

5 Evan Bourne

Via sportskeeda.com

Bourne’s exciting brand of wrestling was an instant sensation throughout the league. His skill seemed like it was unmatched in terms of acrobatics and showmanship. Unfortunately, the waters began to be get a little choppy towards the end of his WWE tenure.

The WWE’s Wellness Policy really threw wrestlers for a loop. When suddenly superstars weren’t able to get away with many of the things they were used to, some surprising names began popping up on the suspended list. Bourne was one such example. He was suspended for a month following an incident with synthetic marijuana, and later gave interviews looking back on the time, stating he was addicted.

4 Jeff Hardy

via sportskeeda.com

Hardy built a fan following to rival the likes of The Undertaker or even Hulk Hogan. He is one of the most beloved wrestlers of our generation, largely because he personifies a boy reaching his lifelong dream and running with it. He and his brother formed one of the most successful tag team duos ever seen, and he has been just as successful in individual competitions.

Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol caused problems throughout much of his career. Much like Shawn Michaels, anyone watching Hardy at times could tell that he was under the influence of something. One of his embarrassing losses came at the hands of Sting, and it was clear that he was simply not himself. There are even videos floating around the internet where he can barely speak. Hardy’s drug problems have largely gone public, and marijuana was just the tip of the iceberg.

3 Booker T

Via mlpforums.com

Speculations had abounded as to Booker T’s recreational activities all throughout his WWE superstar career. The most decorated wrestler in WCW history, Booker T has a total of 35 championship belts across various wrestling leagues. It’s fair to say he’s been quite the success, and if rumors are true he’s also quite the stoner.

In fact, he and the next wrestler on are list are probably some of the first names that come to mind when talking about wrestlers who smoke weed. It’s virtually accepted as fact that he left the WWE for a stint of time due to their hardening drug policies. Of course, his attendance at the annual HempCon, a medical marijuana convention, only adds fuel to the fire.

2 Rob Van Dam

Via bleacherreport.com

Yep, it was Rob Van Dam that Booker T is typically paired with whenever the topic of marijuana is brought up. It was he whom initially invited Booker to the medical marijuana convention in the first place. When it comes to toking it up, RVD is about as big of a stoner as they can possibly come.

Van Dam is also a huge advocate for marijuana legalization. He’s frequently made his views on the subject matter known to the public, claiming the drug is not nearly as harmful and bad as it is portrayed as by major media outlets. Political movements aside, smoking has actually been a major facet of Van Dam’s character. Creating the “420 friendly” character has made him more appealing to a certain fan base, and he has made quite the living off of smoking weed.

1 Randy Orton

Via zimbio.com

Orton seemed destined for unprecedented success throughout his early career. While he’s surely been a success by any definition of the word, he has since failed to live up to the early hype build up from his early momentum. Overall, he’s a twelve-time world champion, yet we have to wonder how many more belts he will hoist due to some problems that have arisen.

Namely, Orton’s infamous immaturity has provided the largest obstacle. In fact, while the league has a strict three strikes policy in terms of Wellness Policy violations, Orton has somehow managed to survive five different infractions. He’s a known partier as well as a smoker, and it’s fair to wonder if any other superstar would even still be around with as many WWE violations under their belt.

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