10 Wrestlers Who Ruined their Family Name

The professional wrestling industry is a family business for many individuals who have been able to make it in companies such as World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling. The famous Hennig family has been involved in pro wrestling for decades, and that continues to be the case up through the spring of 2016. The sons of wrestling legend “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes are both featured on WWE television, although there is little reason to believe that either man will get close to matching the accomplishments achieved by their beloved father.

Some individuals have, however, done more harm than good to their family names with their actions inside and/or outside of the ring. Do not automatically assume that we are only referencing second- and third-generation wrestlers who were never able to become stars. Truth be told, two superstars who are well-known to wrestling fans deserve to be mentioned on the list. First to be featured is an icon of the industry who may never be welcomed back to the WWE all because of unfortunate comments that he made while tapes were rolling. Wrestling fans are forgiving, yes, but the WWE may nevertheless not be open to a reunion with this performer.


10 Hulk Hogan

We don't know for certain if either one of Hulk Hogan's children want to have any kind of careers with the WWE. What is known, however, is that Hogan is currently not a favorite among those running the WWE following racist and hateful words said by Hogan in the past being made public in the summer of 2015. The sad reality here is that nobody has done more harm to the Hogan family name among casual viewers than the Hulkster, and we may never again see Hogan appear on a live WWE television program. It would be a shame, but it would also be understandable if the WWE chose to keep Hogan at a distance for some time.

9 Lacey Von Erich

The Von Erich name is one of the most famous in the history of pro wrestling. Unfortunately, the name has been associated with some terrible tragedies and far too many premature and heartbreaking deaths. Lacey Von Erich had a great look for the wrestling industry, but it was clear during her early days in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling that she did not have the talent possessed by the top female wrestlers working in TNA in the fall of 2009. It does not appear that we will see Lacey ever appear for another national promotion, but we hope that she has found happiness outside of the ring.

8 Scott Putski

We are not going to try to convince you that Ivan Putski was a tremendous in-ring worker who routinely produced five-star matches while working in companies such as the World Wide Wrestling Federation. Ivan was, however, a legendary wrestler compared to his son Scott. Scott seemed to receive opportunities from the World Wrestling Federation and WCW all because of his famous name and also because of his massive physique that became somewhat of a running joke on Live Audio Wrestling podcasts. We are sure that Scott tried his best, but he did no favors to his famous name.

7 Chavo Guerrero

We cannot imagine what it must have been like for Chavo Guerrero to lose his uncle Eddie when the two were working for the WWE. Chavo does make the list, however, because of the ridiculous “Kerwin White” character he played and also because of how Chavo was pushed following Eddie's tragic passing. Chavo used moves such as the “Three Amigos” and the frog splash after Eddie's death, which were nice tributes but which also served as reminders that Chavo was, unfortunately, not as talented as Eddie. Perhaps Chavo could have found more success in the WWE had he been able to play a different character during the final years of his run in the company.

6 Eric Bischoff

Nobody out there will be able to convince us that Garett Bischoff could have been some huge star as a babyface or heel for a company such as the WWE. Garett being the son of Eric Bischoff has not been all that helpful to Garett except for when the two were working for TNA Wrestling. Eric will forever be remembered as one of the people responsible for why WCW lost the “Monday Night Wars” to the WWE, and Eric provided zero real help to TNA Wrestling while with that organization. Garett may never be a main-eventer in the industry, but his father did way more harm to his family name than Garett ever could.

5 Shawn Stasiak

Wrestling fans of certain ages will remember watching Stan Stasiak perform during the 1970s, and Stasiak won multiple titles as a solo act and in tag-team action. Stan's son Shawn had runs in WCW and the WWE, but Shawn was largely booked to be a midcard act and sometimes a comedic figure after the WWE purchased WCW. Shawn may not have been as successful in the business as his famous father, but he did find a new career after leaving the industry. Shawn works as a chiropractor and also as a motivational speaker, and one could argue that he has been better off since calling time on his wrestling days.

4 David Sammartino

The son of the great Bruno Sammartino had a good look for a pro wrestler, and David also had his father's famous name. There was just one problem: David was not nearly as talented in the ring as his dad, and the perception had by fans and observers is that David lacked the “it” factor had by those who are able to be superstars in the industry. It was speculated for many years that David's inability to rise to the tops of cards while working for Vince McMahon and the WWF was one reason why the WWF and Bruno had no real working relationship for decade. That all changed in 2013, however, when Bruno was deservedly added to the WWE Hall of Fame.


3 David Flair

One could easily feel sorry for David Flair. David did all he could to try to follow in the footsteps of his father, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, but David was not even half of the star that his father was during his legendary career. Any damage that David may have done to the Flair name was erased from memories, however, because of Ric's final run in the WWE and then because of all that Charlotte, his half-sister, has been able to achieve in NXT and the WWE. Some may argue that Charlotte was involved in the best overall match of WrestleMania 32.

2 Teddy Hart

The Hart Family has given fans of the WWE multiple tremendous wrestlers who put on entertaining matches while working in the company. Teddy Hart will probably never make the list of those wrestlers for multiple reasons. It has been alleged that Hart was difficult to work with during his stint in the WWF. Some, depending on your definition of the term and how you view Hart's in-ring talents, have referred to Hart as a “spot monkey.” Hart is, per, attempting to receive one final opportunity from the WWE. We'll see if the WWE comes calling for Hart and if Hart has learned lessons from his past mistakes.

1 Jimmy Snuka

It is possible that we will never know for sure what happened in 1983 regarding Jimmy Snuka and the death of Nancy Argentino, Snuka's girlfriend at the time. The case took an interesting turn in September 2015, 32 years after Argentino's death, when Snuka was arrested and charged regarding the original incident. Tamina, one of Snuka's children, is currently signed to the WWE, although the WWE has not been keen on mentioning her family name during shows such as Raw after Snuka's arrest. The “Superfly” Snuka name may disappear from the WWE Universe depending on what happens with the Argentino case.

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