10 WWE Superstar Involved in Shocking Car Crashes

wwe superstars in car accidents

Car crashes literally happen day in and day out, yet sometimes there are crashes that make headlines. We’ve all been involved in a fender bender or two, but when we’re watching the news and a celebrity’s name catches our eyes on the scrolling ticker, we all take notice. Celebrities, it turns out, are people too, and even they aren’t immune to accidents of various sorts.

Perhaps it’s simply the added exposure, as any accident instantly attracts news crews, but celebrities and athletes seems to be involved in car wrecks more than the average person. WWE superstars fall into this category as well. Over the years there have been several car wrecks that have made the stars of the wrestling world blush with embarrassment. Unfortunately, there have also been some tragic cases of superstars losing their very lives.

It happens on a frequent basis; whether a small fender bender or a full-blown wreck, plenty of WWE superstars and their driving skills have been the focus of many a news story. Curious as to just who these individuals are? Well, that’s where we’ve come in to help you out! Whether it’s the face of the very WWE, or lesser known WWE superstars, we’ve compiled a list for your reading pleasure. No longer will you have to wait for the latest breaking celebrity news story to watch superstars get knocked down a peg or two. Here are ten WWE superstar car crashes.

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10 Lilian Garcia

Via wwesource.tumblr.com

Lilian Garcia is not one of the more well-known names on this list, yet the announcer has been involved with the business for two decades. Unfortunately for her, she was also involved in an embarrassing car accident back in October 2012.

Garcia was seriously injured while driving through Los Angeles. Luckily, she survived but had to recover from multiple contusions and lacerations on her left side. The wreck took a solid two months of recovery time, but Garcia returned to her announcing gig and has even fostered quite the successful singing career on the side. At nearly 50 years old, she’s amassed an impressive resume’ to date.

9 Rosa Mendes

Via wwe.com

Like a few wrestlers on this list, Mendes wasn’t directly responsible for the accident that put her on this list. Still, it resulted in some bad publicity for the diva for quite some time. Mendes was in Las Vegas when she was involved with a five-car wreck that luckily resulted in little to no injuries.

As the report goes, a Mercedes driver was swerving between lanes at extremely high speeds. The Mercedes cut off a truck in front of Mendes, who was a passenger in her friend's black Hummer, and the truck abruptly stopped. The resulting accident gave Mendes a slight case of whiplash, and she was back in the ring in no time whatsoever.

8 Santino Marella

Via wwe.com

Marella’s WWE career was a bit of a surprise. He first emerged on the scene when Vince McMahon “randomly” selected him from the crowd to wrestle the massive superstar Umaga. Marella would go on to win the match, through some farce interference from another wrestler. This proved to be a theme, as his career seemed largely focused on gimmicks and comedy.

It was a career that came rather close to an abrupt end back in 2011. Marella was involved in an accident that actually flipped his car over in September of that year, causing him to completely dislocate his shoulder. That would be the extent of his injuries, though, and he was able to wrestle up until his retirement in July of 2014.

7 Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, and Justin Roberts

Via wwe.com

Back in 2012 this trio of wrestlers were all involved in an accident in which the limousine they were riding in was struck from behind by another vehicle. As the story goes, they were all three headed to the comic-con event in San Diego when the limo was rear ended, sending all three wrestlers flying.

Zack Ryder ended up whacking his head against the seats, though there were no truly serious injuries at the time. Luckily for the superstars, the limousine they rode in was fairly safe, as its length actually contributed to lessening the impact of the other vehicle. Though not their faults whatsoever, the wreck gave the league a minor headache in terms of the press for a few weeks afterwards.

6 Jimmy Del Ray

Via wwe.com

This is where this list takes a bit of a sad turn. For those unaware of Del Ray’s influence over the industry, he was most widely recognized as a pivotal member of the Heavenly Bodies, which blew away the wrestling community with their tag team skills.

Del Ray lost control of the truck he was driving on December 6th, 2014, striking a lamppost and a fence. The wreck turned out to be rather serious, and the former professional wrestler was gravely injured. Doctors were unable to save his life after he struggled to hang on for several hours. It was a sad day for the wrestling world, and one that Heavenly Bodies fans will be unlikely to forget.

5 Eddie Guerrero

Via wwe.fr

Before the turn of the millennium, Eddie Guerrero was a massive star for the WCW wrestling league. Eventually, he’d earn his stripes in the WWE as well, but at this time he was wrestling with the WCW’s answer to the New World Order. He and other Mexican wrestlers banded together to form the Latino World Order.

Eventually, the storyline faded away, and many attribute its passing to Eddie Guerrero’s car accident on New Year’s Day back in 1999. While the accident wasn’t serious, and he was actually able to return to wrestling within a matter of months, many believe the resulting press and the realization that the group depended almost entirely on Guerrero’s popularity lead to its eventual abandonment. Of course, this didn’t hamper Guerrero’s career in the slightest, and he went on to have quite the successful one until his tragic death in 2005.

4 Magnum T.A.

Via youtube.com

Magnum T.A. is the example of a prime wrestler cut down just before he was about to take off. Many fans of the modern era probably don’t recognize his name, but in his heyday Magnum T.A. had all the makings of a legitimate WWE superstar. Unfortunately, life had other plans.

Magnum was driving his Porsche in rainy weather conditions when the slickness caused him to lose control of his vehicle. He suffered a serious back injury after he collided with a post on the side of the road, leaving many medical professionals doubting whether or not he’d ever walk again. His story is one of triumph, though. While he never returned to wrestling, he did manage to regain control over his legs and begin walking once more.

3 Randy Savage

Via tampabay.com

By the time Savage retired from professional wrestling every WWE fan knew his name. He forged an outright legacy that will stand the test of time, and he will forever be remembered as an all-time great inside the ring. His car accident and subsequent death remains one of the most tragic events to transpire in the WWE.

Savage was driving alongside his wife when he suffered a heart attack in 2011. He lost control of his vehicle and crashed it into the side of the road. Doctors who arrived on the scene declared him dead, and one of the brightest WWE stars ever was unfortunately put out.

2 Randy Orton

Via pinterest.com

Simply put: Orton is lucky to be alive. Those familiar with the superstar and his track record probably aren’t surprised to see him on this list. Over the years he’s hit some bumps in the road, especially in terms of marijuana related infractions. His brutal accident was simply another tally to add to the total.

Orton was driving on his motorcycle when another vehicle cut him off. He was forced to swerve, and his tires hit the curb. Orton was sent flying, and his motorcycle was thrown over 300 feet from the impact. Had it not been for his helmet, he surely would not have survived. Luckily, he was wearing the proper safety equipment, though it could not prevent a lengthy recovery time from the shoulder injuries he sustained.

1 John Cena

via wwe.com

The Cenation went through quite the scare back in 2012 when John Cena was driving through Philadelphia. Though Cena wasn’t necessarily the driver at fault, the sheer damage of this accident is enough to put him on the top of this list. His SUV was rear-ended, causing a three-car pileup.

The accident involved Cena’s SUV along with a trailer and an Acura. The resulting press was embarrassing for the superstar dubbed the “face of the WWE.” In the overall picture, it’s a mere blemish on Cena’s otherwise impressive record. Luckily, it resulted in little to no injury for Cena. Could you imagine what the WWE would look like if that hadn’t been the case?

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