10 WWE Stars Fired For Immoral Conduct In The Past

World Wrestling Entertainment, as WWE stands for, is a company which is controlled privately, dealing in wrestling on a professional level, with a large part of the revenue coming from the music, film, and direct sales and licensing of their products. Broadcasting to around 36 million viewers in 150 countries, WWE holds around 320 non-televised and televised events, in 365 days; that is one year. As compared to other wrestling promotions, WWE are solely based on entertainment, with a featured story-line which is choreographed and scripted. At times, or should we say, many a times, there is the risk factor of injuries to the players involved. Previously branded as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), it has been branded as WWE since 2011.

Finding the perfect wrestler (the one who fits the role to the tee), is a boon to WWE. Given a role which is a far cry from his own self, gets tougher to perform. That is, the right mix of reality and fantasy, which is easily acceptable to the large audience with already formed images of their heroes. A combination of surprises and great matches ensure a good audience who possess a must-watch mentality. Catering to their wide range of expectations does get difficult, and plays a vital role in the downfall of the wrestlers.

The life of a WWE wrestler is tough, as most of the time you are in a make-believe world, living up to the expectations of your fan following. Performing does take a toll on the normal life of these wrestlers, as 90% of the time, they are portraying somebody else. A lot of pressure on the performance has its own drawbacks, leading to a lot of different bad habits and behaviors. Below is a list of a few of our superstars who have been in the limelight for their negative behavior.

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10 Expensive Conduct


Alberto Rodriguez, a Mexican superstar in the wrestling world, was fired for behaving badly, and physically mishandling an employee of the Social Media. Seemingly, after a verbal argument, it did get physical and the employee was slapped. This might be the excuse that the WWE was waiting for to release Del Rio from the expensive contract.

9 Pleasant Send Off


Known to be pleasant and cooperating to the fullest, it was a surprise when Daniel Bryan was given the boot on 11th June, 2010. Seemingly during the main event of RAW, a group of rookie performers assaulted the personnel on the ring side, and also the crew, managing to dismantle the ring. Being totally scripted, the reaction was drastic. With controversial happenings in the WWE, it is generally included to add spice, and is a part of the job. This is most normal for a person working in professional wrestling. But somehow, all this seemed to have backfired for Bryan and he was genuinely let off.

8 Best Done By Jeff Hardy


With the over usage of drugs, the resulting 'bad behavior' comes as no surprise.‘Forever in trouble’ seems to fit Jeff Hardy to the tee. Having an affinity to get wasted with constant behavioral problems, probable due to the drugs, performance was taking a back-seat. With the lack of attendance on the shows, his absence seems to have extracted a heavy price.

7 Stacy. The Real Kat


Constantly surrounded in controversy, right from her run in the early 21st century with the WWF, Stacy Carter, wife of Jerry, who had roped her in since there was a shortage of women on that roster, realized that with attitude problems, nothing really helps. Jumping from the frying pan into the fire, Stacy tried her hand at everything, right up to nudity. Her daring storylines and racy photo shoots got her in real matches. But backstage seemed to be one big problem. With her constant rudeness, there was really no one who could help her. Not even her husband.

6 Paul…Expression That Caused Discomfort

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Mid 2003 saw the entry of Paul London, who seemed to be a charmer as compared to the rest of the wrestlers. But unfortunately, with instincts and judgments both at low levels, the WWE was forced to terminate him in 2008. With highly exciting matches to start him off, he managed a couple of major goof-ups, bringing the attention of the WWE directly on to him. After a small break in his career, giving him a chance to change his behavior and attitude did not seem to bring a big change.

5 Warrior Wages A Losing Battle

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With rising demands which were unreasonable and just not-fitting right with the bosses, Warrior seemed to have waged a war which, for sure, he was going to lose, getting him suspended. Almost holding up the WWE to ransom, Warrior managed a superficial truce, with no papers drawn legally in his favor. Blackmailing them with his absence, Warrior was given the boot once Summer Slam was over. Empty threats of him quitting did not seem to work and he was forced to leave.

4 Kurt Angle And The Wrong Angle


A physical wear-and-tear, combined with dependency on pain killers, is what cost Kurt Angle that place in WWE, which he felt he was entitled to. A failure in the drug test confirmed his dependency. Even then, Angle seemed to be afloat and kicking. This had an adverse effect in his behavior, which was unacceptable to the crew members. When small signs indicating his increasing dependency started to appear, Kurt was gently given the send-off.

3 Juventud Guerrera…High Flying And An Egotist


A short span of stint in the WWE has left questions as to how Juventud Guerrera was tolerated, even for that minimal amount of time. A list of complaints from the crew to the officials and the wrestlers made rapid rounds, and convinced bosses to give him a send off. Convinced of remaining in the spot light, Juventud Guerrera suffered from a complex so superior, that he was too sure of himself as being the main talent in the events. This eventually turned out to be his downfall.

2 Teddy Hart… A Combination Of Multiple Problems 


An eighteen-year-old and with an attitude which spoke multiple stories, were in no-way pleasant, and Teddy Hart was unsuccessful even in making it to the main roster. November 2003 was the time Hart crossed all his limits, knocking down the other participants in a move that was surprising and dangerous. With all these actions having an adverse effect, Hart was thrown out physically in an unimaginable step taken by the bosses.

1 Brian Pillman…A Big Mouth And A Smart Operator


Getting into character was unmistakably Brian Pillman’s forte. With a surprising insight into the psychology in the ring, Brian Pillman came to an agreement with Eric Bischoff, who was the top man at that time. Gaining not popularity, but notoriety after being fired by Bischoff, Pill man, with his daredevil attitude of a rebel, was able to find his moment of glory, which was a conspiracy with Bischoff. Assured of Pillman’s return, Bischoff fired him. The whole conspiracy fell flat when Pillman never came back, leaving Bischoff in the lurch.

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