10 Wrestling Stars That Should've Never Been In The Business

Just like everything else in life, so many choices we are faced with on a daily basis result in spontaneous decisions. Whether it be a career choice, a relationship choice or simply a decision on which hotel to stay at during our next vacation, sometimes we are forced to make a decision spontaneously, without really having the time to properly think about it. For these 10 wrestling superstars, becoming a pro wrestler wasn’t always the plan. In fact, for most of these wrestlers on this list, they should have never even been in the business to begin with. Luck is definitely a huge factor in many of these cases, but in general, their image is what caused them to enter a business they knew very little about.

Some of these wrestlers had other dreams and priorities prior to becoming wrestling mega stars. Some dreamed of making it to the NFL, while others dreamed of a career in Hollywood. After some twists and turns, they somehow ended up in the pro wrestling business and made a tremendous life and career out of it. Let us now begin to take a closer look at 10 wrestling stars that should not have been in the wrestling business. Enjoy.

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10 Bill Goldberg


We can’t even begin to imagine what WCW would have been like without this guy, one of the only real stars WCW actually developed from scratch. Despite all of his success in the wrestling business, Goldberg never really planned on becoming a pro wrestler and never had a serious interest for the wrestling business. Goldberg’s real passion was football, and after fulfilling his dream of being drafted into the NFL, Goldberg would later have to cut his career short after tearing his lower abdomen of his pelvis. Bill was devastated that he could not achieve his goals as a pro football player. After his career was up, Goldberg started to engage in powerlifting and MMA. While training, Goldberg was spotted by WCW wrestlers Sting and Lex Luger. The two wrestlers tried to persuade Goldberg to get into the wrestling business, but the biggest issue was that Goldberg was not a fan of wrestling. Although despite his lack of interest, Goldberg didn’t have many options so he later decided to accept the invite and join WCW’s Power Plant. Talk about a turn of events. Goldberg ended up going 173-0 before his first loss. Not bad for a guy that wasn’t into pro wrestling.

9 The Bella Twins


Wrestling certainly wasn’t on the radar for Brianna and Nicole Garcia-Colace (now known as the Bella Twins), as their first priority was moving to Los Angeles, California, in search of an agent. While trying to find acting and modelling jobs, the twins worked as waitresses at the “Mondrain Hotel”, a popular hot spot in LA. After landing some gigs here and there, Nikki and Brie took part in the WWE’s “Diva Search”. Just a year later, the wins were signed to a developmental deal with the company. Life takes some unexpected turns sometimes.

8 Torrie Wilson


Add another former WCW star to the list of wrestlers that became popular despite not having any prior interest for the wrestling business. Torrie Wilson began her quest to fame as an aspiring actress/model, and found success in the fitness industry taking home the “Miss Galaxy” competition in 1998. She would later pursue acting and find jobs here and there, but nothing very steady. She later got into wrestling after attending a WCW show with her boyfriend. After going backstage, Wilson was asked if she could accompany Scott Steiner to the ring. She later was hired after Nash showed interest in working with her. Torrie debuted as “Samantha”, a women brought in by the nWo to seduce David Flair. Wilson credits ex boyfriend Billy Kidman for sticking to it, as she admits there were many times she wanted to quit the business if not for him. After a great amount of success with WCW, the WWE kept her on the roster after buying out WCW.

7 Chyna


How your life can change out of nowhere. For Joanie Laurer, finding a steady career or path wasn’t always easy. Chyna worked jobs as a cocktail waitress, singer, chat line worker, selling beepers, belly dancer and trained to be a flight attendant. Despite all these jobs, Chyna would once again change paths and get into fitness. Unfortunately, she would typically finish last in competitions because of her size compared to the other women. She decided to change paths (once again) and got into wrestling. After watching tapes of her work, Shawn Michaels and Triple H urged Vince McMahon to hire Chyna as DX’s bodyguard. Vince hated the idea and turned it down multiple times. Despite the constant rejection though, Vince finally agreed to hire Chyna, and she would later go on to become one of the most iconic women wrestlers in the history of the business.

6 The Miz


Despite so much criticism, Mike Mizanin has come a really long way from being that guy who knew nothing about the wrestling business and was the host of the Diva Search show. Mizanin began his journey through reality television. The Miz appeared on several reality shows including The Real World, Battle of the Network Reality Stars, Fear Factor, Identity and many other programs. He later decided to become a pro wrestler and began with Ultimate Pro Wrestling. After his stint with the promotion, the Miz joined the cast of Tough Enough, losing in the finale against Daniel Puder. Despite the loss, WWE hung on to him and sent him down to OVW. Years later, the Miz would main event WrestleMania and defeat John Cena, hanging on to his WWE Championship. This was something that to this day, is still unbelievable to think about for many wrestling fans.

5 Kevin Nash


Despite a long career and Hall of Fame induction, many wrestling fans dislike Kevin Nash, claiming he only got into the wrestling business for the money; an argument that Nash himself does not deny. Early on in his life, Nash aspired to become a professional basketball player, but after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament, Nash finally stopped playing basketball. He later worked on an assembly line at Ford Motor Company as a floor manager. Nash later decided to leave his job and give pro wrestling a try. After a run with WCW as Oz and Vinnie Vegas, his gimmicks were going nowhere fast. His future in the wrestling business was in serious doubt. All of a sudden, Shawn Michaels came along, and pretty much saved Nash’s wrestling career. Michaels convinced McMahon to hire Nash, where he was later assigned to play the role of Shawn’s bodyguard. Without the help of Shawn Michaels, who knows where Nash would be today.

4 Sting


Despite a tremendous career, wrestling wasn’t always the plan for Sting (who had no idea what pro wrestling even was). Growing up, Sting enjoyed playing football and basketball. He later took on a career in bodybuilding, and after co-owning a Gold's Gym with his friend, Sting thought he had everything figured out in life, until one particular night. Sting and some friends got tickets to a live WWE event, even though Sting never had access to watch wrestling because of limited television in his community. After watching Hogan, Andre and many others tear it up, Sting fell in love and ultimately decided to change paths and become a pro wrestler. A truly remarkable story for Sting.

3 Roman Reigns


Despite being billed as the future of pro wrestling, wrestling wasn’t always the plan for Roman Reigns. For Reigns, a career in the NFL seemed to be his destiny, and after setting records with Georgia tech, the future looked extremely bright for Reigns. Unfortunately, his career got off to a bumpy start after he went undrafted in 2007. He was later signed by the Vikings, only to be released and picked by the Jaguars. Sadly, once again Reigns was released only a week before the season began. Despite the rejection, Reigns continued his journey joining the Canadian Football League, where he was once again let go, but this time at the end of the season. Roman’s lack of success caused him to switch gears and sign a developmental deal with the WWE in 2010, despite having no previous experience. Just two years later, Reigns made his debut with “the Shield” at Survivor Series. How quickly things can change in just a couple of years; Reigns went from being released by a CFL team, to making his pro wrestling debut a Survivor Series. I don’t even think Reigns himself could have seen this coming so quickly.

2 Hulk Hogan


Wrestling could have been so different without this guy. For Hulk Hogan, pro wrestling wasn’t always in the cards. At a young age, Hogan dropped out of University to become a full time musician with his band “Ruckus”, and the band quickly became a local sensation in the Tampa region. Despite his success as a musician though, Hulk also loved to train, and he idolized that “inhuman” look. Ultimately, his image and side passion landed him the biggest opportunity of his life. One night while performing with his band, Jack and Gerald Brisco were in attendance. The Brisco’s were so impressed with Hulk’s look that they asked him if he was interested in becoming a pro wrestler. Hulk immediately jumped at the opportunity, since he loved the wrestling business from a young age. Despite a bumpy start in the ring, Hogan would constantly improve and later on sign a deal with the WWE, in 1979. He would later leave for Japan and return in 1983. In his return, the Hulkamania era would begin and revolutionize wrestling forever.

1 John Cena


Some passionate wrestling fans are still, to this day, very hard on John Cena because of his extremely quick rise to super-stardom, despite having limited experience in the wrestling business. After a career as a bodybuilder, it was time for Cena to try something new. He later decided to become a pro wrestler. After only a year of experience, Cena received his first tryout with the WWE. Cena later signed a developmental deal with the company. Once again, only a year later, Cena made his debut wrestling against Kurt Angle during an episode of Smackdown! John would eventually go on to win the WWE Championship 12 times and become the face of the company.

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