10 WWE Guests Who Were Beaten Silly in the Ring

wwe guests beaten up

The WWE brings in special guests all the time. Usually these celebrities are there to push their product. They walk to the middle of the ring and deliver some cheesy lines before trying to plug some movie that’s about to air, or perhaps even an upcoming music album. These staged performances can come off feeling lame and disingenuous. Other times, well, these celebrities actually mix things up in the ring.

When things do come to physical blows, the WWE guests are typically put up against the heels of the league. After all, by their very nature of being a celebrity they are well-liked already, and thus have the natural babyface position of a match. This usually translates into an easy “surprise” victory, making the fans go wild throughout the arena. Other times, well, celebrities may not be so well liked, or the league simply wants to create some more heat for a certain heel. This will result in the guest being tossed around.

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of celebrities take on their WWE heroes inside the ring. Honestly, it makes for some great television. Even if the performance is terrible, we can still all laugh at how poorly executed everything was. If the alternative happens, and some great wrestling breaks out, we’ll watch with our jaws hanging open.

Several celebrities have taken to the ring, given us all great matches, and left bloodied and beaten. Here are the top ten WWE guest who were beaten silly in the ring.

10 Mr. T

We’ll begin with a bit of a caveat. Mr. T actually never wrestled inside the WWE ring, but he certainly fought. At the time, one of the biggest heels in the league was Roddy Rowdy Piper. Piper has been recognized as one of the original trash talkers in the WWE, and he had no qualms with taking on Mr. T in a boxing match.

The match was actually rather entertaining, and both put forth a great effort. It was clear at certain points that punches were pulled, but for the most part it looked like a legitimate boxing match. By round three it was clear the two participants were gassed, and both had taken some lumps. While Mr. T would win the match, Piper pulled off some surprise (and illegal) wrestling moves that certainly had Mr. T feeling sore the next day.

9 William Perry

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Any fan of the NFL likely knows William Perry by his nickname “The Refrigerator.” Let’s just say it’s an apt nickname. The behemoth of a man won a Superbowl with the Chicago Bears in 1985, and was the darling of the media’s eye around that time. Little know that he actually participated in a WrestleMania Battle Royal as well.

WWE Hall of Famer quickly put an end to Perry’s wrestling debut, tossing him over the top rope. Looking at a picture of Perry, that’s no small feat. The bruises did not dampen Perry’s wit, though. In an act of fake good sportsmanship, Perry extended a hand and appeared to congratulate the man, only to throw him over the ropes as well.

8 Mike Tyson

Tyson is a legend in his own right. Anyone familiar with boxing recognizes him as one of the greatest boxers ever to grace this earth. Even at the height of his game, though, he still had those who disliked him. When he took the stage at a Raw event, Stone Cold Steve Austin let it be known that Tyson wasn’t worthy of his respect.

Austin interrupted Tyson’s promo, took center stage, and flipped off the famed boxer. Tyson responded by pushing Austin, and Austin then retaliated. The resulting scuffle brought both wrestlers down to the floor, and Austin continually landed punch after punch. Don’t get us wrong, Tyson landed some punches of his own, but Stone Cold sure made certain Tyson knew how he felt.

7 Lawrence Taylor

Taylor is another ultra-famous athlete from a different professional sport. He is recognized as the greatest linebacker to ever play the game of American football, and rightfully so. The guy was simply an animal, and so when Bam Bam Bigelow saw him in the stands and shoved him everybody was shocked. Of course, the event gave birth to a feud that was to be settled inside the ring.

Bam Bam Bigelow had one thing on Taylor, and it certainly wasn’t physical fitness. Bigelow was experienced in the art of wrestling, and knew how to use his size to his advantage. The result was a match that seemed to heavily favor the superstar. Taylor was being virtually thrown around the ring. That is, until Taylor found his groove and stormed back for a come from behind victory. Though he won his match, the initial shoving and the beating he took to earn that victory is enough to land him on this list.

6 Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller appeared on a Raw segment way back on July 26, 1999. Jeff Jarrett had the mic in his hands and called Stiller to the stage. After some convincing, Stiller joined him for an “impromptu” interview where he plugged his movie. Jarrett then asked him who his favorite superstar was, to which Stiller replied “the Puppies!”

Apparently, it was interpreted as an insult by Jarrett. He went on to assault Stiller, throwing him to the ground and stomping him repeatedly. Of course, it was all a staged event, but Stiller still took quite the beating. Jarrett even unleashed a Figure Four Leg Lock on Stiller! Eventually, some outside interference took on Jarrett and ended the vicious assault.

5 Ken Jeong

In 2009, John Cena was still at the height of his power. It’s impressive to think about, seeing as he’s still the face of the WWE some six years later. His run of dominance and fan popularity is absolutely amazing, and like him or hate him you have to appreciate what the man has accomplished.

Apparently, Ken Jeong wasn’t one of those people. The actor took to the ring with a stick and whacked Cena as he had another wrestler caught in midair. Cena immediately dropped the wrestler and stared in disbelief. Everyone in the audience knew what was going to happen next, Jeong included. He begged Cena for mercy, but he was getting none. Cena picked him up and tossed him out of the ring onto two bystanders. The fall was a bit brutal, and Jeong took a bad hit to the back of his head.

4 Machine Gun Kelly

It’s not uncommon for musicians to perform in WWE arenas during various events. Machine Gun Kelly did just that on June 15th of this year. He performed his hit single “A Little More” during a WWE Raw event in front of a packed crowd. Kevin Owens, it seems, wasn’t too impressed.

After the performance, with the crowd buzzing, Owens took the stage next to Kelly. The rapper immediately extended a hand for a high five or a hand shake, but was left hanging as Owens just stared him down. The wrestler then picked Kelly up and slammed him off the stage, making the crowd noise grow even more deafening. It was a surprising turn of events, and one that surely left Machine Gun Kelly battered and bruised.

3 Mark Cuban

Randy Orton’s RKO has become a bit of a viral sensation. There’ no telling what internet video he may next appear in, surprising his next victim as editors superimpose his image on those about to wipe out. As it turns out, his RKOs are just as random in real life.

In a Survivor Series in 2003, Mark Cuban was called into the ring at the behest of Eric Bischoff. He was then talked down to, and Cuban pushed him out of the ring. The consequences for such an action? How about a surprise RKO attack from none other than Randy Orton? Orton then stood with his hands extended, soaking in all the boos raining in from the crowd as Cuban lay motionless on the ground.

2 David Arquette

Randy Orton was wrestling in a Raw event back in 2010 against Alex Riley when David Arquette kept interfering when the referee wasn’t looking. Towards the end of the match, Orton looked to be out for the count, and his eager competitors brought a table into the ring, and Arquette and The Miz appeared to be ready to slam Orton through said table. Orton, however, had other plans.

Orton blocked their attempts, and Miz scrambled from the ring. This left Orton to turn on the hapless Arquette. Suddenly, that table appeared a much more menacing to the WWE guest, and Orton played to the crowd now eager with anticipation. The following table slam sent shivers down the crowd’s spine, and Arquette takes the number two spot as a result.

1 Pete Rose

No WWE guest has been as tormented as Pete Rose has. For those unfamiliar with the realm of baseball, Pete Rose is essentially an angel fallen from grace. He was a hall-of-fame player, before his entire legacy was thrown in the trash due to a betting scandal. It was clear sports fans all over the world despised him, and the WWE looked to cash in on it.

Rose must have been looking for the same, because he kept coming back. The former baseball player was subjected to WWE beat downs and humiliations. Among his tormenters was Kane, who gave him a brutal tombstone piledriver. He was also subjected to a smothering dose of Rikishi’s butt cheeks in his face. How’s that for cruel and unusual punishment?

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