10 Wrestlers Who Keep Disappointing Their Fans

Athletes are often unfairly given a certain hero status they just can’t live up to. Everyone has their flaws, whether or not they happen to be physically gifted. The flaws can be massive and personally crippling, or they can be sadder and more understandable. Of course, the fact they are understandable doesn’t necessarily mean the flaws are forgivable.

Professional wrestlers are just like any other athletes in this regard. Some are intensely good at their craft, but simply aren’t the most reliable when it comes to giving their fans what they want. In most cases, the fans just wanted to see their favorite wrestlers put on a good show. The people on this list typically either blatantly and repeatedly lied to their fans, or showed up in no condition to give them that show, either due to their physical limitations or their personal drug intake that particular day. In one case, he's just kind of a d*ck.

To say fans were “disappointed” is a pretty heavy term, and we don’t use it lightly. There are varied reasons for why, and some we understand, but read on to find out which 10 wrestlers have disappointed their fans the most.

10 Jay Briscoe - Homophobic Hillbilly


Jay and Mark Briscoe have never competed for a major wrestling company, but they’ve come pretty close. WWE has shown interest in Dem Boys on multiple occasions, but things always fell through. Perhaps that’s for the better, considering Jay is intensely homophobic. Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising from a man who’s familial gimmick sees him and his brother wear Confederate Flags on their ring gear and title belts (picture above), but comments made by Briscoe on Twitter deeply disappointed huge portions of his fans. In 2013, Briscoe tweeted that gay marriage was legal in Delaware, and followed that by tweeting “try and teach my kids that there’s nothing wrong with that and I’ll f***ing shoot you.”

9 Paul Heyman

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In a sense, all professional wrestling promoters are con men. You'd be really hard pressed to find one who never lied to or deceived their fans. During the final few years of ECW, though, Paul Heyman basically turned lying into an art form. The history of ECW sees star after star being “stolen” by WWE or WCW, but the reality is, Heyman was barely if ever paying them, and these wrestlers just wanted to earn a living.

8 Sabu - The No-Show


Sabu was arguably the first true ECW Superstar. Terry Funk and Shane Douglas were headlining shows before him, but they also earned their fame elsewhere. Sabu was the first homegrown ECW talent fans truly cared about and connected to, and his homicidal, suicidal, genocidal style defined hardcore wrestling for the 90’s. In 1995, before Paul E. started bouncing every check, Sabu was set to be in the main event of the biggest show in ECW up to that point, the Three-Way Dance.

7 Jeff Hardy - Drunk Wrestling

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Jeff Hardy has been wowing the wrestling universe since he was a teenager, competing in death defying matches exemplifying his “extreme” nature. He’s also suffered some pretty serious problems with drug addiction, and once pretty much bragged about it on national television. Even worse than telling CM Punk he’s too cool for rehab, Hardy was also directly responsible for quite possibly the lowest moment in TNA history.

6 Ric Flair - Just Stay Retired!

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Ric Flair is generally considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever to live. He ruled the 80’s like no other, having incredible matches night after night and holding the NWA and WCW World titles for multiple full years. He hasn’t wrestled since 2011 and seems to be permanently retired, but for at least the decade prior, Flair kept wrestling while in his late 50’s and 60’s, having increasingly embarrassing matches every night. He had a glorious retirement match against Shawn Michaels in 2008, but many fans felt he should have given up even before then, since most of his matches were based on diminishing returns. Fans were truly upset when he broke that retirement and began competing for TNA and the Hulkamania tour.

5 Terry Funk - It's Not Okay To Wrestle In Your 70s

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Terry Funk is a hardcore legend and WWE Hall of Famer. He wrestled all over the world, and was a huge name in NWA, WCW, ECW, WWE, NJPW, and countless other promotions. With a famous older brother and father who were wrestlers, too, Funk was born into the business, starting his career in 1965. His most recent match we know about was in 2015, and he shows no signs of slowing down, despite fans begging him to do so.

4 Mick Foley - 12 Years of Repeatedly Coming Out of Retirement

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Mick Foley retired from WWE as Cactus Jack for the first time in the year 2000. Though only in his mid-30's, Foley's hardcore style was affecting his well-being, and it was time to step away from the ring, so he retired after No Way Out. He almost immediately returned for one more match, before returning to retirement...for about four years, at which point he came back for two more matches. He retired again only to return the next year, wrestle a few matches, and retire. This pattern continued until 2012, spanning both WWE and TNA.

3 Scott Hall - Drunk Fighting

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Scott Hall’s personal demons were once at such a point his nicknames on the Internet were Scott “Alka” Hall and “Last Call” Scott Hall. In the late 1990’s as a member of the new World order, Hall was one of the biggest stars in the world of wrestling. He used his stardom to get drunk absolutely every single night, whether he had to appear on camera or not. He had been heavily drinking and addicted to painkillers since at least the 1980’s, but the problems really got out of control as his fame grew. Hall regularly missed WCW events because he’d rather get drunk or high. When he did show up, he was obviously drunk, and it happened so often WCW built an absolutely tasteless angle around his drinking problem.

2 Jake Roberts - Airing Dirty Laundry

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Jake “The Snake” Roberts is a WWE Hall of Famer remembered as both one of the greatest talkers in wrestling history, and as a man who understood ring psychology better than almost anyone else. He’s also been filmed doing some things that make Scott Hall look like a choirboy. Jake was born after his father raped a 13-year old and got her pregnant, and knowing the truth about his existence from a young age caused a downward spiral into drug abuse the wrestling world has possibly never quite seen before or since.

1 Vince McMahon - Vince Being Vince

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Maybe not every wrestling fan is a WWE fan, but deep down inside, it could definitely be argued that every WWE fan is a Vince McMahon fan. Vince and his family (and some helpers) built the company from the ground up, and are still largely in charge of what happens on screen to this day.

Fans buy tickets to scream what they want from Vince every Monday night, but it’s seemingly been years since he’s listened. Chants of CM Punk lead to a long storyline involving a 52-year old semi-retired Kevin Nash. Vince interpreted “Daniel Bryan” chants to mean they wanted him to repeatedly lose to Roman Reigns. Whether “Cena Sucks” or “Let’s Go Cena,” the crowd doesn’t really seem 100% on board with Vince on that one, either, shoving Cena down our throats when we don’t want him, then making him an immature goof when people actually want to see him.

Sources: WWE, Cage Match

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