10 Wrestlers Who Shockingly Dropped Out Of School

Considering it’s the only profession in the world where getting hit in the head with a steel chair is an everyday occupational hazard, maybe it isn’t too surprising that professional wrestling doesn’t exactly require a degree. There’s only been one Harvard graduate in WWE history, and he didn’t last too long, so a strong academic background clearly isn’t the most important part of being a wrestler. That said, plenty of wrestlers are extremely well educated, maybe not with Harvard degrees, but with other collegiate degrees and honors to show for it. This list isn’t about those wrestlers, though. This list is about the wrestlers who didn’t even graduate high school.

We’re not trying to pass judgment on these wrestlers, or even imply they aren’t “smart.” They’d probably all agree the fact they became a success in a field they loved means a lot more than book smarts, anyway. These wrestlers generally showed their intelligence in other ways, through their marketing or their high level performances, which actually do require a certain level of psychology. Others still literally just hit each other in the head with chairs, and probably wouldn’t mind being called a dropout in the first place. Read on to learn which 15 wrestlers didn’t graduate high school.

10 Axl Rotten

Via The Sun

9 Rey Mysterio, Jr.


8 "Superstar" Billy Graham


7 Dean Ambrose


6 Buddy Landel

Via New York Daily News

5 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Via ABC News

4 Gorgeous George

Via Cageside Seats

3 George Zaharias


2 James Mitchell


1 Adam Rose

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10 Wrestlers Who Shockingly Dropped Out Of School