10 Wrestlers Who Ruined their Family Name

The professional wrestling industry is a family business for many individuals who have been able to make it in companies such as World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling. The famous Hennig family has been involved in pro wrestling for decades, and that continues to be the case up through the spring of 2016. The sons of wrestling legend “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes are both featured on WWE television, although there is little reason to believe that either man will get close to matching the accomplishments achieved by their beloved father.

Some individuals have, however, done more harm than good to their family names with their actions inside and/or outside of the ring. Do not automatically assume that we are only referencing second- and third-generation wrestlers who were never able to become stars. Truth be told, two superstars who are well-known to wrestling fans deserve to be mentioned on the list. First to be featured is an icon of the industry who may never be welcomed back to the WWE all because of unfortunate comments that he made while tapes were rolling. Wrestling fans are forgiving, yes, but the WWE may nevertheless not be open to a reunion with this performer.

10 Hulk Hogan

9 Lacey Von Erich

8 Scott Putski

7 Chavo Guerrero

6 Eric Bischoff

5 Shawn Stasiak

4 David Sammartino

3 David Flair

2 Teddy Hart

1 Jimmy Snuka

It is possible that we will never know for sure what happened in 1983 regarding Jimmy Snuka and the death of Nancy Argentino, Snuka's girlfriend at the time. The case took an interesting turn in September 2015, 32 years after Argentino's death, when Snuka was arrested and charged regarding the original incident. Tamina, one of Snuka's children, is currently signed to the WWE, although the WWE has not been keen on mentioning her family name during shows such as Raw after Snuka's arrest. The “Superfly” Snuka name may disappear from the WWE Universe depending on what happens with the Argentino case.

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10 Wrestlers Who Ruined their Family Name