10 WWE Legends With The Most Impressive Homes

With years and years of being on the road, there finally comes some serious benefits for wrestlers. Although they had a hectic lifestyle, these tremendous legends from the past were certainly not working for free. Today, most of them are enjoying time in their beautiful and luxurious estates. Some however, were not so lucky. Hulk Hogan is an example that comes to mind. Hogan paid $2 million for his gorgeous 20,000 square foot estate located in Clearwater, Florida. Unfortunately for Hulk, he was forced to sell the property after his divorce. Hogan’s wife was awarded 70% of their joint assets. Hogan’s net worth took a massive plunge from $30 million to $8 million. He was forced to sell his home and move to a nearby location in Clearwater. His new home is worth nearly $400,000 and is 4,000 square feet.

Other legends have been blessed with some beautiful estates, though. Let’s check out these 10 WWE legends and their impressive homes. Enjoy!


10 Shawn Michaels: San Antonio Texas

The heart break kid has done pretty well for himself over the years financially. According to Forbes, it is estimated that Shawn Michaels is worth $17 million as of 2015, not too shabby. Michaels resides in San Antonio Texas, and along with his beautiful home, Michaels owns 5,500 square feet of land around it. The house is a three bedroom and contains a gym along with a steam room. The house is quite spacious and is surrounded by a beautiful luscious green landscape.

9 The Undertaker: Austin, Texas


At the age of 50, and with a career that is starting to wind down, The Undertaker typically spends most of his time at his beautiful residence located in Austin, Texas. Taker lives in his beautiful estate with his wife, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool. Before residing in their new home, the Deadman lived in Cedar Creek just outside of Austin, Texas. His old property was at one point rented out by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, believe it or not. In fact, Taker is quite the business man, owning several properties around the United States.

8 The Big Show: Miami, Florida

After being in the business for so long, it’s rather evident that the Big Show has managed to make quite the living outside of the wrestling business. Big Show has been around the world of wrestling since 1995, and his good fortune has given him the opportunity to buy two properties, along with a huge RV which he uses to tour from show to show with the WWE. His Miami property is estimated to be worth $3.7 million. His residence is quite stunning, as it features a massive swimming pool along with a boating dock and a beautiful body of water attached to it. His other property (also in the Florida area) is co-owned with The Undertaker, it was purchased by the two wrestlers in 2001.

7 Kane: Jefferson City, Tennessee

Kane’s stunning home was actually custom-made by Kane himself for him and his family. The home is 6,924-square-feet, surrounded by a quarter long driveway. The house features a koi pond, swimming pool, private woods with a biking trail, four-wheeling and horseback riding. In addition, the big red machine also owns a detached garage which has a full gym in it. The gym is an estimated 2,400 square feet. This incredible house is actually now up for sale, as Kane and his wife want to move closer to Knoxville in order to have a shorter commute to their Allstate insurance agency business. The house was put up for sale for $800,000.

6 Chris Jericho: Odessa, Florida

There isn’t much this guy doesn’t do. The singer, podcast host and WWE part time wrestler is worth a reported $18 million. Chris Jericho’s beautiful home is located in Odessa, Florida. Jericho lives in his beautiful home with his spouse of 15 years Jessica Lockhart, and their three children. Just like Big Show’s residence, the house is attached to a beautiful body of water and has a boating dock attached to it as well.

5 CM Punk: Chicago, Illinois

CM Punk seemingly always likes to take the different routes. Unlike his other former colleagues in the WWE that own massive estates, Punk decided to put his money on a condo. Purchased in 2010, the customized condo is a five bedroom and features a two-story living room, a movie theatre, office with tiger-wood flooring, a master bedroom with heated floors, a Jacuzzi, wine cellar and a three-car garage. Punk also owns a tattoo studio that operates out of an 800 square foot space on the first floor. Today, Punk is renting out a home in Milwaukee. Punk did so in order to be closer to Roufusport gym, the gym in which Punk trains at in preparation for his UFC debut. Punk still owns his Chicago residence and is in Milwaukee on a part time basis.

4 Goldberg: Bonsall, California

Purchased in 2001, Bill Goldberg’s home is located just outside of the San Diego, California area. The house was built in 1997 and is approximately 4,600 square feet. The beautiful home is comparable to Shawn Michaels’ home with an impressive Mediterranean style design. The home features a stunning swimming pool and is surrounded by acres of beautiful land. Goldberg's beautiful home is estimated to be worth approximately $2.5 million. We wonder how much his entire car collection is worth?


3 Stone Cold Steve Austin: Tilden, Texas

In 2008, Austin decided it was time to move back to Texas. Austin sold his beautiful Malibu home which featured a view of the ocean and Santa Monica. Austin traded this home for his new one in Tilden, Texas, valued to be worth a staggering $45 million! To go along with this mansion, the house also features its very own ranch. The ranch that Austin himself named “The Broken Skull Ranch”. The Ranch is alongside the Nueces River, it features 5 ponds, an underground well and 2 barns. His house is also the home of his weekly podcast, The Steve Austin Show-Unleashed!.

2 The Rock: Landmark Ranch Estates in Southwest Ranches

In 2014, the Hollywood mega star moved into his $6 million dollar home, located in Southwest Ranches. The home is an estimated 13,700 square feet, and it includes five bedrooms and a six-car garage. It also includes the prestigious “Pietra D’Oro” (golden stone) which is the The Rock Dwayne Johnson's personal gym located on his 2.5 acres of land. The gym is said to be worth over $300,000.

1 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon: Weston, Connecticut

Not very surprising that the WWE’s power couple owns a massive estate in Connecticut. The residence is just down the road of Stephanie’s father, Vince McMahon. The two residences are also conveniently close to the WWE headquarters located in Stanford, Connecticut. The house is very similar to Vince’s home, as it is heavily gated and surrounded by acres of land. The property also features a massive swimming pool in the backyard. The house is shared by Stephanie, Hunter and their three daughters; Aurora, Vaughn and Murphy.



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