10 WWE Superstars That Wrestled For The Money

Sometimes you just have to face facts: not all wrestlers are driven by passion. Some are unfortunately driven by money and fame. These types of wrestlers have not only managed to survive, but have also managed to have Hall of Fame-like careers. Kevin Nash, who we will discuss later in this article, is a prime example of this. Since day one Nash was all about making money (the guy literally took a job with creative despite having no experience). To make matters worse, Nash asked for half a million and somehow was granted this money. Kevin’s lack of experience was evident, he ultimately helped sink WCW’s ship. We'll have more on Kevin a little later in this article.

We will also take a look at some other iconic wrestlers that were money driven, like Bill Goldberg, Batista, Scott Hall and The Ultimate Warrior. We will also take a look at some Divas including Eva Marie and Torrie Wilson. Let’s now start off this list with the hottest commodity in sports and entertainment today, the conqueror himself Brock Lesnar. Enjoy!

10 Brock Lesnar

As great as Brock Lesnar truly is, let’s face the facts, the guy is money driven. Lesnar signed his first ever deal with the WWE admittedly because of money. Lesnar had never watched wrestling in his life and knew nothing about the business. Despite this factor, Lesnar was blown away by the $250,000 deal the WWE had offered him. Without any hesitation Lesnar accepted the deal and was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling (WWE’s old developmental promotion).

9 Batista

A big knock regarding Batista’s career was the fact that he was extremely money hungry. Some believe Batista only got into the business for the cash and fame (which kind of makes sense considering he’s pursuing an acting career today). Batista has already appeared in four feature films including, The Man with the Iron Fists, Riddick, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spectre. He is also set to appear in the film Kickboxer which is scheduled to come out in 2016.

8 Torrie Wilson

7 Scott Hall

You have to give this guy some credit for being honest, as Hall was truthful when saying he left the WWE for money purposes and extra days off in the mid 90s. Hall claims Ted Turner gave him an offer he simply could not refuse. Hall also discussed the fact that if he would have stayed with the WWE, his entire career as his Razor gimmick would have worn off making him earn less money as opposed to reinventing himself with WCW, which made him a ton of money.

6 Leg Luger

Many former superstars (like Ric Flair) were very critical of Luger’s work, claiming he just got in the business for money and fame. Luger broke into the business after playing a game of golf with former wrestler Bob Roop. Bob convinced Luger to get trained and pursue a career in pro wrestling. After getting trained by Hiro Matsuda, Luger made his debut with NWA.

5 Nailz

4 Eva Marie

It was said amongst the WWE Divas during an episode of Total Divas that Eva is only in the business for money and fame. Many believe that Eva is simply using the WWE as a platform to showcase herself off for future possibilities with other entertainment outlets.

3 The Ultimate Warrior

Despite his tremendous rise to fame, The Warrior was very money driven throughout his career. This attitude eventually ended his time with the WWE.

2 Kevin Nash

Perhaps the most money hungry wrestler of all time, Kevin Nash doesn’t shy away from the fact that he was driven by money throughout his pro wrestling career. Nash admitted that he broke into the wrestling business due to the paycheck being good. He also goes on to talk about how all his decisions were made in the wrestling business solely focusing on money and nothing else. This was especially apparent when Nash joined WCW’s creative team. Kevin took a lot of money despite having no clue how to be a booker. Nash pretty much killed WCW when they used his terrible idea, “the finger poke of doom”. This terrible idea caused millions of Nitro fans to turn the channel and never turn back to Nitro again. Nash willingly destroyed a company because of extra money in his pocket.

1 Goldberg

While rehabbing from his NFL injury, Goldberg was approached by Lex Luger and Sting. The two WCW wrestlers convinced Goldberg to pursue a career in the wrestling business. Goldberg was on the fence about it, and he was also not a fan of pro wrestling. Ultimately the possibility to make some money persuaded Goldberg to join the WCW’s Power Plant. After completing his time with the Power Plant, Goldberg became an instant star becoming one the company’s top faces. Despite his success in the ring Goldberg was very difficult to deal with backstage. Bischoff claimed Bill became impossible to deal with (Eric even referred to him as a “business monster”). Goldberg’s ego took over and he simply lost sight of what was right for the business, refusing to put any wrestlers over. Goldberg became focused on two things; money and power. His legacy today is still very debatable amongst wrestling fans.


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10 WWE Superstars That Wrestled For The Money