10 Wrestlers Who Totally Sucked After Changing Their Names

WWE superstars are rarely allowed to use their own names in the ring, because WWE likes to own copyright to their characters and prevent them from going to any other company and using WWE’s likeness to perform.

This means that sometimes, superstars are given more than one name. They can find fame under one name and then be repackaged by the company, forced to wrestle under a different name (which may not invoke the same reactions as the character that they played before).

Over the past few decades many superstars have been repackaged by WWE and failed to be a hit with the WWE Universe following their change of character. This is not really anyone’s fault - WWE had just decided their old character was becoming stale or wasn’t working in the way that they had hoped.

Sometimes this works, as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were repackaged as those characters and reached heights in the company because of the name changes. But some superstars fail to connect, fail to reach their championship goals and then become jobbers for the company or are even released from their contracts early.

The following is a list of 10 wrestlers who fell from grace with the WWE Universe after their name was changed and their new character failed to be a big hit:

10 El Local


Ricardo Rodriguez was known as EL Local when he wrestled in NXT, and he was even one of the original members of The Lucha Dragons. But WWE decided that he would only work as a valet to Alberto Del Rio and later Rob Van Dam on the main roster.

9 Tensai


Prince Albert was a big part of WWE in the late 1990s during his first stint in WWE. He was then repackaged as Lord Tensai when he made his return to WWE in 2012 after a successful run in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

8 Adam Rose


You can’t help but feel bad for Adam Rose. He had a fantastic gimmick when he first came to NXT and it seemed Leo Kruger was about to take Rose all the way to the main roster. But officials didn’t feel the same way, so they repackaged him as Adam Rose, the party boy.

7 Big Daddy V


Viscera and Mabel were two respected wrestling gimmicks that were played by the same superstar in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But WWE decided to bring back the character as Big Daddy V and it was one gimmick that he was unable to work with.

6 Kerwin White


Chavo Guerrero was a respected member of the Guerrero family. He was a talented star in his own right and he had many accomplishments to his name when WWE decided to allow him to become Kerwin White.

5 Blue Blazer


Owen Hart is still considered one of the greatest of all time. He came from one of the most famous wrestling families and it showed whenever he wrestled.

4 Los Matadores


Primo and Epico made a name for themselves after they debuted in WWE. and are even former Tag Team Champions. But WWE decided that their tag team division was missing a pair of bull fighters along with their own pet bull.

3 The Brian Kendrick


Brian Kendrick is a former Tag Team Champion in WWE alongside Paul London, but after the high-flying duo broke up, Kendrick went his own way and became the self-obsessed The Brian Kendrick.

2 Bourne Again


Doink The Clown is one of the most memorable wresters of the 1990s and is remembered for his bright appearance and wrestling ability. But after several years of dressing as the clown, Matt Osbourne decided that he would wrestle under a different name.

1 Saba Simba


Tony Atlas is one of WWE’s most respected Hall of Famers. He was a part of wrestling in the 1970s to the 1990s, and witnessed the change of the business over those two decades.

He returned to WWE in 2008 and had a six year stint with the company where he proved the he still had it even at an older age. The one blip on his career would be when he became Saba Simba at the 1991 Royal Rumble. This was by far the worst run of his wrestling career, even though he credits it as the gimmick that took him to WWE.


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10 Wrestlers Who Totally Sucked After Changing Their Names