10 Wrestling Rumors We Really Wish Were True

What to believe, and what not to believe. There are many rumors out there that we simply wish were true, especially with the state of wrestling today. No matter how bizarre a rumor tends to be, there is always that little ray of hope that it actually may happen. This is in large part because of WWE’s CEO Vince McMahon, who uses a 'never say never' kind of motto when dealing with his product. So many wrestlers have had the door slammed shut, only to see it magically reopen. Why? Because according to Vince, it's best for business.

If so, will wrestlers like Chyna ever return? Or what about the Hardy brothers? We will take a look at some other names in this article that are rumored for a comeback. Let’s now begin to take a look at some of these rumors; here are 10 wrestling rumors we wish were true. Enjoy!


10 No More 3 Hour RAW

A 3 hour episode of RAW sounded like a dream back in 90s, but unfortunately it never happened. The difference as to why it would have worked better back then, as opposed to now, is roster depth. The WWE had the tools to go 3 hours years ago, but today, they simply do not. The WWE’s roster is just not deep enough, causing programs and feuds to run longer than they really should. Half of the show at times consists of RAW recaps of the past show (or past shows), as there is constant need of meaningless time fillers. Three hours is just way too long, and WWE executives also feel that it is long, with Triple H himself admitting that booking a 3 hour show is extremely challenging. Going back to 2 hour shows is something the WWE should seriously sit down and think about. Ridiculous to think that a Monday Night Raw runs longer than most PPVs. Wrestling fans are hopeful that this rumor will become a reality down the line.

9 Shawn Michaels Performs At WrestleMania

With WrestleMania taking place in Texas this year, rumors started to surface concerning a return from Mr.WrestleMania himself, Shawn Michaels. It would make sense to have the greatest in-ring performer of all time show up to an event in his home state, not to mention the massive venue it's set to take place in at AT&T stadium. Despite the rumors, HBK quickly turned down the rumors saying he will not be coming out of retirement for one more match. With injuries pilling up, can Mr. WrestleMania possibly change his mind? If he in fact does, think of the possibilities. Opponents such as The Rock, or a rematch with his long time buddy Triple H would be a dream come true. The WrestleMania 32 card would certainly get a huge jolt with the Showstopper returning to action. For now, this is just a rumor we all wish was true.

8 The Hardcore and Cruiserweight Division Return

This is something I’m sure a lot of us wrestling fans wish was true. Episodes of RAW lack depth, making various storylines and matches drag on way too long during WWE programming. Adding these divisions would definitely help the show flow much better, especially with a 3 hour RAW. It would make way for many more storylines and also help the careers of countless superstars who just seem to be wasting away their careers because of bad writing. The Cruiserweight Division was a strong backbone for WCW, and if done properly, the WWE can really benefit using a new wave of talent in this division. Rumors are already surfacing that Triple H plans to build a Cruiserweight Division in NXT.

The Hardcore Title can also add that element of unpredictability to every show. The belt was extremely popular throughout its run during The Attitude Era. Let’s hope these titles can make a comeback one day.

7 Jim Ross Returns To Commentary

Let’s face it, Michael Cole ain’t no Jim Ross, that’s for sure. Who can forget some of the greatest calls in WWE history that were that much better because of JR’s ability to perfectly send the message across to the WWE universe for so many years. As much as we wish this rumor was true, it looks like JR’s days with the WWE are most probably done. The WWE seems very happy with Michael Cole, who to his credit certainly paid his dues over time. It remains to be seen if Jim Ross will ever return to the WWE.

6 NXT Gets Air Time During RAW

The hottest commodity in the WWE today continues to be WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. Wrestling fans are now starting to demand more of it and on a bigger scale. Rumors are beginning to surface concerning an NXT match at this year’s WrestleMania for the first time in history. Other rumors surfacing regard NXT having a permanent time slot during RAW, giving it the exposure it deserves. It would certainly add depth to the shows and would also help the young stars get acquainted with big crowds during live television. For now, the WWE wants to keep NXT as its own unique brand. In reality, this rumor is simply a dream for wrestling fans and far from a reality for now.

5 Vince McMahon Stays Full Time

Let’s be real here; love him or hate him, the show is just that much better with the CEO of the WWE, Vince McMahon. Ratings have soared in the last couple of episodes, in large part due to the return of the boss to WWE programming. Will he really stay on full time? The answer. Probably not. It looks like this will be a part time stay for the boss who will once again make way for his son in law to return and take charge of the ship on screen, even if it means ratings will once again suffer. Let’s hope Vince gives the WWE universe what it wants and he stays on board on a full time basis.

4 ESPN Picks Up RAW

Some rumors just don’t seem to die. WWE and ESPN have had somewhat of a rocky relationship in the past. The WWE has been trying to get some exposure through ESPN for years now. Finally, steps have been taken and WWE programming is actually reviewed on episodes of SportsCenter. Can you imagine down the line seeing an episode of RAW airing live on ESPN? Yes, the WWE does have a great relationship with the USA Network, but can you imagine the amount of exposure the WWE would get through this sports giant network? The possibilities would absolutely incredible if this rumor would ever become a reality. For now, the WWE is very happy with their relationship with the USA Network, but you never know what the future has in store for Vince McMahon and his relationship with ESPN.


3 Steve Austin Returns For One More Match

There isn’t a wrestler in the world that wrestling fans want to see comeback for one more match more than the Texas Rattlesnake himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin. With WrestleMania in Texas this year, rumors continue to swirl about a possible return to the ring by the Texas Rattlesnake. Just imagine a packed AT&T Stadium watching Steve Austin make his long anticipated in ring return against the conqueror; the mayor of suplex city, Brockkkkk Lesnarrrrrr!

As awesome as this sounds, Austin still claims today that his in-ring career is over and that he won’t be competing at this year’s WrestleMania. With injuries pilling up as of late, there still however is a small ray of hope that Austin will in fact make his long awaited comeback. Don’t hold your breath though.

2 The Monday Night Wars Return

With so much power within the WWE today, many hope that one day a company will once again rival the WWE. A lack of competition has caused the WWE’s product to stagnate quite a bit in the last couple of years. Having some good competition would truly give the WWE a jolt it desperately needs.

Though the truth is, as of right now there is absolutely no threat to the WWE and it looks like the WWE will be doing some smooth sailing for a lot of years down the road. With the arrival of NXT, WWE looks absolutely unstoppable. It will take a heck of a lot for a company to finally rival the WWE on a Monday night. This is something that will take a long time to happen, if it indeed does ever become a reality.

1 PG Era Comes To An End, Attitude Era Returns

At the end of the day, many limitations to the program are caused by the PG rating, and many call this the reason for wrestling’s demise in the past couple of years. The edgy, ‘in your face’ raw material that hardcore wrestling fans fell in love with once upon a time is basically gone. Today, wrestling is much more scripted, and promos are nowhere near the entertainment value that they used to be, and this is in large part because of the restrictions caused by the infamous PG rating. Wrestling had an edge in the 90s and more importantly, you never knew what to expect. There was simply something so much more real to the product than the dry one today. It seems that all the new PG rating has done for the product is cause barriers and limitations. This has played a major role in many aspects of the company state today. Wrestling fans still hold on to the product today in hopes that WWE will somehow leave the PG era behind and welcome in a whole new era of wrestling. For now, this just another rumor we wish was true.


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