10 WWE Records That Will Never Be Broken

unbreakable wwe records

As in any sport, the WWE has a history defined by records of various sorts. Certain ones have understandably garnered more attention from media and from fans over time. Others have made their holders into cult heroes, as it is unlikely that any will ever repeat their efforts. For true wrestling fans, records are a means by which they are allowed to measure the status and cumulated careers of their heroes.

Some records are mere place holders. They fall away year in and year out, only to be replaced by another wrestler’s name. This name will in turn eventually fade to reveal the latest rising star or fan fad thought to have earned enough to achieve a small bone of sorts from the WWE writers behind the scenes. These are not the records that comprise this list.

This list is made of the records that refuse to bow to the forces of time. These are all statistics and streaks that were forged by wrestling heroes in the eyes of fans. They are their claims to fame, and are largely the foundation of the WWE’s already illustrious history. For those looking to educate themselves on the best of the WWE, or those simply looking for a refreshing nostalgia trip, read on for the top ten unbreakable WWE records.

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10 Shortest Title Reign

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Here’s one record we’d venture to say every wrestler will want to remain unbroken. After all, being the record holder for the shortest title reign of all time is not the most honorable distinction. Unfortunately for Triple H, it’s a distinction he will likely hold for as long as the WWE exists.

Triple H earned this dubious record due to a slight technicality. In a No Mercy event in 2002, Triple H squared off against the current Intercontinental Champion Kane. As Triple H was the World Heavyweight Champion, whoever won the match would unify the belts. Triple H won, unifying the championship titles. In total, he held the Intercontinental title for less than a minute, and it wouldn’t be until a few months later that the Intercontinental Championship would be brought back into the fold.

9 Total World Championships

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During his illustrious and long career, Ric Flair grew to be the face of the WWE. It’s gotten to the point that fans can rarely discuss the league’s history without at least mentioning the “Nature Boy”. He’s representative of a lifestyle, and has coined pop culture phrases like his infamous “Woo!”

Adding to his many accomplishments is one particularly impressive record. Flair is the record holder for the most total World Championships. Numbers actually vary on this account, with many attributing 16 to his name. Flair himself claims he has won the title 23 times. One thing is for sure though, wrestlers won’t be breaking this record anytime soon. Fast rising stars like John Cena seemed to have posed a potential threat, but have lately cooled off and given way to younger talent.

8 Shortest Royal Rumble Match Time

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Once again, this record is one no wrestler would like to best. Royal Rumbles are often much-hyped affairs. They are a fan’s dream in which wrestlers of all shapes and sizes are pitted against each other at once inside the ring. It’s a confusing cluster at first, with those who are knocked out of the ring disqualified. Eventually the numbers file down and there is a last man standing.

One of the more hilarious moments in Royal Rumble history was in 2009 when latecomer Santino Marella charged down the ramp to the tune of his intro music. He ran up to the stage, leapt through the ropes, and was immediately thrown back out. He stood up, shouting he wasn’t ready, but the refs wouldn’t allow reentry. His record of one second in a Royal Rumble match is one that will surely stand the test of time.

7 Total Days as League Champion

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Bruno Sammartino’s run of 4,040 days wearing the league championship belt stems back to the days of the WWF, before the league officially changed its name. His days encompass a total of two title runs each lasting multiple years. His longest title reign began in 1963, lasting seven years.

Sammartino’s record is even more impressive considering the sheer amount of champions WWE fans are subjected to on a yearly basis. Championship belts seem to swap between owners like hot potatoes. The WWE is obviously much larger than the WWF was, and much faster paced as a result. It’s simply hard to fathom a single wrestler could accumulate total numbers even in the same ballpark as Sammartino. As a result, we feel comfortable setting this lasting record in stone as unbreakable.

6 Longest Intercontinental Reign

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This record will likely stand for quite some time due to the fading significance of the Intercontinental Championship. Many of the storylines of today’s WWE involve higher tier belts, and the Intercontinental Championship is unfortunately not one of them.

Wrestler Honky Tonk Man holds the longest Intercontinental Championship reign with a total of 454 days wearing the belt around his waist. This run encompassed several storylines in which one wrestler or another stood out of the crowd to challenge him, but Honky Tonk always seemed to withhold the belt. It wasn’t until over a year later that he eventually lost to The Ultimate Warrior, but by that time he’d already accomplished history.

5 Longest Lasting Undefeated Streak

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In any sport, an undefeated streak is something to marvel over. It takes a special kind of dedication to the craft of each individual sport in order to pull off. Whether it’s football, tennis, or wrestling, attention to detail and constant training is absolutely essential. Keep this in mind when thinking about WWEs Dr. Death Steve Williams.

Williams went on a 10 year undefeated streak, a feat of wrestling that will be forever unmatched. While granted, the WWE is a league in which wins and losses are largely scripted and predetermined, Williams’ streak is still a work of brilliance. 10 years’ worth of victories means he expertly portrayed his characters as worthy of the honor, as well as maintained his level of showmanship throughout the time span. While the likes of Andre the Giant can boast that he hadn’t been pinned for 15 years running, this man literally kept his record squeaky clean in every single aspect, and as such he earns the number 5 spot on our list.

4 Shortest Match in Wrestling History

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This distinction is equally impressive and shameful depending on which party we are discussing. After all, claiming that you were involved in the shortest match in WWE’s history can either imply that you absolutely dominated inside the ring, or that you had no business whatsoever stepping foot inside of it.

In 1998, The Rock squared off against Big Boss Man as it was revealed Triple H would be unable to perform. Big Boss literally charged into the ring and was pinned by The Rock within three seconds. It makes for a fun party conversation for The Rock, and likely something Boss Man would prefer never comes up again. With such a quick turn of events, we figure it highly unlikely that wrestling fans will ever see this record broken.

3 Largest Undefeated Record

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Bill Goldberg is the standard by which new up and comers are now judged. If ever a wrestler seems worthy of a streak of some sort, the media instantly draws comparisons. His match winning streak is certainly one that will prove to have some staying power, as it is hard to imagine another WWE wrestler with that sort of momentum.

Surprisingly enough, his streak only lasted from 1997 to late 1998, but it was an epic run of matches. The quality of athleticism that Goldberg represented at the time was unmatched, and it showed inside the ring. Eventually, all good things come to an end, and Goldberg ended up losing the streak due to shady circumstances. His opponent Scott Hall managed to eke out a victory by using a taser, thus ending the legendary streak. You know what they say: if you can’t beat them, tase them.

2 Highest Show Ratings

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Let’s be honest here, the WWE is a show. While it is certainly a show predicated on athletes exerting themselves inside of a ring, it is nevertheless an entertainment device literally conceived in order to satisfy its fan base. As such, show ratings for WWE events are closely monitored. In fact, they are a huge indicator of the WWE’s success from year to year.

The highest rated single show occurred when the WWE was still the WWF. In the first The Main Event, the league billed Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant as a dream rematch for the ages. Newer fans must understand that these two wrestlers were arguably the biggest names of their generation. The result was an astonishing 33 million viewers and a 15.2 rating, marking the highest of all time.

1 WrestleMania Win Streak

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We all knew what would eventually wind up as number one. It’s the most widely reported and famous winning streak of wrestling’s entire history. It helped build the foundation for an absolute wrestling legend, and it’s one of the many reasons The Undertaker has become so famous even among the newer generation of fans.

For a long period of time, The Undertaker was absolutely unstoppable inside the ring during WrestleMania. The shows he put on for the fans were absolutely ridiculous, and the writers behind the scenes had trouble figuring out any reason for the streak to end. It wasn’t until Brock Lesnar burst back onto the scene that his streak was finally put to a stop. His 21 straight victories will be a lasting reminder of The Undertaker’s professional wrestling legacy whenever he decides to hang it up for good.

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